[REPORT] The Freelancer Work Group Report So Far

GM GM NEARVERSE it’s an honor to write to you a report on how far the freelancer DAO has gone and what we’ve achieved within a short time and we are proud and excited to make out time to share our report to the community.
The NDC as a community driven initiative before coming live on V1 the GWG has given the community opportunities to introduce varieties of ideas and solutions to help build NEAR and become a Work Group to build a structure and governance framework to guide and self govern your community/ WG/DAO so when V1 is live WG can submit their structure to the HoM for Approval.
To know more about the Freelancer DAO WG you can make out time to read a brief introduction about the freelancer DAO with this you can have a hint about what the freelancer DAO is all about.

Core Contributors

They’ve helped in various ways to make this WG a success and I’m thankful to their hard-work and commitment.
We also have dedicated members who are also supportive and helpful in our community and I would love to give a shout out to them, this initiative wouldn’t be possible or move swiftly without y’all.

What We’ve Achieved

other informations

  1. I assembled all important information about the freelancer DAO in one doc reading this doc would give you vast understandings on how the DAO operates and function (the doc is not finished yet, more info would be added with time).
  2. Structured infographics of how an Engager work according to hierarchy on Miro.

Brand Designs.
The first Graffiti design was created by a community member who did a great job for providing a Cover photo for the freelancer DAO who we supported with a little gift from our charter budget

The Logo for freelancer DAO also from a community member who also got a little gift from our charter budget
This is the Engager badge and this badge would be issued to those engagers who passes the trial or test phase to becoming a verified freelancer.
An Engager is a verified freelancer that is qualified to promote NEAR and get rewarded.
And below is the badge of recognition

Most information in our charter where from the decision of the community we try all things possible to make our DAO decentralized and open to the community.
Our first public poll
Call out to Core Contributors here.

More report would be given when we start the test phase and start activities for now you can follow use on our socials for more informations, you can find our official accounts on linktree

We are planning on starting the testing phase for interested participants next month (Aug) and those who pass the test phase can level up to the next phase which is a paid phase.

NOTE To avoid conflict or misconceptions the test phase has no bounty or rewards involved at the moment this is a phase to test all interested participants to see if you’re worth the paid phase to reduce traffic and increase quality and reliable engagers.
Thanks for your time , do well to drop your benevolent comments and suggestions below and if you’ve a question reach us on telegram for hasty response.

I still remain your humble @Psalmy and as the freelancer DAO goes concern we hope to get more support from the community Peace Out :v:


Nice job, keep the good work

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L9ve this particular aspect of marketing


Freelancing to the next level. Job well done fork