[Guide] Createbase Hackathon - NFT Gaming DAO

Welcome to the NFT-Gaming Category of the Createbase Hackathon.

The NFT-Gaming https://sputnik.fund/#/nft-gaming.sputnikdao.near has been created in order to support the NFT-Gaming community within the NEAR ecosystem. Over the course of the hackathon, community members will be invited to submit “payout proposals” to the DAO. These payout proposals, if successfully passed, will allow participants to earn NEAR tokens for their support in solving problems within the creative web3 space.

From May 15th to June 6th 2021, this topic will be used as a discussion thread for payout proposals that are to be submitted to https://sputnik.fund/#/nft-gaming.sputnikdao.near. To participate and earn rewards, please post the relevant information needed to successfully complete your intended task in the NFT Gaming Category of the NEAR Forum.

If the hackathon project is more general, please feel free to use the general Creatives Category of the NEAR forum.


  • Ideation (min 500 words): 10 NEAR
  • Project Presentation (Visual Outline): 20 NEAR
  • Video Demo (Video Presentation): 30 NEAR
  • Github Submission (Read me, video presentation, open-source): 40 NEAR

Every entrant to the Createbase Hackathon that completes a full project submission (completes all 4 tasks) for this topic can earn a minimum of 100 NEAR. A separate payout proposal to the VR https://sputnik.fund/#/nft-gaming.sputnikdao.near is needed for each completed task, although it is not required to complete all of the available tasks in order to submit a final project for the hackathon (40 NEAR can still be earned with only a final submission). It is also not required to create multiple threads, one thread can be used for all 4 tasks (editing each time to add new information).

Before Submission

  • Please include the near accounts of you and our hackathon teammates (if you have them) in all of your submission posts.
  • Please only use one forum thread per submission. Posts to the forum can be edited or replied to as it is necessary to add content to a submission.
  • Ensure that you are using the link to your specific post in the SputnikDAO payout proposal. Council members will use the link provided to make a voting decision on your proposal.

Initial Funding Proposal:

We are looking forward to get the community going on the topic of Gaming NFTs.

For the hackathon the council will extend the DAO voting period to 11 days, in order to support 2 deadlines of submissions, one at the middle point and one at the end of the hackathon. We will still vote on a first come basis for projects clearly showing great work. At the same time we can open more flexibility for projects coming later and be able to prioritize quality in this case.

We are also adding a third council member to the DAO: mykle.near

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Does mykle.near have an account on the forums we could add to the about post?

Yes, please add @myklemykle

Hello Chole,

Is it still possible to submit the Video demo and GitHub with a delay to earn the NEAR bounties? I was not able to meet the deadline of 06/06/2021. Sorry, I was still working on finishing the video and github prototype.

Kind regards.

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The council members for the VR DAO are @Natural-Warp and @microchipgnu. They would be the best ones to ask about proposal submission criteria :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

Their telegram group can be found here: Telegram: Contact @vrdao

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Hi @5dragons, looks like the time to add proposals ( May 15th - June 6th ) period is already closed for 4 days. Wishing you much success with your project !!

The NFT-Gaming DAO council has finished voting all hackathon proposals submitted. We are happy that we were able to support NFT gaming ideas and initiatives during this event, and hope that the teams will continue to develop their dapps.

We would like to thank the Community Squad for sending the initial funds to this DAO, and for funding such a great variety of themed hackathon DAOs, either directly or through funds sent to the Createbase DAO.

As a special thanks to Createbase, that funded several hackathon DAOs not only from the earmarked Community Squad funds received, but also with a significant amount from their own normal ops funds, we would like to return the remaining funds from this DAO directly to the Createbase DAO.

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