[Week-5-6] (CLOSED) Filipino Artist Guild Art Challenge

Welcome To our Filipino Artist Guild Week 5-Week 6 Art Challenge

"Make Your Own Style"

Week 5-6

Make Your Own Comics Cover.
Main Character is YOU,
Concept: Your Life in Near protocol or Journey in Near Protocol.

Rules and Mechanics:

*Draw it with your own style

*Chibi /Vexel /Vector/ Digital Paint/ Anime

*The Contest will Start March 28,2022

Deadline of Submission: April 10,2022
philippines Time 11:59pm

*Announcing of Winners April 12,2022

*The Winners Will be Selected by the Council

*Likes and Positive feedbacks about your art/Entry Can help you put in the list,

*It does not mean that you have the most heart react will make you a winner, it will just help the council to Select the winner,

*Example there are 5 entries that has More react those 5 will put in the watchlist of selection

*Creativity,Cleanliness,Originality, Quality is the most Important

*Any art style is acceptable.

Make your Own Style means you have to Draw and Follow The Concepts

Generative Arts from your Collection is acceptable but will not put you in The List Of possible winners.

6 winners

Ist Prize: 11

2nd Prize: 9

3rd Prize: 7

4th Prize: 4

5th Prize : 3

6th Prize : 2

Total of 36 Near

New Members of the Guild And In Near Forum are Welcome To Join.

When Submitting Your Entry please Attach your NEAR WALLET ADDRESS at the bottom of your entries,

We also appreciate some Short Word or explanation about your Piece.

If anyone has a question feel Free to Mention the Council in our Telegram Channel or Dm us privately as long as it is related to the event. Welcome To Our 3rd Art Challenge
Filipino Artist Telegram 1

Good Luck Everyone And Let your Creativity Shines.

“Winners Arts Should Not Be Minted”

Open For EveryBody.
Filipino Or Not are welcome To Join. :relaxed:

Sample Only

Take Note:
Please Read Carefully The Rules and Concept. Thank you and Goodluck


Wow this event week 5 and 6 is really interesting event. :hugs:
I would love to be part of it but im sure many filipino artist will be participating this thrilling competition.


Thnk you admin @Ligaya for this opportunity for FILIPINO GUILD ARTIST. :hugs:

Guys lets give our best in this contest. :hugs::blush::grin:


Thanks Maam​:heart::heart::heart::relaxed: try it too :heart::relaxed:


Yes i will try my best to join. :hugs::blush: thnks for the regards.


This is my entry for Week 5 - Week 6 Art Challenge.

The Custodian is about a Knight in the world of Uttoria, Training his skills to become a better warrior, and tackling problems head-on. There are times that not everything will go his way but he will find and look for ways to overcome the obstacle in front of him.



:star_struck::scream::heart_eyes::scream::scream::scream::scream::heart_eyes::star_struck::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face: :scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:


“SG and the Just Pixel Things (JPT)”

The concept is simple, I’ve just included all the integral part of my journey in the NFT Arts Community.
-Near Blockchain
-Filipino Artist Guild
-Just Pixel Things

I will continue to improve, inspire, and most of all, help new artists that wants to explore this beautiful world of NFT Arts.




This is my entry for Week 5 to 6 of Comic Cover: Life sa Metaverse. This card illustrates my life as an artist. There are a lot of times that I literally don’t have any idea what I wanted to draw, in short “Artist-block”. And me being a lazy and sleepy person. But inspite of those struggles, at the end of the day, my passion will keep continuing no matter what happens.


Hello! Here’s my entry which I entitled Quiapogi of course that’s me. Here is how I look into my story while on the protocol, aiming for near while shooting cards on my collectors or possible collectors. Shooting the card to my collectors doesn’t mean that I aim to hurt them, that my interpretation of the way I give them my card or my artworks. We all know most of us here in the protocol aims to earn near, we enter this track believing and praying to earn and make a difference in our lives, so as one of those artist or creator, I come up to this idea to show how I imagine myself as a character while trying get or earn near.



Nice concept Bro :heart_eyes::scream::heart_eyes: goodluck


Mushroom Artist pa , kabute lulubog lilitaw :rofl: goodluck bro​:heart_eyes:


Its good to see u here sir Sg​:heart_eyes:
Wag ka mahihiya sa Art mo, kasi d lahat ng kaya mo gawin kaya dn namin​:heart: Goodluck


Dope :fire::fire:
I wish I am Good also as u sir ,Goodluck :heart:


Hey Fam, just a friendly reminder.
We have 3 days before Our Week 5-6 Art challenge will End.

April 10 our Art Challenge is Officially Closed and all entries to be submitted after The Call will not be accepted.

No Entries should be minted.

Thank You So Much for Participating and Goodluck Everyone​:heart:
We are so Proud Of You :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::philippines:


WEEK 5-6 FAG Art Challenge Entry


Miki's Life in Near Protocol

The cover page that I created is about my life as an artist, but I also included some fantasy drawings, such as my own two fantasy characters that I created a month and a half ago. So much has changed since I began, such as the fact that I am no longer lazy to draw… and my phone, which I used to create digiarts, keeps turning on and off, making it difficult for me to concentrate on drawing. ‘sigh’

ID: mikiiel_oc.near


This artwork showed my journey in Near. It started from Creating Artworks, Activating my Wallet, Waiting for the Verification, Minting and Shilling. My journey didn’t go smoothly but it was definitely fun and beautiful.

Near Id: kagi.near


This is my entry in week 5-6 challenge entitled “Exintrovert2 , journey to Paras”

My journey in Paras is immaculate, I got through a lot. And as a beginner or a newbie I have engaged a lot with other artist. I’ve joined a lot of Twitter spaces to promote my NFTs. I am very thankful with the Filipino Artist Guild because they motivate me and inspires me to work hard and keep on grinding and believe in the impossible. In my two week journey I have talked to other artists and we became friends and for me they are like family. This artwork is my second artwork which for me I struggled a lot doing the background, perspective and composition but I am proud of how it came out.

I believe in myself with the help of my fellow artist and this journey is just the beginning , and I am looking forward to meet and create more artworks. Because in Paras ,my development as an artist is fun because of the engagement with other artist.




Volume 1 is about the adventure of a man who wants to get verified.He endure the pain of waiting every Wednesday and Saturday. Now he get verified, a new chapter begins.
What will happen? Is there any chance of something interesting to happen? Probably no hehe.



Ya’allllllll! Jariavex here​:partying_face:My experiment for this weekly task challenges me a lot​:sweat_smile: And yes!! This challenges makes me more tougher as an artist since Near protocol has given me an educational experience all through out my journey. This gives me a blockchain-like effect that uplifts my creative sides and every single piece of the items I included on my submitted task output are all connected​:heart: