[Guide] Createbase Hackathon - NFT Onboarding DAO

Welcome to the NFT-Onboarding Category of the Createbase Hackathon.

The NFT-Onboarding DAO started as a collective that gave artists a warm, comfortable welcome to the NEAR ecosystem. The founders (@whatshertoes, @iotachan, and @starpause ) have been using NFT airdrops as a way to make the orientation experience more fun, but there are a lot more possibilities to explore!

Over the course of the hackathon (May 15 - June 6), you’re invited to submit Payout Proposals to the DAO.

Payment Proposal Logistics

  • Payout Proposals on SputnikDAO need to include a link to a forum thread in the NFT Onboarding category.
  • Each reward checkpoint will require you to update the forum thread with your progress and create a new Payout Proposal.
  • It’s no problem to use the forum post to provide updates and communicate with your teammates in between reward checkpoints.
  • Please include the near accounts of you and our hackathon teammates (if you have them) in the first post of your forum thread!
  • It’s possible to take on multiple tracks/bounties during the hackathon. If you do this please use a separate forum thread for each project you’re working on.

NFT Onboarding DAO Rewards Checkpoints

  • Written Ideation (get a forum post up, min 500 words): 10 NEAR
  • Pitch Deck (flesh on the idea): 20 NEAR
  • WIP Presentation (for feedback): 30 NEAR
  • Live Deliverable (Infographic, GitHub project, explainer video): 40 NEAR

Collecting rewards at every step is NOT required, but if you complete all of them it’s possible to earn a minimum of 100 NEAR :grin: Also, if you submit Payment Proposals along the way you are still eligible for the winning prize pool. There’s no risk to staying engaged :muscle:


NFT Onboarding DAO Funding proposal: