GoaDAO request for Design Guild

hi! happy to make proposal for Design Guild, hope you still have vacant place for it:)

this is monthly plan of GoaDAO for March
for it we kindly ask you to provide us wuth such services:

  • design for social media:
  1. template for posters/pics that’s using for announcements of weekly Meetups (every week we just change date, name, add details, but common recognizable image, maybe with different color shades)
  2. cover for Mintbase store
  3. templates for NFT-covers (that we mint after/from our weekly meetups)
  4. pics for NFT-competition and awards
  5. templates pics for Insta posts
  • design for printing promo (for using at our offline events - meetups and supported concert):
  1. stickers (GoaDAO powered by NEAR Protocol)
    round or? form of NEAR logo (butterfly) with info on sides(?)
    this will be great to discuss, bcoz the idea is to perform smth unique and special, that has informative sence as well
  2. banners - horizontal + vertical (GoaDAO powered by NEAR Protocol)
    size? for decorating info area with people who help to open wallets and create NFT
  3. print version of poster template (A3)
  4. design cover for mic (to the person who speaks mic on meetups and supported events to people, presenting NEAR)
  5. stencil (for drawing logo NEAR with colours on material)

on each designed product - " powered by NEAR "
our current logo:

connect creative Goa with Blockchain
– tagline/slogan

@denni_wild @NataShi


Hello, Thanks for putting up your request! NDG is delighted :green_heart:
Our designers will be in touch real soon! :100:

We will create a channel on our Discord to discuss about your needs!


Hi, Sorry for the delay being having many requests and Sunday ystday.
Our designer must be working on it and share with you asap. If anyone doesn’t respond at once, please tag in the discord so they get notification.


Already replied there, you didn’t check.

Sorry but you also need to understand that Design Guild is not specific to only one or two projects, but we are here for whole Ecosystem.
We work on the request one by one by the projects.
It would be unfair to them if we break the order by picking any project from between and not the one who was already in line.

NEAR Design Guild has delivered good quality of designs & branding services to many projects/guilds this month and has a record of being a reputed and old Guild in the ecosystem. They worked even without funding for several months that you can check just to contribute to Ecosystem.

It’s disrespectful to see this type of comment if the designer is already working on the requests by several projects :slight_smile:

Please check the discord channel, The banner is shared with you, Thanks, Have a great day!

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