Filipino Artists Guild - Battle of the Champions (Week 13 - 16)

No matter who you are, no matter what you identify as, and no matter what ideology you believe in, I wish you a wonderful Pride Month!

I see Pride Month as a celebration of humanity, a celebration of acceptance, and a celebration of one simple thing: love (corny I know, but it’s the truth). Though yes, this event focuses on the LGBTQ community in support and acknowledgement of the discrimination they’ve experienced for most of humanity’s history, their effort to fight back against said discrimination, and their relentless determination to fight for their rights, I personally say that this event is for anyone and everyone who believe in their worth and fight for their own truth. This month is for you, for all of you brave enough to show your true colors and fight back against inequity within our society; the rainbow symbolizes not just the LGBTQ community, but every person of every color: just as the rainbow contains all the colors of visible light, this month’s rainbow symbolizes all the different, vibrant colors of humanity. So please, let’s not judge or speak ill of Pride Month, as it’s not an event made to step on other people’s beliefs or ideas, but an attempt to bring people together under one banner containing all our colors!

Here’s to every color out there, whether straight, gay, bisexual, or any of the identities, who are not afraid to fight for their rights to exist:

Be you, the world will adjust.

Total Strokes - 23,384
Tracked Time - 7hrs 50mins

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Matagal na itong announced. We have been banned pa nga sa contests last few months for this. I believe that’s enough time to plan out time management. It really is unfair to those who passed on time.

It’s also a funny excuse na sabihing culture na; Filipino time naman talaga. Pati ba naman sa metaverse guys? :sweat_smile:


Hello Fam​:sparkles::relaxed: here’s my entry for the Battle of the Champions :muscle::muscle:

Raise your Flag and tell the world, what you’re really made of​:exclamation: My artwork are based on symbols that the community shows​:heartpulse:

The mysterious and hidden nature of the unicorn reflects the sense of otherness LGBT+ folks feel. Facing the challenge of walking the tightrope between their identities and societal norms. The ever-changing and elusive unicorn is a perfect symbol for these inner struggles.
The LGBTQ Flag- Red: life and sexuality.
Orange: healing and friendship.
Yellow: vitality and energy.
Green: serenity and nature.
Blue: harmony and artistry.
Violet: spirit and gratitude.
Butterfly -In its metamorphosis from the common, colorless caterpillar to the exquisite winged creature of delicate beauty, the butterfly has become a metaphor for transformation and hope; across cultures, it has become a symbol for rebirth and resurrection, for the triumph of the spirit and the soul over the physical prison, the material world.
Open Hands- Living life with open hands means seeking connection and demonstrating a willingness to engage others holding ideas that might challenge us to move beyond our comfort zones. Living with open hands allows us to give and to receive.
The Undressed Transwoman- is my representation of showing herself, being brave of what she really is, and not afraid to be judge by other people.

Thank you :heartpulse:



Shieeeesh, Love the conceptttt :heart_eyes::rainbow:


Thank you master​:sneezing_face::sneezing_face::heartpulse::fire::fire::rainbow_flag:

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A Father is seen in some dictionaries as the head of a home, who’s sole responsibility is to cater for the family’s well being. But not on the contrary, I see a father as a man who’s intimacy, care, love and relationship with his children and family supercedes all. A deserving Father is one who doesn’t overlook his responsibilities towards his family, being seen as the head of a home.

A true father is a teacher, a mentor, a role model and an advisor, he takes to heart every thing that concerns his family and he is a giver…

LGBTQ I see it a a celebration of emancipation, and a showcase of true identity. Humans whom has died as a result of depression cause by family rejection, peer rejection and societal rejection, are remember. Those who are still scared of revealing their sexuality are encouraged through this celebration to step out of their closet and speak up…


Hello, everyone! Firstly, thank y’all for these submissions! You guys did great! :wink:

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@dopey27.near we at Filipino Artists Guild, understand where you are coming from. You did great on squeezing making art for this event despite busy schedule. Decision on extending the deadline didn’t come to us at early stage as we are very enthusiastic that lot would submit on time. However, as the days went by, only few submitted and on councils, we discussed if it’ll be good to publish an extension, of course with terms that will sound fair to those who passed their entries on time. (Will share below).

@cedrick.near you are one of people who requested an extension. I would like to clarify that the decision isn’t solely reliant on your request. It is to accommodate more entries, so no need to say sorry.

@Jrbemint can you clarify here what do you mean by this?

Also, thank you for understanding. To set things straight, “filipino time” isn’t practiced to this event :slightly_smiling_face:

@Creative_creation we aren’t being unfair, we also didn’t practice filipino time, the whole scenario was carefully planned by the council. To stop the hate comments regarding on being “unfair” we come into a solution. I hope we can see your vote on it below.

  • 10% deduction on entries submitted after June 25th
  • No deduction at all

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We all heard your comments, I hope we can settle this thru voting. See ya and good luck:heavy_heart_exclamation:


First of all im sorry for posting this late i have no excuses… im okay with point deductions…

I suggest reading everything for context :heart::heart:

As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community myself I always was worried of what others would think of me, I doubt myself constantly if im “straight” enough or gay enough to be part of either groups, heck… i only found out I was Bisexual when I was already in sophomore highschool and im going to second year college now. When I Figured out I wasnt straight it was like staring into a broken mirror not completely seeing myself, negative thoughts surrounding me telling me to keep myself hidden so nobody could hurt me… that was me back then young and naive and looking back to it now and all the things ive been through already being BI isnt the worst thing that couldve happened to me. Im still thankfull for being been born in a Country where I can be who I am.

• This art peice is named IDENTITY it represents me and the faces that i had to wear to be me I, dont consider any of them as fakes but just peices of a scattered puzzle waiting to be finished, to make me whole and to show that I am more than a label.

Thank you for reading this :heart:
This is quite personal.



oh its ok there is nothing about that, what i said just forget it. its just my expression. i am just decreasing the tension . infact they need to cooperate para di na nila isipin un mga possible na ma extend ulit. ayun im voting nadin na walang deduction na mangyari… kc seryoso un iba na manalo right.peace


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Wow, Vow to this Wonderful and Awesome art a masterpiece that could also being open idea or disscusion about the LGBTQ+ and their rights, because our country is somehow conservative when becomes to that. LFG to all the artist!:philippines::philippines::philippines::sparkles:


I hope after you write it here, it can be easily forgotten :slightly_smiling_face: Please keep the expression to yourself if you know its baseless and can cause negative impact, just friendly advice.


I don’t know what are you trying to convey. What is the context behind it?

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What do you mean?
Can you clarify? I’m sensing a shade on this comment.

@kc_sollano Sorry about that…. And @gmachines You guys are being serious :v::grin: im being friendly here, i want you guys to make u feel comfortable with us. No hate :wink::heart:


:bowing_man:t2:I am sorry to all i think… i am done… my bad :bowing_man:t2::heart::v:

Since the “10% deduction vote” is obviously the winner, can I know if I will be getting a 10% deduction because I revise my entry due to knowing that the deadline has been moved to June 27? If I will be getting a 10% deduction, I’ll give you a proof that the council/admin allow me to revise my entry. And can I know if editing the description after the deadline will decrease my points? Cause as far as I know that the points of the art and the description are separated.

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Good day Champs!! I know you are all excited to know who’s the winners for this contest, but sit back and relax cause we are about to announce the winners today, so stay tune. Good luck Champs :heart::heart::heart:
Lezzgoo :fire::fire::fire:


Good day to all. you’ll did a great and nice work, whoever wins on this contest you deserve it goodluck to all​:smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::fire::fire:


All of the entries are unique and amazing but for me your masterpiece really stands out. It’s so powerful and eye-catching. You also use the rainbow colors efficiently . Good luck.