[PROPOSAL] NEAR Design Guild Funding March 2022

Hello NEARfam! We hope everyone is doing great.

NEAR Design Guild had the pleasure to contribute to the great NEAR Ecosystem in February Month.

You can checkout our report for the feb month here >> [REPORT] NEAR Design Guild February 2022

We are aimed to focus on how to keep doing better for the ecosystem, so we have some ideas for the next months that we want to try out in the community and can be beneficial for everyone.

  • We are already working on the projects/guilds/daos’ design & services request for the March month,

The auction, Goa DAO, NEAR University hub, reality chain, syzygy guild, NxM, NEAR Meme Daily, Community DAO, Tamago, Flying Rhino, NEAR Writers, NEAR NFT Club etc.

  • If any Project/Guild/DAO wants us to design & branding them, they can submit their request to us >> NDG Request Form

Services we provide >> Join the NEAR Design Guild


  • The main aim to provide best in class design & branding services to NEAR Ecosystem & Building a community of designers & design lovers remain the same.

  • Since we have been getting good response from the ecosystem, we look forward to create NEAR Design Guild website for a better impact & a single place to define about us, our services, our previous works & our future aims alongwith the access to Request directly from the website instead of a long process.

  • To encourage more and more design lovers & designers to be engaged in the commuity, we are looking forward to organize several reward contests in the NDG Community. (Graphics/NFT/Meme/Quiz contests) We did a meme contest for the community in Feb month

  • We are looking forward to create NDG avatar, we will put some criteria and let the community get creative and make their version of NDG avatar. We will ask them to mint their art on Paras and NDG will buy the great ones from them. In this way we can also contribute of having the transactions on NEAR.

  • Based on the needs, we can pick some of the best designers in community to work with us in some projects.

If you are a designer already, kindly fill the form for our database >> Contact information

  • We have been getting good insights on our present Social media accounts, we will be creating an Instagram account as well.


The Fund will cover the costs of design services to be done for the NEAR Ecosystem.

This includes the March month projects we have, covering Design work like Branding, Logo design, Visual Identity Kit, Social media kit, banners, UX/UI, Illustrations. (Since the Design work is a creative process based in constant collaboration we can assume that each project’s specs & deliverables will be handled individually). If we have budget left after the projects services, we will use that fund for the next month.

  • Website creation, concept & implementation- $2000 in $NEAR

  • Website hosting & management - $500 for 5 months.

  • Graphics Contest - $500 In $NEAR (To be rewarded to the community)

Total Budget Requested : $11,700 in $NEAR

Join Our Community Here >> NEAR Design Guild | Linktree

Thanks Everyone, May the force be NEAR you! :100:

Tagging councils @jlwaugh @grace @David_NEAR for the visibilty!

NOTE : We will deliver the march month report in next few days. We know we are late just because of the last proposals got approved in the middle of the months.

Updates as per discussion with Community team :

Roadmap -
NDG_Roadmap_2022.pdf (1.5 MB)


Good Morning!

Please check so we can put the poll on AstroDAO @jlwaugh @grace @David_NEAR :slight_smile:

Hi @zubairansari07 as you’ve sent an email in accordance with this latest post regarding the [UPDATE] Ecosystem Development DAO Vertical we will respond to you there for now.


Yeah just checked, Thanks for the quick response. Appreciate it! :raised_hands:

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As confirmed today, please make changes to this post as requested by email @zubairansari07 then proceed with the steps included here for settling this payout request: [UPDATE] Ecosystem Development DAO Vertical

It would be ideal and more expedient for @Jujusca to submit the Google Form on behalf of the Design Guild since KYC has already been passed under their name. And please prepare an invoice as outlined in the above post.

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Hi @mecsbecs , Hope you are doing good!

The updates are made, and the invoice will be sent by @Jujusca to community team over email . She has the KYC done already.


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