[APPROVED] FEMINU DAO Funding Request - June 2022

4 hours of class for 250 USD / available after the FEMINU DAO youtube live. 2 PDF s with the contents of the classes for 150 USD 2 portfolio models plus accessories available for the next few days before the end of registration for INTERNACIONAL FEMINU for 200 USD total 600 USD

Very grateful for the guidance I will detail in the future also to continue the work maintaining the level of commitment requested by the community.

Best, Nath.


Hello @LulucaL,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts,

First of all my comment is to bring up a conversation, which I have mentioned earlier above.

I would like to invite you to discuss in a constructive way, and note that my opinion is not the final decision of Creatives DAO mods.

You’re right, and I have mentioned earlier my rationales behind my comment above by pointing out my thoughts.

Again, I would like to invite you to discuss in a constructive way.

Other mods will also share their votes here. I want to bring up the view of “decentralize” in the way we’re building community, and that will also be our main focus in this transition period to grow. I understand receiving an opposing comment is not a good feeling, however, please make sure we’re working together as a community, I don’t have that big power.

Hello, hello!

Just wanted to add some thoughts to this conversation. First of all, I would like to say that we should keep this a space of constructive discussion that could be beneficial to the entire community. We are all building this as we go and community input and leadership are essential to that.

I think the main topic that @williamx pointed out here, for me, is the distribution of funds, as the topic of decentralization has been one of the main discussions this month. I would like to make it clear, that I do believe entirely in the importance of the message and goals of FEMINU, the topic that I feel needs discussion here are the roles, decentralization and how people are contributing.

Another conversation that has been ongoing is having council members on several DAOs and how this can naturally affect the direction of that DAO and the overall community.

So, these are the two main topics I’d like to bring up for discussion both specifically for this DAO and for the wider scope of Creatives DAO.

Thank you!


Very good. I just don’t understand where my notes are not constructive… I’m making a cut that was not taken into account and It should.


@ted.iv Thanks for your comments, but it doesn’t seem to me that the issue raised here was that but rather the relevance of the projects that were considered as personal and not collective. Those who have been in the community longer and have been following the work of FEMINU know that it is a project that has benefited and will benefit many artists who don’t find many opportunities to exhibit and sell their art.
The question of being council in more than one DAO has been said before that this would only affect if they were DAOs that are in Creatives, which is not the case with FEMINU.
With regards to the concentration of resources, this was due to the fact that our other council left due to work issues. We don’t intend to stay with only two councils, even because it is overloading us, even though we both work full time for the Near network. We have already added more members and we are only evaluating for this month to be able to invite someone who is well prepared to be a council in a DAO that has just started and can help move forward with a project of this size.
So following your considerations I and @natashacremonese will decrease what we are receiving for our council work (150 each) that we will continue executing anyway, converting part of this value - 300 USD in total - 200 USD to @mayramendes who has helped us a lot in the DAO works and 100 USD in the acquisition of works, which is already in progress and started to be announced, although this is not written here, what I agree to have been our mistake. Next month we will already have a new council.
Thank you,


Hi @williamx ! All proposals refer to FEMINU (Feminine NFTs Universe) that has been supported by the NEAR community since the first exhibition that took 300 people to the cryptovoxels metaverse on the opening day, represented more than 60 mints because it had several artists who minted several works in the Gambiarra store that was where the FEMINU project was born, besides buying 60N in works in the onboarding movement. The lives of many artists were impacted and many have already left their testimonials here on this forum, lacking only that you do a brief research to be able to be aware of what our project is about. The bounties are the least impactful in terms of community.
As I launch International FEMINU this month I will be receiving over 120 portfolios, which is our goal, in order to curate this huge exhibition. The analysis of a portfolio takes no less than 30 minutes, so if we consider that only a third of that comes in this month, since we are half way through it, that means 20 hours of curatorial work on this item alone. I agree that I failed to specify this in my proposal, which I will certainly do.
The numerous portfolios that will be requested at onboarding and registration are more than enough justification for the proposal of a class on how to learn to make them as most don’t know what is an essential thing for an artist.
Here is the link to the Onboarding project of 60 artists for the exhibition that will begin this month and will be done by @mayramendes and @ritamaria as proposed below:

The curatorial work and its importance has already been widely discussed by the Creatives community and moderators but you may not have seen it either so I’ll copy it here:

I have made Meets with artists from outside the country and also made contact through social networks to engage more audience for Near network that has always been disclosed in all events by the social media of Feminu DAO or previously by Gambiarra DAO and now we believe Near community will continue to support the cause as it has been doing and if adjustments have to be made, let them be pointed out and we will do.
I attend an average of 7 artists a week to answer questions from mintage to the Forum here. We are also already announcing the acquisition of works by FEMINU (we started with the AMAR exhibition), which will also be done with part of the resources destined to the councils and will also be announced at the end, in our report, after everything is finalized.
The AMAR exhibit is already in full swing as well as other projects listed here and some already finished and if the building of almost 1000 square meters is ready this exhibit will be held there. This building I’m doing for 300 USD which is extremely low considering the market and the size of the building that will house not only the FEMINU exhibitions but also other DAOs as is our intention.
Finally I would like to ask you, how come you did not realize the importance of proposal 3 - Interview and Chat with a Non-Binary person, to talk about the theme combat against Violence and non-binarism, considering that we defend this cause among others that intend to combat the violence that many artists suffer because of their genders? This subject cannot be considered of no interest to the community.

My presentation for the Creatives is here if you want to know more about my colletive work.



I would like to add @ted.iv and @williamx that the parcel on cryptovoxels was giving me to administrate due to all the work that I have being doing together with other DAOs and that has brought many visitors there, possible collectors and that will have contact with the Near community and what is being developed by all of us together.


I would like to point out before this proposal my testimonial as a member.
Through FEMINU I received all the support and support to enter the mintbase platform as an artist and today I receive encouragement to act actively in NEAR, with advice, opportunities to participate and enable me to move and think in the collective.
FEMINU is not only being a channel of representation for women to unite, it is being a very useful tool for these women to grow together with NEAR as creators and with mintbase as an artist.
Nowadays I am going through a learning stage because I want to be 100% active in NEAR so that more investors in NFT can join, but I can say that many members who are active today would not be here with the encouragement of FEMINU.


Hi, I would like to make it clear that FEMINU has valued my work and taught me to value myself as a woman and an artist. FEMINU introduced me to NEAR, and gave me and has given me so many opportunities, that I never imagined. I have learned so much from the proposals that have been made that are liberating, I would say. FEMINU has changed not only my life but the lives of many artists for better in the physical world and in the web3. FEMINU beautifully embraces Non-Binary and transvestites and cis women and defends the cause against all kinds of violence with the proposals.
As proof of its greatest achievement, the FEMINU Exhibition is immortalized in space. I hope you consider all the facts. There has only been an increase within this community since the creation of the FEMINU DAO.

Please Look it carefully! Thank you!



Hi, i’m a 59 years old cis Woman, artist and designer.
I came here to tell you about the importance of FEMINU EXHIBITION in my life and many others. As you know this comunity is a space for Cis Woman,
Trans People, Non-Binary People, and Transvestites. So, any kind of feminine is represented.
I’m new in this Metaverse world and I loved to participate in that exhibition who allowed us to reflect about our feminine issues. How we can exist in this world and what we can do in our lives as purpose, therefore this project is so essential for all of us.

Historically, spaces for this feminine community had always been very limited and when some opportunity is offered to us, we cling to it with all our might.

Look into carefully! Thank you


@LulucaL @naju @Mayramendes and @MarciaBoni I am touched with your testimonials and proud to see all the moviment and achievements of you all. Thank you!


Dear community,
I feel I should share my thoughts with all creatives and moderators!
When FEMINU DAO started I was invited to be council, and so I was, in APRIL with great pleasure. To make this exhibition exists, in the way we dream, it really takes a lot of work.
And for me, as there was a lot to do and I was already involved in a huge film project, I thought it was better in May to leave the position of council, presentifying myself in specific FEMINU projects.
Mayra came gradually learning the steps by steps of how the projects are being organized and I believe that, just like Mayra, other people will come with the same impetus and openness.
The fact that other people have not yet fully involved in the FEMINU DAO is because many still don’t feel comfortable and don’t understand how things work in a DAO.
I say this because the invitations have happened. And I know that Natasha and Ghini have projects to insert these women more and more, so that they also feel co-responsible for a DAO.
And for this it takes work, and this they undeniably do.
In this sense, I think it’s very important that the FEMINU proposal can be seen with loving eyes, because the idea is precisely to welcome more women (cis, trans, non-binary), and to teach many about how this ecosystem works, reminding them that it is possible to move worlds together.

Love to all!


I’m here to tell you a little bit about my experience with Feminu.
I discovered the NEAR network through the FEMINU exhibition, @ghini taught me how to use the platform and gave me all the support with great affection.
FEMINU created a space of welcome and opportunities for cis, trans, non-binary and transvestite women artists, so that we can grow through our art. This month of June I wrote my first proposal for FEMINU DAO and I have been receiving applications from several artists to participate in the AMAR exhibition, which is scheduled to start on June 18th. Within this movement 8 onboardings of artists for NEAR have taken place.
Look into carefully
Bianca Victal


@BiaVictal ,it is beautiful to see your growth and that of other artists within Near, learning and developing, helping to build something bigger. Our cause is great! Thank you for being a part of it. I say this also to dear @filmesdeinfiltracao Thaís, who we hope to see back soon contributing actively and proposing projects at FEMINU!!! Thank you both for your support. :butterfly:


Hi @ted.iv we have once again revised the proposal, reducing the total budget to 3800 USD. We don’t want the other projects to suffer, especially all the artists who have already done the work.
I will do the building construction and curating at 550 USD and the video at no cost, and we will remove the proposal for the visual map, keeping the other changes which were 100 USD to Mayra for helping the councils work and 100 USD to buy works from the FEMINU artists. I hope that this way we are more in line with the spirit of Creatives DAOs. We will do our roadmapping of International FEMINU more extended in order to not concentrate resources solely on this, continuing our search for assets outside of Near in order to make this very important project for artists viable and not centralized as it was. We thank you for your understanding and ask that it be reevaluated by the moderators. @creativesdao-council


Hei @Ghini, thank you for the revised proposal.

Just wanna stress again we’re not trying to reduce the budget. The more important thing is: How do you divide resources & organize your activities in a way that encourages the participation of the community.

I am happy to support your proposal after revision & metrics added. Looking forward to the June report & updates in following proposals.


Thank you @williamx, we’ll have this in mind next month and we’ll do our best as always for all the Near community and FEMINU that we are very fond of.
Thank you very much for your support.

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Hi @williamx, considering your statement that the problem was not the 5000 USD budget, we could then add a very interesting proposal that I came to know about and that was left out by not being able to propose for other DAOs and that has everything to do with FEMINU, which is 4Women, an exhibition that will pay tribute to 4 outstanding NEAR women artists (4 NFTs of each one) It is a project by @macieira and @Isa_Danoninho worth 500USD, which would increase our total to 4350USD, if I haven’t miscounted. Would it be possible to include this project then? I would appreciate your comment.
Thank you very much,



Hi @Ghini , I appreciate the feedback and updates. With the addition of the most recent project, I see that it’s funding two long-time members of the community mainly for organisation and curation, and none of this funding goes directly back to artists involved etc. so for me this touches on the topic discussed above in terms of distribution of funding throughout the DAO. So, in this instance, I wonder if it would it make sense for some of that funding to be distributed to the artists being chosen rather than having two people curating and organising?

I just want to re-iterate also, that I feel this DAO holds huge importance in the community, and what we are discussing here is not decreasing the budget, but where it is distributed, and it is a conversation that spans the entirety of the Creatives DAO. Thanks :slight_smile:


@ted.iv thanks for the guidance, we’ll cancel this new idea of 4Women exhibition and then stick with the ones that are well distributed according to Creatives’ understanding, especially because we have a short time do think about a new proposal. This was a project that was written but not proposed and it wouldn’t delay us anymore. We can’t take any more delays, it could harm the hole project. Waiting fot your approval if possible as it is written above. 3800 USD. Thanks