[ANNOUNCEMENT] To All Guilds/Projects/DAOs

Hello NEAR Fam! Hope you all are doing great!

NEAR Design Guild is glad to announce to projects/Guilds/DAOs on NEAR that we are fully open to help & create any kind of design & branding services you need like Graphic Design, Branding &VI, Media & MKT Material, UX/UI, you name it.

See Full description of services we provide - Join the NEAR Design Guild

We will be the hub for all of your design services, where you come, tell us the need and we design the best for you and you know what? You don’t have to charge individually because we are covered by NEAR Foundation :raised_hands:

  • The Guilds/DAOs/Projects on NEAR Protocol don’t need to post separate bounties for their design and branding requests. You all are very welcomed to come to NDG and get your designs by our professional designers.

  • This step would decrease the confusion and enable projects/guilds/daos on NEAR to get their request done in time with the savings of Funds :wink:

Steps to submit your request :

1- You can submit a post on the forum in #design-guild tag writing your guild name, guild leader and the requirements.

2- Kindly fill this form once you have created the post on forum


Our team will reach out to you on the post and fulfill your needs.

NOTE: We can only accommodate limited number projects per month. If your request didn’t make it to our monthly cut off, we will process it the following month if its not urgent.

NEAR Design Guild APPROVED Proposal

Feel free to join our community here and connect us

Thanks everyone! We are looking forward to serve you in the best way possible :fire::hugs:


Hello Hello !!! Nice work ! Keep with it :star_struck:

CC: @Maiker @yehosua.near


Thanks, chief! Looking forward to future collabs and projects together :handshake:t5: :smiley: :innocent:

Great idea, amazing news :fire::fire:

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Thank you! Hope we can serve your guild/DAO one of these days! :smiley:

do you have deadlines for accepting proposals for this or next month?
we’re waiting for approving our proposal , and the same day i’ll prepare post for your guild!

Hi, There’s no such guidelines. You can request for the design to us whenever you feel free.

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One more step to make NEAR different from others :fire:


feel free to approach NDG whenever you are ready! Looking forward for your request sooner! :wink:

Nice project! @raissalaban @hiimf


Thanks, @frado! You are looking for logo right? Anything we can help you with? :slight_smile:


It’s a good thing Near design guild finally kicks off

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Happy Anniversary GIF by Sesame Street

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Wow ! thats great. Hope we can work together . I’m from Spiritual DAO <3


That is so nice, K! I am very glad we can all count with your services!