First Public Poll For Freelancer DAO WG [FDAO WG]

GM Near Community I and @Psalmy has Worked on Creating our first community poll to help us serve the community better and to be more decentralized by getting feedback from the community to know what’s best for the FDAO and would like everyone to participate as this is a crucial step for decision making.
In Public Polls some important decisions are made by listening to the community and also creates a positive barrier of what should be decided by the community and what by Committee members and increase the transparency of the system as well.
The main purpose for this poll is to improve the Governance structure of the Freelancer DAO from member to council structure.
Thanks to @damboy22 for overseeing the gov. structure of this DAO.
Governance structure-> F-DAO GOVERNANCE - Google Docs

Please view our charter for more feedback and vast understanding → FreeLancer DAO Charter - Google Docs

Member Selection(Rank/Level Upgrade)
All necessary conditions fulfilled in FDAO are decided by the community that is for the community also. To further get more community feedback on how they want the membership selection, how they want to be incentivized and what contents they want to add as activities.

Check Miro for Ranking structure here → Sign up | Miro | Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration

Question: What should be the basic criteria to participate as an Engager (Activities to earn)

  • To be verified as A human(IAH)
  • To be at least a month Old in the Near Ecosystem
  • Active twitter account
  • All of the Above

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Question: What should be the Max bounty and Engager can earn at the End of the Month according to hierarchy(FDAO Ambassador > Lancer > Novice)
Poll Option:

  • 300$,200$,100$
  • 350$,250$,100$
  • 400$,200$,100$
  • 500$,300$,150$

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Question: what system or tool is best to Educate a newbie or New Ecosystem Member About FDAO, NDC & Near Protocol

  • Twitter Space (listening)
  • Educative Videos (Watching)
  • Medium post & Articles (Reading)

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Question: Criteria to level up as an Engager involves joining community calls, good contents, intuitive and funny memes etc.
So what should be the max impression as criteria to level up according to hierarchy from level 1,2,3

  • 5k , 10k ,15k
  • 5k , 20k , 30k
  • 10k , 25k , 40k
  • 7k , 30k , 50k

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Council Member Selection:-
The necessary conditions fulfilled to be a Council member of FDAO is decided by the community. The required time of experience and required expertise are set by the community through Public Polls.

All the Public Poll events take place on NEAR Forums and everyone is invited to cast their votes for a better judgment. If the Poll has been found to be irregular or biased, the Committee holds the rights to reschedule the Poll and revoke the previous Poll to EasyPoll on Near Social.

Council Poll:

Question - How Many Council does the Freelancer DAO needs to be more effective and more decentralized

  • 4 Council.
  • 5 Council.
  • 6 Council.
  • Depends on how bulky the task are.

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Question - How much should be the Remuneration (%) for councils according to the DAO budget?

  • 45% of the Budget.
  • 40% of the Budget.
  • 35% of the Budget.
  • 30% of the Budget.
  • Each Council should receive $2k and can add more council if the task tends to increase.

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Question - Mechanism to choose a Council member

  • By Voting ( Community Representative).
  • By Credentials expertise and experience.
  • I’ve other Option.

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Poll Duration: less than 1 week.

This is What we’ve for the community for now for more info join us on telegram → Telegram: Join Group Chat


NDC FDAO’s first public poll is now over and the result by majority decision is as follows:-

• 67% of people agreed on All the conditions are to be met (Active Twitter account, Older member of NEAR ecosystem and IAH verified).

• 50% voted for (300$,200$,100$) are the max bounty an engaged can earn in a month.

• 64% Voted for Twitter as the best educational tool to educate newbies.

• 73% Voted for (5K, 10k, 15k) as a max impression.

• 46% voted for 5 council members in FDAO.

• 50% voted for $2k as each council payment.

• 59% voted to choose a council member by voting

Thanks, everyone to take part in our first public poll and helping us to serve the community better.


Good poll NDC NEAR Learn Club

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