Discord Bi-Weekly Reports [March 22 - April 5, 22]

It’s the dawn of a New Month as I bring to you the usual updates on Near Discord. You all would have being anticipating these metrics as we all want to see growth inn our community. Without further ado, I’ll proceed to the recent weekly metrics for Discord.

As at the last report that saw the Near Discord at 44.7K, we are now at 45.1K. Growth and member join are seen below.

How members have joined over the past week.

There have being little activity on Near Discord this last week as all events were on hold to gather feedback from members on how to improve for a better Q2.
And the last spike that’s seen on the chart is as a result of Events resumption announcements and also an AMA announcement that was going to gold the next day which was April 2nd, with Classy Kangaroos NFT collection.

As the kick off of Q2 events started with #MemeMonday yesterday, we can in emerging channels the level of participation its getting already.

And the amount of messages and interaction is seen below, theres little engagements on weekends as we see a downturn in the graph every weekend.

Moving forward we look at trending topics, conversations that are most conversant.

Finally, as you might have been getting a hint about about Q2 events above. Yes, we kicked off Q2 events across all channels[ Telegram, Discord and Reddit] yesterday. Here is a rundown of how events will play out weekly. You’re welcome to particpate and win prizes.

Watch out for the next reports. :wink:

Kudos to the Discord Team under the @ConciergeTeam . Amazing work always.Keep it up guys.


Thanks mate, great report! :slight_smile:

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