Filipino Artists Guild - Battle of the Champions (Week 13 - 16)

First of all, on the behalf of Filipino Artists Guild, we wanna thank all of our kababayans who partake to our weekly challenges and showcase their talents. It was overwhelming experience to see outstanding entries even having hard time judging who’ll make it at the top.

Time comes where we ban some of the participants, especially the ones who dominate the top 4 and remain in the same position even after couple of weeks to give chance to others.

And now we are happy to announce that their wait is finally over and for this 2 week challenge - we will open the…

:tada: Battle of the Champions :tada:

Duration: Start is on June 3, 2022 and will end on June 25, 2022
Winner announcement: June 29, 2022

Criteria: not based on likes but with originality, creativity, cleanliness and followed the concept.

Theme: Month of June is known for Father’s day, start of classes etc. but we also want to celebrate this month together with our brothers and sisters in LGBTQ+ community! So theme will be everything you want - be it a comic cover, a character, scenery and such…as long as you’ll use these colors in your palette:

TOP 3 - 20N each
4th - 15N
5th - 12N
6th - 10N
and 2 winners of 5N each respectively

We’ll also select 5 best comments (must be in english) to win 2N each from the comment section to take as criteria for judging together with guest judges, which will be revealed when the event is about to end.

Good luck everyone!

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Qualified people who we expect to see are:

From Week 5 - 6 : You as main character in your own comic cover

  1. @elvatar02.near
  2. @Swilart @swilart2.near
  3. @ritzzard
  4. @Creative_creation

From Week 7 - 8 : Filipino Jobs

  1. @Yoneru
  2. @Maxzeinly
  3. @Martinez
  4. @frenzic.alsiel

From Week 9 - 10 : Filipino Street Games

  1. @dopey27.near
  2. @JRAWSArts
  3. @mariusarts.near
  4. @iron_oxide

And last but not the least, from Week 11 - 12 : F.A.G. x V.A.D. cross-cultural collab

  1. @Jrbemint
  2. @Cedieee
  3. @Nardart
  4. @Jlord06

So apart from this persons mentioned above, no other person is qualified @kc_sollano


Hello Good morning :relaxed: Yes Sir. All of those Mentioned can only participate in this event :sparkles: this battle is reserved for those who won our last weekly challenge .


Damn I wish I am one of the participants :upside_down_face:


Mahirap hirap yata to ahh :grin: goodluck sa lahat
Na mag jojoin


Hi goodmorning po, ask ko lang po about sa battle of the champions yung nasa color palette lang po ba talaga yung gagamiting kulay? bawal na po ba sila ipagmix or gumamit ng ibang colors?

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To all Our Finalist, As you can see We have a Official Color Pallete for this Battle of champions, but as per requested of some of the participants we are going to add this latest changes so It will not affect The Creativity of an Artist for this challenge.
You can Used Other Colors that will Fit on your Concepts and entries as long as Our color pallete is Visible In your Entries.
@Swilart @swilart2.near


And @frenzic.alsiel


Before I go on with my proper caption, I felt the need to include this note:

• I am a Christian and I choose to not bow down to what is being celebrated my many this month. It is completely fair —an atheist will not also bow down to the bible month and the LGBTQ will also not bow down if there was an “anti-pride-month month”, same goes with me as a Christian, I’ll stand on what I believe is the truth. It’s really is fair and logical.

• It was unfortunate for me to know na the theme nga was something about the pride month —again, I would not bow down. I messaged FAG about it and nagpaalam ako sa kanila if pwede ko bang i-drawing itong biblical scene of the real meaning of the rainbow (baka kasi ma-disqualify ako, in respect na rin sa guidelines ng FAG). I then told them na kung hindi ako papayagan to draw this, I would not join the battle of champions. I praise God dahil napaka considerate naman din ng FAG and they allowed me to do it. So here we are! :heart:

I want to reflect accurately the number of characters na nandoon sa story and present it in a way presentable naman at hindi makalat.

I chose Noah ofcourse (and his wife) to be in the foreground and showcase the Ark beautifully in the background for some contrast. Since with Noah and His wife ay may tatlo pang couple sa story, I decided to make this mini humps of land to divide them and show na paakyat sila. After the flood and they came out of the Ark, it was said na they made an offering and so naisip ko na rin na pagbuhatin sila ng mga pang-offer cause why not haha. So here, praise God, it looks like they are bringing the offerings to Noah para mai-offer na sa altar (naglagay narin ako ng panggatong haha). Added some final touches like flowers, grass, textures and some flares and tadaah!.

It was painful and fun doing this FAG, your contests really challenge me to breakthrough my limits (grabe kung alam niyo lang). Thank you for the competitors na ginagalingan niyo rin, kaya mas ginagalingan ko rin hahaha. Godbless everyone!



Oops , I thought it was just the color that would be used apart from black and the chosen palette … awitize :smiling_face_with_tear: osha continue ko nlng this. nakulayan n e … anyway goodluck ulit sana maganda kalabasan …mas challenging sana kung un lng gagamitin kc BATTLE OF THE CHAMPION po ito. :v::grin:peace


I Appreciate your honesty po thank you for still participating even if you disagree with the prompt :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


They announced it po eh, 4days ago. Did you start already that time?


Ok lng di lng cguro ako nag check… i am nearly 100% of my work… still doing some color changes so ayun buti nlng nag check po ako


Before everything, I wanted to inform everyone that I have been given the permission to pick a different theme for my artwork due to religious beliefs. I’m a Christian and if I use the LGBTQ theme that the FAG has given us, I’ll ended up disrespecting my religion and beliefs. Take note that we as Christians don’t hate LGBTQ Community, we respect them and we’re asking for your respect also. Again! we respect them and we do not hate them.

Title: Father’s Love

Our father always makes us happy and he also makes us feel secure. But fathers are also known for their strong spanks, painful punishments, and terrifying voices. I admit that those punishments makes me look at my father as a bad person because when I was a kid my father used to hit me his very thick BELT and it hurts so much. I almost tell him bad words everytime it happens. It’s kinda funny to think about childhood memories, but ONE thing I realized, that they spank, punish, and shout at us to show their love from us because without those punishments that my father gave me when I was a little child, maybe I do not know what is the right things right now. Fathers are gift from God, He gaves us a loving, caring, strong, and handsome father to make us feel that we are not alone. Fathers are the ones who take care of us when disaster comes and fathers are the ones that makes you smile everytime you’re upset. Those are the characteristics of the Lord, because God is our ultra mega Father, He sustains us, He protects us, and He guides us. So if you’re feeling alone, empty or sad, just call to the Father in heaven and He will answer you whenever and wherever you are right now.

What do the pearls symbolizes?
Green: Hope
Purple: Humility
Red: Love
Yellow: Happiness



This is a illustration how i define LOVE and GAY HOMOSEXUALITY RELATIONSHIP

And this is my Entry for BATTLE OF THE CHAMPION themed for our brothers and sisters in LGBTQ+ Community.

For some reason i put my self to my artwork/them.
Hope you and I understand and start asking my/ourself what is love feels like in this situations.

What is love? I know its the greatest pleasure in life that no one can define it, its something so great, only God could design it. Yes, love is beyond, what person can define, for love is immortal, and God’s gift is divine. Their Love is real coz we are shaped and fashioned by what we loveor what we like and If their love is a like shelter, I’m going to walk in the rain with them happily and no matter what how the world against them. for me i found love i think its the same love for what they feel in life and im Proud of it and thats all.


Love is perfect, even when we are not.
Down on your knees, and thank heaven,
for a Good man’s love. AS YOU LIKE IT​:heart:


Signing off


:rainbow_flag::rainbow_flag::rainbow_flag: Solid aaaaaaaackkkk!!!:heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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A Painting of Painter Painting Himself—Coming Out

Coming out is a lifelong journey of discovering, accepting, and sharing one’s gender identity and/or sexual orientation with others. Some may find it quick and easy, while others may find it longer and more difficult.

This piece of artwork expresses his true self through painting, with his true self comforting himself.

The month of June is designated as Pride Month, and it is observed in a number of countries to commemorate the struggles and triumphs of the LGBTQ+ communities.

The rainbow flag is the global symbol of gay pride, with each color representing a message. Red represents life, orange represents healing, yellow represents sunlight, green represents nature, blue represents harmony, and purple represents spirit. Flowers represents the past, present, and future of LGBTQ+ history.

Going through a big change and stepping into a new version of yourself can be difficult, but comforting your previous self is an important part of moving forward.

People have the right to live completely and authentically in their lives. Race, ethnicity, language, religion, culture, gender expression, sexual orientation, and gender identity should never be obstacles to full participation in life. Coming out is frequently an important part of LGBTQ+ people reclaiming this right and publicly expressing their identity.

Coming out relieves people of the agony of secrecy. Speaking your truth aloud, first to yourself and then to an ally when you’re ready, brings healing, freedom, and peace.

Near id: swilart2.near