Creatives DAO - A way forward (Community Response Post)

Hi Everyone,

It’s been over 3 weeks since we received the news about the funding getting paused. @creativesdao-council have put a lot of effort to create

  • Metric system derived from the values of Creatives DAO
  • Decentralisation Strategy to move forward and grow stronger.

First - We assessed the value that Creatives DAO stands for and created metrics that were derived from the values.

Second - We created a strategy to move forward and keep growing stronger

Third - A timeline for a smoother transition

The plan is to create a V3 version on AstroDao for Creatives and based on @illia ’ s vision of NDC we integrated

  1. On-Chain Community Members (House of stake)- Any verified member of Creatives DAO
  2. Ambassadors (House of Merits) - Community Member voted by community as their representative who will help onboard artists seeking web3 support to NEAR
  3. Mods (Executive Team) - Consists of mods and marketing team.

The documents show a clear picture of how we want to move ahead and how we can grow stronger as a community.

Your feedback, support and criticism is very necessary.

Please participate so we all can move forward!


@Cryptonaut Hello dear!
How are you?

I am reading the material.
Are these our steps to follow for say a new journey in Near?
Very nice.
Thanks for sharing.
I will convene the members and advisors of OCTOPOD DAO, for reading.


Thanks for the information! Let’s go for it!


I have a question about the Criteria listed here under the category of “Decentralization”

  • Will the limit of Council members only being allowed to be Council on 2 DAOs still apply?

My next question is about the Legal Wrapper for DAOs.

  • Does anyone have experience linking Otoco LLC registered DAOs to NEAR?

Based on my experience setting one up for DAOrecords, you need to use an ETH wallet or Gnosis multi-sig, which means the Wrapper could only apply to on-chain transations on Ethereum and not NEAR. Would love more feedback on this from @creativesdao-council @marketingdao-council or anyone else with experience.


Hey all

A lot of effort has clearly gone into pulling a coherent and extensive approach together in such a short time​:+1:

I think the replication of the proposed NDC structure is a great move.

I remain unconvinced by the long term benefits of attracting external high profile artists into near as a leading strategy to build liquidity/interest…as the trickle down effects of this kind of strategy are often transient…but pleased to see that it sounds like existing near individual artists wil also be under consideration for the program…unless I have understood that wrong ?

“artists looking to build their web3 infrastructure on NEAR that are currently doing remarkable work”

Out of interest…will any vote to approve the proposals be for the total proposal ?..or will it be broken down into sections…so that individual parts get approved …for example the “evaluation matrix”…and the governance structure etc.

Thnx :+1:


Here you are, the screen sharing video recording of yesterday’s meeting about this topic:


Quick question on the budget for " 50k - Creatives DAO buying NFTs of associated artists and communities - Community. Will this be managed by the DAO or is this meant for DAOs to apply for as part of their proposals to buy from other DAOs. If managed by the DAO, how would that look? Could it be a voting system via astrodao with a list of proposals to purchase NFTs, that the community could then vote on?


Another minor suggestion…to avoid confusion with NDC in broader conversations…maybe slightly adjust the names House of Merit & House of Stake…

Something like ‘House of Creatives’ for all verified CD members…and 'House of Curators…or whatever…just might be easier to avoid any confusion by making it creative specific :+1:


IMO bringing new names like house of creatives and house of curators would be complicated cause people are used the the normal house of stake and merit……

Not to make things complex


Hello guys
Since it’s a community concern i would like to contribute to what @Cryptonaut has said and also ask questions too for clarification

Looking at the post, went through the miro docs and other documents and the new process are nice and awesome, but my question is they’re still some key issue we need to sort out which I’ve not seen a documentation on it like

  1. Voting method: The voting method in the creative should be improved, sending CFC or Astro DAO links on Creative telegram group begging or tagging people to vote for a poll is not professional.

how to improve the voting method

A Tag :label: should be made for people/DAO’s who has voting power on creative Astro DAO so when DAO that has an approved status who has made a poll on Astro needs votes :ballot_box: they can just make a thread :thread: post with their poll link on Astro and use the new tag that can notify the people with voting rights.
The tag can be “creative voters” just like the @creativesdao-council tag which can notify the creative mods


Dear @vandal,

Yes it should still be applied.

I have registered for LLC but haven’t tried to link it to NEAR. Since the main activity is on ETH. Btw, I believe the process is to make sure you are a legal entity to avoid any legal barrier with funding.

Since we have Astro DAO on NEAR as an alternative to manage fund, I barely use Gnosis after the registration process. I have to admit that there’s limited option for DAOs on NEAR to get Legal Wrapper, but you’re still encouraged to have your DAO legal wrapped.


Thank you very much for your concern @Psalmy,

The good thing is that voting on another DAO is much simpler now comparing to CFC in previous version of Astro DAO. The root cause of this is whether DAO councils are active on voting or not, so having a tag won’t help if people don’t open Astro.

Tagging people to vote won’t help, because people barely pay attention to massive tags if they are repeated time to time. I would say council removing mechanism will help, inactive councils will be removed after a period of time.



Artists and DAOs associated with Creatives DAO can create a proposal and on-chain verified members can vote.

Community and mods are already working on how members can be verified so no fake account can sway voting.

If group quorum passes the threshold in given days, the funds will be transferred to the account and the NFT will be transferred to creatives DAO.

We will have to add community members on chain to the new V3 astro version of creatives DAO for them to vote as a community.

This will be done once we have the draft approved by NF.


Hey @Psalmy

Community will vote for NFTs to be bought by creatives DAO for projects associated with us.

Ambassadors (community representatives) can vote for NFTs to be bought and to reverse executive team (mods) decisions if the community doesn’t agree with it.

Executive team (Mods) will vote for projects to be approved or rejected.


Really nice ones @zeitwarp

House of Creatives - Entire Creatives Community

House of Ambassadors- Representatives of the community and bridge between outside world and Creatives DAO

House of Executives- Teams that will work to deliver objectives desired by House of Creatives in line with NF goals.

Just suggestions.


The amount dedicated to onboard artists will not be given to artists. It will be provided to build their mintbase account, NEAR Hub space etc.

Ambassador team can decide the criteria for selection of artists they want to onboard.

Internal artist are all part of DAOs and have already built their infra.


Hi Natasha,

Which part particularly are you asking for?

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Thanks @Cryptonaut for the clarification, yep understood it was for’ infrastructure’…

… however the idea that is at the heart of the various/similar points I’ve made in the various CD threads & elsewhere on the forum/telegram groups over the last couple of months relates to your last sentence:

“Internal artist are all part of DAOs and have already built their infra.”

…So I’ve asked this question a few times:

Does an existing Near individual / non-community / non-dao-affiliated creative have to organise as a Dao to access support from Creatives Dao in order to build out even more Web3 infrastructure on near… ?

thnx :+1:


@williamx fair enough….
I like the idea of evicting inactive DAO members with voting rights also, as even with tag most DAO can still play a nonchalant role.

Hello :wave: @Cryptonaut to understand you properly communities and Ambassadors (merit) need to vote for Creative DAO NFT so as creative mods could be incharge of voting?
Did I get you right?
And am seen more of NFT’S maybe I’ve missed out the topic of creative buying NFT and stuffs can I get a recap of this idea :bulb: maybe a link to follow up the topic so I understand better, thanks and big ups guys


Hello :slight_smile:
We also used Otoco for muti, in case it helps, you can find the doc here: