Discord Bi-Weekly Report. [March 5 - March 21, 22]

Hey Folks. Here is another episode of Near Discord Bi Monthly update I’ve brought to your feeds. How all the activities has rolled non discord with engaging events that keeps bolstering our Community.


The Discord channel had a very slight increase in members from previous 44.7K and still maintains this number, after a flux of members coming in and out within this period, saw a peak members of 44.9K.

There was an average of 100 members joining the server within this period of time.

Communication and Engagement.
Activities and engagements on the Discord server are below, based on how messages were sent by each communicator on the server and their average messages.

Contests and Events held between this period of time, which also contributed to the numbers above are as follow:

  • Fusotao AMA [Discord, March 15]

  • ZoneArt AMA [Discord, March 18]

  • Meme Monday[March 7 and March 14]

  • WedNEARSday[March 9 and March 16]

  • Quiz Nights[March 10]

These weekly events are currently on hold and we’re accepting feedbacks to improve the efficiency of this events.
If you participated in either of the contests or observed, kindly fill in this form.

Moving forward to the trending topics on our Discord, what do people mostly talk about and what channels are mostly busy.

Here we can observe the events had a lots of fans that were always eager to know what the next task is which gives a reasonable number of participants.

Based on frequent communication and interaction, the chat channel kept buzzing, also devs kept talking in their technical terms which also kept them busy.
Providing support has always being the priority of the @ConciergeTeam which made the community support channel busy also.

Lets take a look at trending topics and hot discussions below.

Most of the issues are resolved with expertise while technical issues are referred to Zendesk where technical team dives in and help with it.

Stay tuned for next update as we keep moving Near to the Future.
Shout out to the @ConciergeTeam for awesome and team performances always. Thank You!


Thanks for the detailed report @Squazher. Happy to be part of the Concierge Team.

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