NEARWEEK Guild January 2022 Report

Hello everyone!

Hope you all had a great month and are ready to kick some ass in 2022.

  • Let’s get the NEARverse going even stronger!

Here’s our progress in January.

Twitter updates

General Updates

  • Published NEARWEEK #38, #39, #40, #41 and #42
  • Monthly unique visitors +2000.
  • Increased newsletter subscribers to +2600. Currently an average open rate of +31%.
  • Received more than 400 news submissions (payout proposals) from Jan 1 - 31, of which +150 made it to the newsletter.
  • Current Telegram count is 967 members.
  • New website and newsletter design almost finished! Can’t wait for the world to see it. We will be building a 1-stop-shop on everything NEAR this year!!
  • Had development and feedback talks with @starpause @chronear @Ozymandius @bentien @sashahudzilin @Matt_Hussey and AwesomeNEAR.
  • Made the roadmap and OKRs for 2022
  • @Aria will join us as Head of Content and will lead our effort towards onboarding more writers to the ecosystem, having more content produced and help shape our content bounty platform together with Better - SUPER EXCITED!
  • @jefedeoro and his team of devs are joining us on our future journey - SUPER EXCITED!

Put out some content pieces:

Please let us know if you have any feedback or if would like to help us out in any way.

Have a great day in the NEARverse :cowboy_hat_face: