Community BUIDLers Guild - NEARVerse Portal (aka Wiki)

TLDR of the proposal:
The Community Buidlers guild is a new guild that will focus on creating and curating information throughout the NEARVerse to keep the new portal relevant and updated. The NEARVerse Portal servers the needs of the overall community to provide both a landing zone and launch pad to learn, engage and grow with the NEAR community. The guild members will be comprised of curators, writers, editors, translators, and liaisons to the NEAR core team.

To curate, create, and maintain a portal for the NEAR MetaVerse in order to enable new and existing community members to find information to learn, engage, join, or dive deeper into the NEARVerse.

Project lead (internal/external):

Blaze will lead the guild until another community member is identified and engaged.

Other initial contributors:
@David_NEAR David NEAR - Foundation transition
@fortune Fortune IKechi - Author/Curator
@Zhunda Edgar Zhunda - Author/Curator

Initial Objectives:

  1. Recruit 5-10 Guild Members - 08/15
  2. Implement the core structure and basic links by 08/15 - $1500 NEAR
  3. Prioritize and populate 3 critical personas by 08/31 - $1500 NEAR
  4. Populate the remaining 3 personas by 09/15 - $1500 NEAR

One-time budget: $4500 NEAR

Ongoing maintenance - $500-1000 NEAR per month
The budget will be used for ongoing bounties to maintain, curate, and create information.
Annual Budget: $12K NEAR

Proposed Information Architecture (IA)

If you’re interested in being a contributor to the guild please reach out to Blaze on Telegram (Blaze0x1) or Discord (Blaze#4262)

Community Council Poll
  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

0 voters

Open Community Poll (min trust_level_1 required)
  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

0 voters

Voting and quorum thresholds:

<2K$ - 1X Yes - no minimum quorum (* quorum defined as min number of members needed for the vote to be valid)
2-10K$ - 2X Yes - no min quorum
10-30K$ - 3X Yes - min quorum 4 of 7 - 4X members should vote in either direction
Above 30K$ requires Erik or Illia’s additional approval (Head of NF/Chairman of NFC)
Above 100K$ requires NEAR Foundation Council approval



Amazing stuff @blaze - great chatting with you earlier.

IMO, this is one of the most essential tasks the NEAR Community should be working on, and that’s reflected with the enthusiasm around the NEAR Wiki proposal.


Hey @blaze, thanks for this and since this also doubles as your new Guild’s introduction post, I’m slotting this into the Guilds category.

Our current voting mechanisms being through the CommunitySquad SputnikDAO v1, we will not be utilizing the poll here on your post.

I’ve already interacted with your proposal and given my endorsement so calling on the other CommunitySquad DAO Council members (aside from myself and David) to comment and respond to what you’re proposing before we proceed.
For further context, please reference the Establishing NEAR Wiki - #26 by blaze thread.
@grace @shreyas @jcatnear @norah.near @chloe @ross @JMaenen @jlwaugh @starpause @3UN1C3


This all looks wonderful! The value that this guild will bring to the ecosystem will be felt by many. Looking forward to voting this through!


An official proposal has been and a SputnikV2DAO created.

Proposal: SputnikDAO

DAO: SputnikDAO 2


Looks good. Voted through.

My only suggestion is to perhaps rename this guild to something else? Curating information and keeping the wiki updated can be one aspect of community building, in the broadest sense…but we’ve also been talking about starting a guild focussed on community building. As new projects launch on NEAR, we can connect community experienced community builders to help with the community and DAO efforts of these teams.

If we name this the community builders guild, people might reach out asking if you could offer them community building services. :slight_smile:

Something more direct like wiki guild, or, something like scripts/scrolls :scroll:?


Agreed. I was thinking about this yesterday. I will draft a few new names and create a poll in the telegram group for those that join to vote. :slightly_smiling_face: