Discord Bi-Weekly Report. [May 25, 22 - June 9, 22]

Hello Community, happy and excited for the weekends. Let me keep your weekend busy with a bit of Discord metrics and reports to see performances based on the time frame stipulated above.

Starting with the community growth over the past 2 weeks.

And below is the daily recap of members joining via invites.

Graphical representation is shown below.

Here are the Events that took place in the last 14 days on the Near Server.

  • MemeMonday Contest | May 27, 22.
  • WedNearsday Contest | May 29, 22.
  • AMA with Polaris Finance | May 31, 22.
  • NFTfridays | June 1, 22.
  • MemeMonday Contest |June 4, 22.
  • WedNearsday Contest |June 6, 22.
  • AMA with KwikTrust |June 8, 22.
  • NFTfridays | June 8, 22.
  • Quiz Nights | June 9, 22.

Also, if you participated in any of these events over the past months and you’ll like us to improve or you want to give your opinion on the events and onboarding. Kindly leave your feedbacks here.
Help us shape your NEAR community experience by taking this survey. This is essential for us, so we hope you will take the time to fill this out.

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Thank you!

Moving forward in our reports. We will be reviewing channel engagements on the most enegaged channel on the Near Discord Server.

We also take a look at the rundown of daily messages and number of messages by each communicator.

Despite market sentiments, we still see quite a number of interactions on the Server.

Now, what are tghey talking about. A rundown of trending topics and discussions is highlightes below.

And that’s the recap of the last 14 days on Near Discord Server.
Also, the safety of our users and community is our top most priority, Near Admins will never DM you first, watch wherever you connect your wallet. If unsure about and event or something as such, kindly verify it from any of our channels, don’t be lazy or reluctant to do so. You can also tag the @ConciergeTeam for further inquiries.
Stay Safe!
Check this Post on How to identify it[ Beware of scammers in near protocol chat on telegram - #7 by KriptoRaptor ].

See you next time!


thank you for the report @Squazher.
another awesome work of Channel Ops