[Creatives DAO] - Decentralization review & Meeting

Hi everyone, hello creatives, my name is Tosin oshikokhai, my friends call me truce, music producer, songwriter and a web designer, i am also a new council member in young fresh dao, i have been in the music scene since 2011, i have produced over a two thousand beats since the begining of my career, i have been in the ecosystem for 6 months, i have collaborated with some musicians to create NFTS, I have also helped in the onboarding of creatives for youngfresh dao.
happy to connect

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telegram ; @trucekokhai
near wallet. trucebeats.near


Hi Everyone and Hello Creatives.

Hi I’m Yona, a 19yrs old digital and traditional artist from Philippines. I have started making arts at young age, I love to draw ever since. And also I have been in Near ecosystem for 5months. I’m also participating in different art contest. And now I’m a member of Young Fresh Dao

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hii everyone, i’m reespect, a rap artist based in lagos nigeria. i have been active on the chain since february and it’s been everything from exciting to engaging to stressful. i’m super grateful for all the sides to it.

i released my genesis nft with the nxm store an mintbase -[Approved] moodswing music project (ep)

and i have many more nfts to stack, i’m in the process of creating a community around future collections and continuously implementing web3 tech to keep them engaged.

here’s a link to some of what i’m currently working on (planet lukukul) -


twitter: metareespect/itsreespect
instagram: itsreespect

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Hi every one and hello creativea
Im eyesore and im 19 years old im doing digital art and traditional art. i love making arts since two years ago when covid pandemic starts, and I’ve been in near ecosystem for 2 months, and im also participating different art contest. And now im proudly member of young fresh dao
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Hello Creatives and all! I am so proud to be here.
My name is Phong. I am a full-time freelance researcher. I am a Near Fan and I am investing only in the Near Ecosystem. Now I am a member from Young Fresh Dao.
My twitter profile: https://twitter.com/phongoan6
My wallet is: hoangtinhvoc.near

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Hello Near Creatives and everyone!
I’m Le and You can call me Lera.
I’m a Vietnamese designer who is always full of new energy and loves to help others materialize their ideas too. In addition, NFT is my passion. I love collecting art NFT.
I know the Young Fresh Dao through my friend. I feel super happy and grateful to be in this community of creative people and really excited with the projects that may come due to this.
Connect with me through https://twitter.com/Leraa1704

NEAR wallet: Leraaa.near

Hello everyone, greetings to the Moderators, all council members of guilds, Members and everyone here on the Forum

I remain my humble self Chukwu Nduka Samson (Sammiee) Current discord moderator for the NXM, Council member of the CAPITAL GUILD, Community relational officer of the Near NFT week, and a member of several other communities.
I am a graduate of business management from the university of Abuja Nigeria, I have experience working with a health company promoting healthy lifestyle “SALADMASTER”, I served as a corp member NYSC in my country Nigeria with a Real-estate and surveying firm as a marketing consultant, I am a talent manager, an Event planner/Host a content creator, a business strategist, a public speaker and an Audio NFT Artist.

My links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/snowrayd/status/1520334823772110848?s=21&t=2feYllGtNuBxOvgCgKDMHg
Instagram: Login • Instagram
Telegram: https://telegram.org/dl

Wallet: sammiee.near

As a discord moderator of the NXM I restructured our discord server created the verification system and have had Over 120 Members VERIFIED NxM 🎧

I also revived Trivia on the server

which is helping us grow engagements and pass informations to community members.

As council member of the CAPITAL GUILD:
I attend community calls and contribute
I have began Voting on Astro and also voting on community projects, planning and executing them

And our just Approved JUNE 2022 project: [approved] capital guild june 2022 funding request

I started my web3 journey in the Near ecosystem and got onboarded through my participation in the Album lunch of SterryO [Approved] NEAR Reality onboarding seminar - #21 by Dedeukwu where I functioned as a planner and was the Host of the event/seminar

I became fully involved few months after with my participation in the C1/NXM Abuja Tour Report from C1/NxM NEAR TOUR ( Abuja edition ) where I was one of the Team members in the tour alongside other guild members like @JCB and @Dedeukwu

The event which gave me my first experience opening wallets and onboarding creatives, which is also kept me active till date

I have introduced and taken up personal Projects:
I minted my first Audio NFT EP

with the support of the NXM Guild

I went further to plan and deliver a seminar on web3 and importance of Decentralization also through the support of the NXM and it’s council @Paul @Monish016 @bonepolice

Held in Lagos Nigeria.

I introduced Project CTS C1 in the streets, a project targeted at discovering creatives from the streets in their raw form

Which was supported by the C1 community and its council members.
And we are looking to have our Second edition in JUNE 2022 as it has again been Approved by C1.

I am currently a relational officer of the NEAR NFT WEEK Working along side @naveen_in
I also attend the Creatives community calls, that of NEAR Protocol Nigeria, C1 and NXM.
I attend Twitter spaces, AMAs, Physical and Metaverse events.

I have NFTs I collected and I have my Audio NFT Collected.

List of users invited into the forum: @osyphotos @Saintvic @Dera @Artlamishi
Just to mention but a few, as all of my projects have been an onboarding opportunity, Through personal projects and community projects.

I am very happy to be a part of this community and The NEAR ECOSYSTEMS AT LARGE,
I am CHUKWU NDUKA SAMSON, I am glad to be of service and I will continue to serve.
Thank you


Hello everybody!
My name is Jane.

I studied Economics at the Foreign Trade University and am currently working for a full-time job.
I have been a crypto lover since 2020. In my free time, I like drawing pictures and making some artworks

Being in the Young Fresh Dao has improved me in all circles and meeting new people here has benefited me in a lot of ways.

twitter: https://twitter.com/Nganga66049548
Near Wallet: hoangmyle.near


Yes this would be wonderful! Whenever you feel comfortable with physical meeting let us know. Many of us are in San Fransisco, Oakland and Hayward :relaxed:


A pleasant and fabulous day to everyone, especially to the creatives. I’m Adrian or also known as “klaynramos.near” in NEAR Blockchain. A 17-year-old digital and traditional artist from the Philippines. As a young person, exploring this kind of field to intercommunicate and enhance my creative skills, was challenging yet overwhelming because of the results in making some progress. I started entering the NEAR Ecosystem last November 2021, it’s been almost 7 months but still, I never used to think that I already achieved some of my dreams because of this Blockchain. I used to make more friends, joining different DAOs like Marma J which they invited me to be one of their contributors, and recently proud as a new member of Young fresh Dao.

Let’s be mutuals!
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AdrianKleinRam1


Hello Creatives and all!

I am Levi, a 21 years old digital artist from the Thailand. My background is in art. I started as a NEAR NFT artist in 2022. I love art very much and always want to discover more about it
Currently, I am a member for Young Fresh Creative Dao.

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Hello :wave:
Good morning or goodnight

I am 16 years old farmer and starting to achieve to be an artist . digital and traditional artist from the Philippines. As a young person, exploring this kind of field to intercommunicate and enhance my creative skills, was challenging yet overwhelming because of the results in making some progress. I started entering the NEAR Ecosystem last November 2021, it’s been almost 7 months but still, I never used to think that I already achieved some of my dreams because of this Blockchain. I used to make more friends.cuz I was here till now @Jami2017 he was guide me anytime I want help

:bird:Twitter : https://twitter.com/rainierencina
:white_circle:My address: pootlongto11.near
Thank you very much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hello Near Creatives and everyone!
I’m Chinh.

I’m a young developer specializing in Frontend Field. In addition, creating memes is my favorite hobby. I regularly participate in meme contests and I love creating new and different memes.
I come from the Young Fresh Creative Dao Community. I feel incredibly happy and grateful to be in this community.

Connect with me through https://twitter.com/ChinhKiuTh1


@ritamaria I am very proud watching you help grow the community, doing such an amazing work!!! :heart:


Hello everyone!
My name is Tom. I’m 19 years old. I am currently in my first year of architecture school. My hobby is art painting. I have been in the crypto market for 1 year. I have invested in Near Ecosystem for 1 year and I am starting my new journey to become a member of Young Fresh Dao.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KiuQun11


Good day everyone I’m Genlyn , a digital artist based in th Philippines. I am 23 years of age, and a graduate of Elementary education. I have interested in NEAR ecosystem since last year but joined just 2 months ago now because of busy schedule. In addition I am also loves to write a story and poems as a hobby.

Young fresh Dao was introduced me by a friend of mine. I’ve been in this community for more or less than a month and still enjoying my journey as a member. I’m looking forward how this community help me to grow as an artist.

You can connect on me here:


Hello Near Community! My name is Argênide Ghini and I am known as Ghini.
If there is one word that defines me it is: self-taught.

I graduated in agronomy and I am very proud that, at the age of 21, I did the whole process and was responsible for my college (ESALQ of the University of São Paulo) being declared a historical patrimony area, the largest in the State of São Paulo.

I have been a self-taught visual artist for almost 20 years and my artwork deals with image recognition.

I joined the NFT world a year ago, right after I started my work with digital painting and a few months into this universe I participated in the curatorship, along with @thephilosopher , of the largest exhibition of Brazilian NFT artists to date, BrazucasNFT, at Museu xyz at cryptovoxels, with more than 120 artists and right after I joined the Near community.

I organized and curated by myself the FEMINU Exhibition, also at the Museu xyz that brought together for the first time cis women, trans women, non binary and transvestites artists and that changed the lives of many ot them, onboarding 50 artists. The result was the minting of 60 NFTs exhibited in FEMINU exhibition, whose opening was attended by 300 people.

I have curated numerous other exhibitions at Voxels that in total presented about 200 NFTs from Near. Now I am organizing the International FEMINU that will, in a single exhibition, result in over 120 Near NFTs to be minted and exhibited.

In the Gambiarra DAO Gallery building I have recently started a movement called “Gambiarra DAO Invites” to make the two sides of the building available for other DAOs that do not have space in this metaverse and wish to exhibit their minted NFTs from Near. This represents an example of Cross Collaboration and how we can share our achievements and benefit other DAOs by working together.

I am council on Gambiarra DAO and FEMINU DAO, working as a curator in both.

I am a meta architect, currently building, with a very modest remuneration, the new FEMINU headquarters in cryptovoxels, with approximately 250 square meters, on a plot given in free rent by one of the biggest builders in this metaverse, due to the work I have been doing, along with my colleagues from Gambiarra DAO and the still young FEMINU DAO.

In addition, I am a poet and mother of a sweet, beautiful Golden named Lupi.
I hope I can contribute to the growth of the whole community and I am available for whatever is necessary.


wallet: ghini.near
twitter, instagram and telegram: @ghini_ar
site: https://www.ghini.com.br


Hi, Im Math, I’m from Australia and I am freelance designer. I’m happy to be a part of this growing community. My hobbies are playing sport and taking pictures.
You can contact me here: https://twitter.com/Mathscamander


Hi Im digi_shred, digi artist since 2020 . I love doing some illustrations and other colorful plains stuffs. I also been into NFT since 2021 and Im loving it! U can connect with me in my twittet account @digishred1



Hi everyone my name is Rochelle and I’m 15 yrs old. I love doing digital art since the pandemic started. I’m doing digital arts to ease my stress and I didn’t expect that I’ll love it that much to the point that I came here to nft, and I’m so thankful that I found it. I’m almost 2 months here I guess. And I’m so happy that I’m one of the members of the young fresh dao.

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