[Report] March 2022 Marketing GoaDAO

starting this report first i’d like to share my happiness about new people in our team, every one of them has bring big growth to GoaDAO :
IG-angel kambodja.near
the best Videographer ever matvey37.near
new indispensable council @NataShi
and many new members - creative artists, onboarded on NEAR
grateful to all this it became possible to present first galleries of GoaDAO today :

and to be proud of our first metaverse experiences as well!

detailed above

report in links and numbers : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Um_aCKx0ONfAc7cipVgUw4I5T8wQ-spOO5NvfgMDWdo/edit#gid=1207319894

for collabs folder IG-highlights was made Instagram

last week Feb + 28.02 - 6.03

  • supporting Leo children project - making agreements with parents, creating and filling up profiles on Paras, preparation of collections, descriptions, scan of drawings
    create googledoc for Leo
    and agreement for parents - didn’t use, btw
  • start minting other artists - musicians and painters to Paras
    and participate in collaborations
  • proposal for Design Guild
    and detailed tech.tasks
    discuss it on discord
  • editing TG group with pinned post
  • post about looking for IG content-manager ,
  • post-welcome to the March plans to social media
  • testing and fixing improvement of NEAR-wallet-bot improvements of near_bot - Google Docs


  • minting pictures of irina_di.near as NFTs that participate in exhibition
    preparations, conversations,
  • fixing all collaborations here
  • communication to Spiritual dao
  • situation with bank cards made us work on withdrawing nears to rupees with new ways
  • video by Vadim after meetup this week
  • IG-content manager joined the team ! start of involving her in process
  • collab w/Design Guild - header for Mintbase is amazing!
  • curation Leo project drawing with kids

14.03 - 20.03

  • preparing next meetup
  • preparing next video
  • 2 restaurants on the beach were connected to NEAR, opened wallet and start to accept payment in NEAR (freedomcafe.near ; peoplecafe.near )

21 - 27.03

  • start of NFT-competition

  • 22.03 meetup NFT-lab.3
    (Login • Instagram)

  • video from meetup : Login • Instagram

  • studying people every day with minting NFTs, collecting artworks

  • working on next video with Vadim

  • finally see any version of bot, wrote corrections list, wait for results (@denni_wild report here)

  • participated in 3XR+Mintbase project for creation text NFT-gallery

  • solving of money exchange problem that takes a lot of time - everyone now can’t withdraw nears so easy as before, and so many difficulties with opening indian bank account. we’re supporting to withdraw NEAR to those who work with us and get payment in NEAR, so our new Council @NataShi took all the efforts to make it available for us, opened indian bank account and performed transactions and studied people how to do it. but it was unexpected field of work that appeared and was well done

  • same here, with the events team (mir108.near and goanpsywaves.near) we’ve started to organize an event, aiming for helping people to convert their money through crypto to rupees. decide to shift it to the beginning of April to have time for technical preparation (and because march didn’t have party mood concerning to political events,)

  • curating soundproducer goanpsywaves.near with minting “Goa vibes”

    NFT from this event, for example
    all NFTs of Goan Vibes
    5 events have been visited and recorded, the records were mastered and edited, after that 10 NFTs have been minted from it!

  • competition - 26.03 voting started

  • gallery with NFTs that participates:
    we took 1 NFT from each artist that minted his NFT at our store
    voting https://forms.gle/RF1VqShofegrFzVt5
    we’ve got 46 votes !!

  • as a result - 22 new minters have joined goadaostore in March
    as well as GoaDAO has onboarded 23 artists
    more than 5 musicians and a lot of visual artists among them

  • wallet stats
    and it can be checked in nearnames.com from goadao.near
    anyway, some of wallets were created without us, so its more than there

  • collaborations with other DAOs https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Um_aCKx0ONfAc7cipVgUw4I5T8wQ-spOO5NvfgMDWdo/edit#gid=1207319894

29.03 - meetup with finishing competition and awarding winners:)
stop voting, open competition results, awarded winners

MERCH T-shirts made by manoomission.near

Social Media metrics
1.1. Instagram
from 160 to → 249 followers ( +55.6% )
1.2. Telegram
from 110 followers to → 177 followers ( +70%)
1.3. Twitter
from 30 followers to → 68 followers ( +126%)
1.4. Discord
→ created 6 channels and filled, 5 users now (from 1:))

2 more videos are in the process of editing: 1) about last meetup; 2) questions&answers

IG promotion

  1. post

  2. post

stickers and banners

we have rest 101N on Astro - it’s funds for supporting event (87N) that we’ve shifted to beginning of April + some for printing

keep going :dizzy:


Hey! Nice T-Shirts! :star_struck:

Good way to be creative! :hugs:


Great stuff :muscle:

How can I order one in USA? :laughing:

Thank you for great report.

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@Dacha we can send easily, covid restrictions are cancelled so nothing can stop us :upside_down_face:

more NEAR fashion will be announced soon :rocket:

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