Discord Bi-Weekly Report [June 10 - 28, 22]

Hello Guys.
It’s been a wonderful month so far as we are rounding up the Q2. Let’s quickly take a look at the Discord growth metrics and engagements over the last 2 weeks.
As you know that our weekly event came to a hold for Q2 in the second week of June, I will be updating us mainly on how active the channel has been, what major factor that pulled the metrics in the last 2 weeks. Stay with me. :wink:
Community Growth.

Yayyy!!. Seems 50K mark waited right to the end of Q2 before gracing us with the achievement. From the last report of 47.4k to currently 49.9K as of the time of writing this report. Definitely entering Q3 with the 50K mark. Keep an eye on the next report.

Also, there was a campaign that had a huge impact on our growth in the past two weeks, the ONTO wallet campaign . Here is the announcement to the campaign from ONTO wallet. [ https://twitter.com/ONTOWallet/status/1537057344848203777?s=20&t=J5FppWpQaOVsprWNeXsjwA ]
A brief recap from @HaiVu , a member of the @ConciergeTeam is given below.

  1. About the 1st event period (Jun 15th - Jun 20th), a total of 15,550 users participated in ONTO & NEAR Protocol social media campaign (https://twitter.com/ONTOWallet/status/1537057344848203777?s=20&t=3NAdSXSgbGqyWNMUc8bsZQ), and 2,861 users were screened out according to the activity rules to get rewards.

  2. During the 2nd event period(Jun 23rd - Jun 29th), there are 3022 users deposited into the NEAR chain addresses, among which 981 users deposited over 3 NEAR tokens.

In total, the campaign have created at least 5,833 new NEAR wallets. :rocket:
Thank you very much for all your support for onboarding NEARcomers

Lets see how members were able to click the invite link and try to join the discord server.

Although in this chart, we see the click both by bots amnd humans, and since we have a sophisticated verification bot in place, only humans that pass it are allowed into the Server.

We also look at the engagements of users via messages and communicators during this period.

The most used channels in Near Discord server for this period are seen as follows. Each depicts how active the community and Devs relate to each other and how often support is provided on Conmunity support channel.

As we approach, well, almost into Q3, if you have a any suggestions on how to further improve and manage our Discord server, feel free to ping any of the @ConciergeTeam members.



Great growth, we keep growing :green_heart::partying_face:

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Great report, nice bot verification!
But we need a smarter system to prevent scammers lurking around every day for newcomers. :slight_smile: