[OPEN CALL] Join the FDAO to become an Engager by passing the Trial stage

Hello NEAR Community
Hope you all doing Fantastic

:ninja: Freelancer DAO is extending a warm invitation to all community members to take part in the Trials phase and gain access to becoming one of the first verified Engagers in Freelancer DAO.

About Freelancers DAO :- At Freelancer DAO, our mission is to create a decentralized community architecture that empowers freelancers to engage in a wide range of tasks and activities, including onboarding and awareness creation, collaboration and education. Our focus is on bringing immense value to the NEAR ecosystem by streamlining content creation, promoting NEAR marketing, and facilitating onboarding from other blockchains.


:beginner:Engagers are freelancers who actively promote and contribute to the broader NEAR ecosystem
NDC vision through freelancing and other means of raising awareness.

:beginner:As an Engager, you play a vital role in serving the NEAR ecosystem by creating compelling content about NEAR and NDC, and developing educational materials that drive NEAR towards its ambitious goal of 1 Billion users.

To become a verified Engager, you must meet the criteria and adhere to all the guidelines and rules outlined in the charter of Freelancer DAO.

Community members who are interested can go ahead and fill up the google form and await for a confirmation mail from our side.

After the trial phase selected candidates will be granted a prestigious Verified Engagers badge demonstrating their status as verified Engagers for Freelancer DAO.

We kindly request everyone to carefully read the Charter to gain a better understanding of the Responsibilities, Requirements, and Evaluation process.

This is an exciting opportunity to join an innovative community that values creativity, collaboration, and personal growth. Join Freelancer DAO today and become an essential part of shaping the future of the NEAR ecosystem!

For any further queries or any future relevance head up towards FDAO telegram group

Have Wishing you all a wonderful day. :hugs:


Thanks :pray: @The_darrk for the open call.
I’ve made a memo :memo: to further keep the community updated on how to start your journey on our DAO

Memo for the FDAO Community

The memo is to easily help those who need a brief of how freelancer DAO works and operates.

Here’s a brief infographic of how the freelancer DAO operates on Miro Board infographical view with this infographic you should understand the hierarchy and levels of FDAO.

To move further with the community decision process we all having concluded and put to a vote and the majority voted on starting the Engagers journey with a test phase and whoever is interested in participating as an Engager would have to qualify at the test phase, the test phase would be a non paid phase and it would be less difficult than other paid phase.

So for those interested can fill our recruitment form and wait for an email before starting any activity we would bring out the list of those who has filled the form currently and completely bi weekly , so if you e filled the form be aware to check you email for our message and bi weekly list would be share on telegram to create awareness for people participating in the test phase, incase you fill the form and didn’t see your name in the batch list we would be posting you can kindly notify us.

Please a report file should be created by core contributors which a message would be sent to you via email with the link.

As soon as you’ve gotten a file you can start activities within the 1st week of the month (1st-7th) and submit a report within(20th-25th) and review would take place on (25th-30th).

For more info about (FAQ, How to make a report, how to make a good score to level up etc) All information about FDAO

Read About the test/Trial phase

join us on our platforms


Hey Psalm. What are the fundamental differences between FDAO and Degens?

I always thought that freelancing is primarily about providing any services.

For example, creating a website is freelance, creating a design is freelance. If there is a customer, then there is a performer.

I’m not against any competition, but I really don’t understand what the point is here. Thank you.


Good analysis keep growing good work

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Nice… let’s take Near to the Moon

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Let’s go guys :upside_down_face: to the moon :full_moon_with_face: then to the satellite also

I love this, when is the next batch?

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Intake for next batch for trial phase is live now…

Join the community for further reference

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