[Week 3] (CLOSED) Filipino Artist Guild Week 3 Contest

Welcome To Our Filipino Artist Guild THIRD Art Challenge

This will be a weekly Event And All Filipino artist is welcome to join.

" Make your own Style"

Week #3

**Theme/Concept: Draw Filipino Super Heroes or Villains Into Your Artstyle

Rules and Mechanics:

*Draw it with your own style

*Chibi /Vexel /Vector/ Digital Paint/ Anime

*The Contest will Start Friday and the Deadline of Submission is Thursday Next Week
philippines Time 11:59pm

*Announcing of Winners Next Friday.

*The Winners Will be Selected by the Council

*Likes and Positive feedbacks about your art/Entry Can help you put in the list,

*It does not mean that you have the most heart react will make you a winner, it will just help the council to Select the winner,

*Example there are 5 entries that has More react those 5 will put in the watchlist of selection

*Creativity,Cleanliness,Originality, Quality is the most Important

*Any art style is acceptable.

Make your Own Style means you have to Draw and Follow The Concepts

Generative Arts from your Collection is acceptable but will not put you in The List Of possible winners :relaxed::relaxed:


Ist Prize: 2.5 Near

2nd Prize: 2.5 Near

3rd Prize: 1.5 Near

4th Prize: 1.5 Near

5th Prize 1 Near

6th Prize 1 Near

New Members of the Guild are Welcome To Join.

When Submitting Your Entry please Attach your NEAR WALLET ADDRESS at the bottom of your entries,

We also appreciate some Short Word or explanation about your Piece.

If anyone has a question feel Free to Mention the Council in our Telegram Channel or Dm us privately as long as it is related to the event. Welcome To Our 3rd Art Challenge
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Good Luck Everyone And Let your Creativity Shines.

“Winners Arts Should Not Be Minted”



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Here are some of the List Of Pinoy SuperHeroes so you have idea of the names and characters ,
Draw nio nalang sila in Your own Style :relaxed:

You can also Modify the characters , rework redo, to make it more ASTIG​:fire::fire:


exciteddd forrr thissssss​:blush::hugs:


Lastikman, a superhero who possesses the ability to stretch and distort his body.



Is a Filipino comic book character styled as a folk hero or superhero, created by National Artist for Literature Francisco V. Coching and debuted on the magazine Liwayway. In his numerous incarnations, Pedro Penduko is an ordinary human being with no superpowers.




Pinay Version of Captain Barbell and inspired by a pinay who fought in the olympics and raised our flag of the philippines, the costume is inspired by our Philippine flag. Its WonderBarbell she was able to transform into incredibly strong woman when she lifts her barbell.

Near Wallet :


Demonic Captain Barbell.

This piece is my own version of Legendary Pinoy Comics character, Captain Barbell, and I added some twist which is my own NFT Collection, Demon Boss where I make Heroes or Gods as a Demon or Devil. I’m happy to participate for the firstime here at Filipino Artist Guild. LFG pinoy creators! :fist::rocket:

My near ID/wallet:


Rubber Man is a Human armed with magical shoes that enable the wearer to perform amazing feats - such as flying, running at high speeds and walking on water. The shoe itself can even act as a shield that bounces off bullets. Using these magical shoes, he became the super hero hero Rubberman.

near id: Zetsue001.near



Varga is an alien princess ghost who is drawn to the planet Earth. She meets a young girl named Olga and together they transform into the hero Varga, who is endowed with beauty, superpowers, and a voluptuous body.




“3D Captain Barbell”

Wallet: the_blank.near


Zsa Zsa Zaturnah

Zsazsa Zaturnnah is a red-haired curvaceous superheroine whose alter-ego, Ada, is a gay beautician from a province in the Philippines. Ada turns into the superheroine upon swallowing a melon-sized magical stone and shouting “Zaturnnah!”



2days To Go before the Deadline :heart_eyes::relaxed::fire::fire::fire:


Hayooo!! Proudly presenting to you the
arch-nemesis of filipino hero darna: VALENTINA. With its snake like head presenting her snake-queen vibe, valentina is still one of the top villain of the philippines ond one of the known serpent queen in the world.



“Makita kang Muli”

ANG PANDAY is one of the most famous superheroes here in the Philippines. He is depicted many times in movies and tv series and I feel like growing up I was able to witness how this character evolved through the years. I’ve always been a fan ever since.

Flavio doesn’t have any abilities whatsoever but his dagger does. His dagger has magical powers that on most movies, was able to conjure lightning and absorb it on his sword at will. His dagger also transforms into a sword once he draws it.

In this piece I made, I upgraded his power so that he can also absorb lightning from his sword to his body that enables him to be as fast as a lightning flash.

I also gave him the ability to conjure different swords made of lightning which designs are based on some of the famous Filipino antique sword designs like “kampilan” and “kris”.

Nearwallet: oshinoshinobu.near


Zuma is a Filipino comic book character that has the ability to command two-headed snake on his shoulders with a powerful bite. He is the son of the Aztec serpent god Kukulkan, making him a demigod. He had been in hibernation for a long time until his tomb in an Aztec pyramid was unearthed by an archaeological expedition team that awakened him.

Near wallet: elvatar02.near


Looking great so Far :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:
Im so Proud to be your Leader, i know we have lot Of Filipino Artist who is so Talented lets build and support each other and this Guild :heart_eyes::sparkling_heart:


Dragonna follows the life of Rona, a girl who comes from half-human, half-dragon race known as Tagon. She discovers that she has the power to create fire every time she loses her temper. Dragonna uses her gift to defend the helpless and fight crime.



- is a symbol of women’s strength and kindness. In comic books as well as film and TV reincarnations, you would see Darna protecting those who cannot fend for themselves both against common criminals and greater forces of evil.



Captain Barbell in my Style

A Filipino Hero that will not lose to any evil villain.



Valentina is a supervillain created by Mars Ravelo and Nestor Redondo who first appeared in the second episode of the Darna series published in the Philippine comics Pilipino Komiks (issue #78, 1950) . One of the most recognizable supervillainess characters in the Philippines, she is the archenemy of Darna.
Valentina is similar in appearance to Medusa of Greek Mythology. As a result, she can use her hair to bite people with similar effect to a deadly viper.

She also has her own fangs (which assumably also contain venom) as well as the ability to change her form. She can either transform herself into a giant snake like creature or her limbs into one or more snakes. She does not seem to be able to separate any of these snakes.