[Proposal] Bounty : create poster/sticker from visual identity

Bounty on Forum : usage of GoaDAO visual identity design
:pushpin: create social media post template /or sticker using visual identity set provided;
:pushpin: post it on Instagram/Twitter;
:pushpin: tag GoaDAO (and “your” DAO) and get NEAR

It’s time for GoaDAO to manifest its serious intentions outside - finally, after 7 months of working on NEAR, being added to awesomenear NEAR GoaDAO - AwesomeNEAR , we are achieving a professional visual identity for styling GoaDAO presenting in Metaverse and social media.

The goal of this bounty is not only to create more awareness and engagement among the NEAR community towards our dao’s socials, but to start a new line of collaborations, to grow naturally the number of followers and to increase outreach in social media of GoaDAO

The bounty targets not only those who already have NEARwallet, but because it will take place on social media it’s also aimed to onboard newcomers - to create them wallets, to transfer the rewards and send instructions on how to use the main NFT-marketplaces on NEAR Protocol (Mintbase and Paras)

The project solves several tasks:
-invites new members/artists from social media to the forum where to gather them in one place (onboarding)
-creates number of design artworks that will be minted (producing transactions), composed into gallery (using 3xr platform) and dropped to creators (transactions) - and also using according to its utility (promotion of artists)
-creating wilder outreach to social media channels of ecosystem

Timeline :

1st stage - to create visual identity style of GoaDAO by nft-artist who has developed our current logo.
duration - 7 days, after which it has to be produced:

  1. key creative design for social media profiles (header images) and metaverse decoration - $50
  2. set of decoration elements, fonts and backgrounds for social media (posts, stories) and metaverse (frames for NFTs in gallery, buttons) - $50
  3. short manual on corporate visual identity that we’ll mint as NFT in goadao mintbase store with links to source files for design - $70
  4. design of posters template in canva (square and pillar/flyer) as references to the bounty - $30

total it’s 200 usd for that work, as well as setting forever royalties for elements and manuals that will be minted as NFT on goadao mintbase store. this identity style will be packed by the creator in a set for participants can easily use it during further stages of bounty.

2nd stage - bounty
duration - next 7-14 days - participants entries submission process on Instagram and Twitter with posting on forum.

For the first time the mechanics is simple :
it is announced that each artist-designer from goa and other daos can propose a picture for a sticker (/or social media poster template) using one from the provided set of decoration elements, fonts and backgrounds.
link to download references and design set will be provided
to participate an artist has to post his entry to Instagram/or Twitter with tag @ goadao; @ dao that s/he belongs to; @ near_protocol @ creatives_dao
In order not to lose these connections from IG/Twitter, we’ll directly create a thread here on the forum where all the authors collect their portfolio: their artworks and contacts in social media, so that all the DAOs can contact them if they need a graphic design service.

Artworks specifications:
– each person/artist can propose one piece [leaving it as a comment to the post on the forum gov.near.org, sharing on Instagram or Twitter with taggin goadao and the dao to whom s/he belongs]
– wallet address of the creator must be inserted on the picture(image).
– other requirements-conditions for images - colors, size, format, references - according to the visual identity set
– image has to be positive and/or funny, memes also can be but it has to be art mostly
other references:(what we want it to look like throw examples) pictures will be added when creating bounty post

3rd stage - voting and awarding
duration - 3 days
We’re going to realize an awarding pull of 50 usd in NEAR to be able to cover 50 awards exactly, not less.
(1N=3.33usd; 0.2N=0.66$ *50 = 33 usd that will be spread among participants at least)
we’re going to distribute all the pull by creating additional social media interactions on Twitter

every entry gets : 0.2N + artists NFT-card + we will definitely use the artwork with tagging creator

voting for the best - by jury (5-7 councils of other creatives dao that we’ll invite for that) and by members of other daos
**the best works will be minted on Mintbase by Councils with royalties to artist, dao and charity, created 3xr-gallery and dropped to artists, sent to goa-dao.astro-dao. = 150 usd

the number of chosen winners are gathered to a collection using 3xr-gallery - so it will be a Gallery with a number of artworks-winners minted as NFTs on Mintbase with putting royalties to creators wallets.
then all this will be printed as collection of stickers to make from all NFTs(that are images) real physical merch and then to mint it again as NFTs=real things (sticker with certain image, for example)

then - to make a post on the forum - announcement - who wants to receive merch-gallery as NFT-drop AND real thing(pack of best stickers), write your wallet here, first entries (from different daos!) will be mailed by post with real-gift-drop collection of sticker-pack

Printing and Delivering of Real Stickers will be hold in August after minting the collection when we’ll know the number of items in it, as well as after collecting entries for NFT-drop with understanding the number of receivers and their locations to count delivery expenses.

*** 3 artworks will be chosen by Councils of GoaDAO in order to produce members-cards of goadao-nft-collection ; creators will be rewarded for those pieces.

Funding details:

  • visual identity style of GoaDAO creation - 200 usd
  • general awarding pull including Twitter promo-actions - 50 usd
  • additional rewards for voting of jury and members from other daos - 100 usd
  • minting NFTs and gallery - 150 usd
  • special rewards for 3 artworks chosen to become members-cards of goadao-nft-collection - 120 usd (3*40usd)

total: 620 usd

Results and Value:

  • social media engagement , raising outreach
  • new visual identity and a number of design produced
  • collected thread for all the DAOs on forum with graphic designers portfolios and contacts
  • gathering DAOs for creating art and then voting for the best, that will be spreaded among them as well
  • as produced content will be minted as NFTs - it will be selling to create royalties for DAO and outer income
  • to vote and choose by Councils of GoaDAO 3 artworks for members-cards of goadao-nft-collection


  • number of design works, as well as number of comments on forum under the thread
  • number of tags of goadao during these 2-3 weeks of bounty in Instagram and Twitter, reach and engagement
  • number of onboarded artists/created wallets thankful to instagram and Twitter promo-actions
  • number of collaborated in this project artists and DAOs on NEAR
  • number of replies on the 2nd forum thread - announcement about NFTgallery(that is real sticker pack)-drop

Value: all the DAOs on the forum will get a list of new designers at one thread with contacts and examples of work, the ecosystem will get new active wallets, creatives dao and goadao - new subscribers to social media channels and new artists.

             **Roadmap:  NEAR Community Merch Circle**

This project can be continuing and developing for a long period, until ecosystem exists.

NEARest plans for the next month of August:

  • to print stickers

  • to collect addresses from forum replies and to send mails by post+delhivery

  • to start the next round that will be performed with adding next object for merch - magnets/pen/etc.


the whole project is orienting on creation NEAR creative community merch
-through involving artists of creatives daos
-through bounty on the forum and outside NEAR fellows through social media) of different categories:
-start from small first months - cards/postcards, stickers, magnets, …
-then it’s a big roadmap of growing by adding objects → cups, pens, flashcards, lighters, keychains, T-shirts

  • from longterm perspective the main potential goal of the roadmap is the creation special features for marketplace (mintbase will suite good) that makes it more like internet-shop → to develop shop-extension for marketplace that will have all the functions for online shop: basket, favorites, etc
  • the purpose is to create such a creative assortment of NEAR-goods, that will be selling only by tokens (NEAR, Avrora, Paras, Reffin, USN, ) on the special shop-marketplace where customer can choose the way of combining several cards in the basket, sales, favorites, personal account=wallet.
    to buy NEAR sticker-pack or cup with NEAR, the person visits marketplace, connect NEAR wallet, chose object separately, image that he wants to put on it - separately, combine as he wants, mint = bought, paid with NEAR from wallet - stickers will arrive in few days
  • Next step will be performing Giveaways throughout DAOs

10% from every NFT goes to Purity (charity initiative of goadao)

References for stickers are artworks of @Manumission