[OPEN Bounty] create poster/sticker with GoaDAO

GM Community!
we’re offering to participate in our visual bounty, that is growing from our last Proposal

we’re grateful to @Jull-gull who has prepared Visual Identity Guide for us and for every bounty participant (during the first stage of the project)

it’s available to be downloaded

short description of the Task :
to Create a stories or post with visual style elements (from the doc above), post it on insta and/or twitter, and put necessary tags. Receive a guaranteed prize (0,15N). At the end of the contest, we’ll reward the best entries

Participation conditions:
– anyone who wish to participate in the bounty can download files and use elements, fonts and backgrounds from the provided set of decoration to create new images for stickers /or social media poster template.
– an artist has to post his entry to Instagram/or Twitter with tag #goadao + @ goadao; @ dao that s/he belongs to; @ near_protocol @ creatives_dao
– under the thread here in comments to double the entry with artwork, near wallet name and contact in social media
– deadline/last day of submissions is 20.08.2022

Artworks specifications:
– each person/artist can propose one piece [leaving it as a comment to this post + sharing on Instagram or Twitter with taggin goadao and the dao to whom s/he belongs]
wallet address of the creator must be inserted on the picture(image).
– image has to be positive and/or funny, memes also can be but it has to be art mostly
– other requirements-conditions for images - colors, size, format, references - according to the visual identity set

Next steps:
21st of August 3rd stage will be started with voting, that will last
until 24th of August
26th of August we’re going to realize a rewarding pull of 50 usd in NEAR - to cover 50 awards exactly, not less.

*** every entry gets : 0.15N + we will definitely use the artwork with tagging creator
*** voting for the best - by jury (5-7 councils of other creatives dao that we’ll invite for that) and by members of other daos
*** the best works will be minted on Mintbase by Councils with royalties to artist, dao and charity, created 3xr-gallery and dropped to artists, sent to goa-dao.astro-dao.
*** 3 artworks will be chosen by Councils of GoaDAO in order to produce members-cards of goadao-nft-collection; creators will be rewarded for those pieces.

Ready? Steady, GO !


I will give it a shot…

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the best entries will be minted with splitting royalties between creator (35%) and goadao (5%)
then it will be selling through goadao mintbase store
also 3xr-gallery will be created from it with same royalties split and selling

visual identity is already minted :

This is really nice. I’ll love to know what the deadline is please

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Hi, thank you for your interest !
Please, have look, this is it :

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Alright, Thank you very much

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:fire::fire::fire: fabulous bounty :pray:

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My poster to bounty :framed_picture:

Wallet - m23agic.near
Twitter post

I love Sunset in Arambol Goa :heart:

#goadao #m23art #near

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Sticker Goa Dao Community
Sticker set entry for this awesome bounty


It can be send one by one PNG :sparkling_heart:

Wallet ID: pemmiee.near

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Hello this is my poster for this entry! Thankyou for this opportunity​:hugs::sparkles:

wallet: iamShu.near

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What’s up… Any news from this bounty?

all are the greatest winners ! :orange_heart:

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hey hey
we gave some more additional time to collect more entries, and we are happy with what we have !
finalizing contest, we’re glad to announce dividing the awarding pull between all three artists as well as it was nice to get

170 usd / 3 artworks
56.6 usdt to @m23agic
56.6 usdt to @pemmiee
56.6 usdt to @shu
please, check your near.wallets USDT folder :wink:

as soon as your artworks will be minted as NFTs on mintbase and then with 3xr as a gallery, we’ll post here a link to it :pray:

thank you for participation and your positive vibes :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for this epic opportunity. Looking forward to participate in the next bounty​:hugs::sparkling_heart:


Congratulations everyone! :heart_eyes::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


Благодарю :pray::sparkles::vulcan_salute:
Thanks !!!

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Why are there no new drawing contests?
I understand there is no funding, what’s the problem?

Sorry if I asked in the wrong place and direct - from whom to find out???

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