[COMPLETED] Poetry transcreations, vol. I

Hi all,
this is my first proposal that’s not a bounty, so please feel free to question anything that’s not clear, ok?

Proponent: Baga Defente

NEAR account for payment: bagadefente.near

Project duration: 30 days (April, 1st - May, 1st)

Requested amount: 750 USD in NEAR

Project name: Poetry transcreations, part I

Translate four of my poems from Portuguese to English and mint, with already created artworks, as NFTs on Writer’s Guild store at Mintbase.

Being a globalised and multicultural ecosystem with a strong and supportive community, I believe that NEAR Protocol is a perfect place for me to start accomplishing an old wish: translate my poems to English, hoping to find a wider audience for my writings.

Translation, especially in creative writing and poetry, is always a transcreation; so I’d like to translate these poems myself, but also have the help of someone with some previous experience to contribute with me in this process, someone with whom I can discuss choices and who help me with the final review.

And this person is Ana C. Moura, who works with me at NADA∴Studio Criativo as proofreader and translator — and she’s also a poet. All that, mixed with our previous experience working together, makes me think she’s perfect to do that.

Besides that, I’d also like to onboard Alex Zani, the publisher of my previous book (and most probably of this next one too), to be with me in this project; he’s the founder and editor-in-chief of Fazia Poesia, the main contemporary Brazilian poetry publication on Medium, where I publish my poems since 2016.

I choose these poems because they’re the genesis of the book I’m currently working on. They kind of set the stage for the story I’ll tell through the narrative (which I’d classify as an “experimental metanovel”, mixing prose, poems, images and journal entries — at least so far).

And here you can check the poems for which I’m asking funds to translate:

Project timeline
April, 1st: Begin transcreation of two poems
April, 7th: Editor work on drafts of two poems
April, 11th: Send edited drafts of two transcreated poems to proofread | Begin transcreation of two poems
April, 18th: Editor work on drafts of two poems | Midway report post on forum
April, 21th: Send edited drafts of two transcreated poems to proofread
April, 26th: Begin minting process
May, 1st: NFT minting conclusion | Final report post on forum

400 USD in Near for poems transcreations and proposal management/reports (made by @bagadefente)
100 USD in Near for adapting artworks, creating files for mint and minting process (made by @bagadefente)
100 USD in Near for transcreations editing (made by @aandz)
150 USD in Near to transcreations proofreading (made by @anacmoura)
TOTAL: 750 USD in Near

Final deliveries

  1. Four bilingual (Portuguese/English) poems with original artwork, minted as NFT at Writer’s Guild store on Mintbase, with splits to our DAO (15%), project members (10% each) and myself (65%).
  2. A few weeks after this project ends, I’ll write and publish an article (in Portuguese) on my personal Medium profile sharing my experience, trying to stimulate other portuguese speaking writers to join the Near ecosystem.

Additional benefits

  1. Onboard two experienced professionals (editor/publisher and proofreader) on NEAR ecosystem, who can contribute with their skills on other projects;
  2. Start to create a culture of translation among guild members, enabling the words and ideas of the writers present here to reach other audiences.

Grande Poeta!

Baga will be a great feature on writers guild legacy

if i could vote, i´ll vote on it


Thanks, Blu :pray:

If there’s a place with talented people, it’s Near ecosystem!

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EDIT: I made some edits regarding onboarding (I’m already doing it for both) and to insert some links if anybody wants to know them better =)

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Great! I’m also planning an Antimédoto lesson on transcreation, eventually minting the results. I’ll let you know then :raised_hands:t4:

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nice to know that, gabriel!
I’ll be happy to be part of, collaborate and see what’s next :cowboy_hat_face:

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Hello there! Salve!

Thats a really great proposal and I’m glad to be one of the involved on editing process.

I hope this project happens so we can start a journey together through the Near universe.




Hello, @bagadefente !
we are very happy for receiving your proposal please submit it as a pool at ASTRO , if it is your first time and have any doubt you can ask us here or at our telegram

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hello @bagadefente The Writer’s Guild Council is happy to announce that we are ready to make the first half of the payment to your proposal, please submit the transfer request of 375 DAI on ASTRO ࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲ ࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲ ࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲ ࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲࣲ

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The Antimétodo lesson I was talking about: Login • Instagram


thanks, Gabriel!
I’m really interested and I’ll try to be there =)))

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já assistindo =)
valeu, gabriel! :pray:



Project name: Poetry transcreations, part I

Project Status: Ongoing

Project Accounting: The four proposed poems were already edited by @aandz, had their first draft in English made by myself and two of them just had their first proofreading by @anacmoura, in which I accepted some of her suggestions, questioned others and this way we’re building this work together.

Updated Project Timeline: The original plan was to start work on April 1st, but this just happened on April 12, even without the funds, so we won’t delay much more. April was a strange month for me, we had a lot of long holidays here in Brazil and, even sometimes working during them, it affected my dynamics with my kids and other personal stuff, like getting sick for some days, so my available work time was also affected.

Besides all that, this proposal will be delayed in just one week, as my schedule is to be minting and sending the final report in a week from now (May 9).

Highlights: Personally speaking, the process is being delightful. Having the opportunity to stop, reflect, work and make choices to transform my own words in another language is also affecting the original poems. There’s so many options and possibilities, each one with their own gains and losses… but as a trio of poets, I feel we’re making the best choices for the trascreations, so I’m really glad with we’re getting!

Resources: The funds came later than I thought it would, with the first payout ($375 in DAI) coming just on April 19. Our team already started to work when I made their first half payout, as you can see here for AandZ and here for Ana C. Moura. The second half payout request and payments will be made after the NFT minting and final report delivery over the next days.

I will update things here once we have last things done, but feel free to ask if I forgot or there’s something unclear.


Well done for the great job and I’m sorry about your health. Hope you’ve recovered and doing much better now? Kudos :+1:t6:


thanks, @Oblakofficialss!
it was just a flu that let me down for a few days, nothing to worry, but I appreciate your kindly words =)


Project name: Poetry transcreations, vol. I

Project Status: Concluded

Project Accounting: The project goal was successfully accomplished, with the four poems transcreated from Portuguese to English. We had a change in the final output, but at the end this made more sense and, in our opinions, made the results stronger than initial thoughts, as I’ll explain below.

Self-assessment: As I said in the last report, I’m really glad not just with the results, but with the process itself. I had self-translated some of my poems before, but things were much different this time, first because my English is getting better everyday as I try to be more and more active in the Near ecosystem, either here in the forum or in the Telegram and Discord groups I’m part of; second, and specially, because of the amazing work of @anacmoura, with whom I had great discussions (in the best sense of the term) about the best choices for each section where I had doubts. The comments we exchanged on the documents itselves could originate a whole new publication about poetry translation!

Here I’d like to make a special mention to @gabrielfelipejacomel and his transcreation class part of Antimétodo 3. I couldn’t participate during the live transmission, but I watched later, during my transcreations process and got some insights that helped me to make better choices, so thank you!

With the translated poems, talking with my editor @aandz, we agreed that an ebook with the poems and the artworks would make more sense than four loose NFTs, and that choice created another layer of work to be done, since I couldn’t just join everything into a pdf file. So I created a graphic project and layouted the poems like an ebook, which I personally got quite happy with the result.

That’s why the project also had a small name change, from “part” to “vol.” 1, as I intend to keep translating more poems to English till I have a solid collection and publish a (maybe printed?) full book of translated poems.

To conclude, I’d like to also thank the Writer’s Guild council and the Creatives DAO for the opportunity to dedicate some time — to me, one of the most precious resources nowadays — to this project, it’s almost a dream coming true!

Final delivery:
I minted the 16-page pdf ebook on Writer’s Guild Store at Mintbase, splitting royalties with @aandz, @anacmoura and the Writer’s Guild Astro DAO wallet (I hope this works!), with 10% shares for the first two and 15% for the collective wallet. I minted 50 editions and put 20 for sale at 2N each.

Here’s the link:

I also made a short URL to make it easier to share on social media: bit.ly/ptvol1

Resources: The Writer’s Guild had some troubles with funds last month, so I volunteered to receive the second part of the payout ($375 in USD/DAI) after the Writer’s Guild receives the May funding.

Once again thank you everybody, please check the ebook and don’t hesitate to ask me with you have any doubts!


Such an honour, my friend! Great great job <3


You’ve done a really good job. We hope to see more of similar projects in the NEAR future 🫧🫧


thanks for your words, @gabrielfelipejacomel and @Oblakofficialss :pray: :pray: :pray:

together we get stronger to build this new decentralised world! :mechanical_arm: :globe_with_meridians: