[APPROVED] NFT Onboarding DAO Track - Bounty Funding Request


NFT Onboarding DAO will give incremental rewards and final prizes during the Creators and Communities Hackathon. The general outline of how the rewards will be distributed is at our Guide page [Guide] Createbase Hackathon - NFT Onboarding DAO


Onboarding efforts have already begun and will continue after the hackathon. The bulk of the rewards will be distributed during the hackathon.


We’ll activate a minimum of 100 nearnames to artists and have at least 10% convert to DAA.

The art commission funds will be used to encourage participation from creatives who don’t usually contribute to hackathons. Results will be used as additional engagement materials such as high edition cards being gifted to new wallets.


NFT Onboarding DAO Lead: @whatshertoes
EMEA Lead: @iotachan
NEAR point of contact: @starpause



3050 NEAR


Super cool! :v::v::v::v:


Over the past few months the NFT Onboarding Committee has continued with our mission of welcoming new artists to NEAR with a fun process.

We still need better analytics tools to see if we met our goal of 10% of artists converting to DAA. In the meantime we are focusing on having new artists mint at least 1 NFT a month. The guide we are following is here:


A lot has happened since the hackathon:

As we’re looking towards sponsoring a challenge for MetaBUIDL we thought it would be a good time to pause and pay ourselves for the admin work over the last few months. We checked what non profits pay directors and 10-20% administrative cost seems fair (well under the limit of 35% which the united states allows non profits to report). With three of us acting we came up with 6.6% for each of us which is 200.14N each for work over the past 4 months.


Adding to @starpause 's post above. With Chinese community, NFT Onboarding Committee continued to discover artist community and develop relationship with NEAR to grow the creator user base of NEAR, focusing on creators who can accelerate the user growth, instead of just growing the number of members.

We’ve planed and host meaningful event like #CARD4CARD to engage with the community and onboard high quality artist, curators, and creatives to NEAR Eco-system. support Mintbase and Paras and more, some artist from Chinese community are : LaoWei;Hhs ;Scifx;Mouzijun.near;messchen.near;libran.near and many more.

Over the past 4 months the NFT Onboarding Committee has continued effort of supporting NFT Ecosystem on NEAR with FUN.