[REPORT] May 2022 - Onboarding DAO

About us

Onboarding is our principal purpose. We aim to raise awareness about NEAR and welcome NEARcomers into our beloved community.

We are running onboarding initiatives using funding received from the Creatives DAO to run projects, review and follow up activities.

We are certain, from the experience and skill sets our team possesses, we will help deliver quality focused marketing to the NEAR ecosystem, on the range of platforms where NEAR community can be onboarded from. Onboarding DAO can make the step into the NEAR community smooth and will land people in the DAOs, communities and guilds where they will thrive.

Council Members:
@chloe @FritzWorm @Symbolik @NatalieCrue @zubairansari07 @mr_free @kc_sollano

DAO Balance: 729.30 USD
Astro DAO: onboarding-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Approved projects:

  1. Proposal: Onboarding & Workshop during NFT BCN
    Amount: $500 (50 N)
    Leader: @lenara

  1. Proposal: Onboarding hybrid NCA/NCD at Universidad del Bio-Bio, Concepcion, Chile
    Amount: $500 (75 N)
    Leader: @iroxi
    Report: Whole report can be seen through this link


Some snippets from their event

  1. Proposal: Onboarding Campaign For Crypto Enthusiasts in UCC Ghana
    Amount: $235 (47 N)
    Leader: @Sollusion
    Report: TBA as the event will be held this week.

  1. Proposal: V2.0 Onboarding NCA/NCD at Universidad del Bio-Bio, Concepción, Chile
    Amount: $500 (101 N)
    Leader: @iroxi
    Report: TBA as their event just finished.

Council reward: None yet as we only did minimal work for the past month

We only manage to fund minimum amount of initiative due to the change in price of NEAR. Looking forward too the next month, we’ll make sure to take more initiative such as:

  • Boosting social media presence

  • Maximize Twitter, TikTok and Instagram to onboard more people aside from proposals being made to the DAO.

  • Tie up to existing guilds/DAOs to help them with onboarding materials/people

Thank you NEAR Community! :anchor: