Open Announcement For NDC FDAO WG

:loudspeaker:Announcing the Freelancer DAO Workgroup

Here’s a brief introduction on FDAO WG :arrow_right:Brief Introduction To Freelancer DAO WG [FDAO WG]

Call To Action

The FDAO would be needing support from the Community to play a vital role in deliverables and these roles attract a bounty from GWG in respect of what has been done by you as a core contributor.

Core Contributors? Core Contributors would be chosen openly to avoid conflicts of interest.

Core contributors would be selected using “First Come First Serve (FCFS)” considering the fact you can deliver with the given responsibilities.

A Max Of Four Core Contributors are needed for now with the following Responsibilities.


:white_check_mark: Host Our WG Zoom Calls

:white_check_mark: Note taking during the call, weekly update on what we’ve achieved and activities done.

:white_check_mark: Create A Guide To Claim bounty (Report)

:white_check_mark: Blueprint On How to become an Engager

:white_check_mark: To oversee DAO Council selection, responsibilities and Governance

:white_check_mark: Blueprint to describe the Mechanics of engagers and their hierarchy.

:white_check_mark: Brainstorming with the Champion to Create polls on Forum for community feedback

:white_check_mark: Community engagement and Onboarding

If you’ve expertise for this responsibilities please :pray: join our group to volunteer to support as a core contributor or reply to this post here on Forum you should at least be able to do Minimum of 3 responsibilities listed about

First Community Call would be on Friday 5th of May

Time: 7pm UTC

Telegram: Join Group Chat

You can get more about FDAO WG on our telegram channel and Forum too.

Thanks for your time and support, hope to see more contributions from the community


Will love to volunteer my self to be part of the core contributor’s to see to the success of the NDC FDAO.

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Love to be a part of this lfg​:partying_face::partying_face:

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This is very interesting, would love to volunteer as one of the core contributors

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I would love to volunteer for the core team for NDC Freelancer DAO WG
It will be an honor to work with this wonderful project

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This sounds pretty amazing, as a freelancer I love to be part of it. how do we go from now .?

You can get first hand information from our telegram.:arrow_right: Telegram: Join Group Chat
But more information would be on the forum

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Nice proposal, I’ll be glad to support