[Introduction] The Info Team

What is the Info Team?

The new team featuring myself, @David_NEAR, and @jlwaugh, this sub-department will exist under the Community Team, headed by Grace, as of 2021 Q4 with the mission to:

Enable information access and to empower community knowledge building, while providing accountability measures for the NEAR Foundation to the community through the promotion of DAO governance structures.

We will be considering the WHAT, HOW, and WHY of:

  • Best practices/community playbooks
  • Funding strategy
  • Data and information access
  • Connection and connecting community members with whatever resources and supports are needed
  • Process and Team administration - for internal-facing purposes with clear channels of communication, collaboration, and organization; and for external interactions with all members of the community

We will be working closely with the NEAR Data Center Guild, the NEARverse Portal (Wiki) Guild, and of course our fellow Guild Management Crew and wider MarCom Team and NEAR Foundation/Inc colleagues.

Here is the general scope of what this team will be responsible for and open to helping the NF and wider community with:


  • Governance Forum Reorganization - from Phase 0 to infinity to be started in Q4
    • stay tuned for the full plan for this to be announced in the coming days!
  • NEAR Wiki content population and coordination with the NEARverse Portal (& Wiki) Guild
  • NEARWEEK/Ecosystem mapping & Guilds survey generation support
  • Marketing DAO Vertical facilitation


  • Supporting NEAR Data Center efforts, Guilds Dashboard and other related Guilds & DAO data projects, and sourcing community analytics needs for integration into the wider NF analytics plans
  • Governance & Astro
  • Community & Dev Support
    • Bounties DAO


  • new Team Lead for the Info Team
  • leading process creation and clarification for all areas of the broader Community Team, featuring but not limited to:
    • supporting Guilds - their onboarding, their creation, their access to best practices and tool kits (with the Guilds Management Crew)
    • NEAR Social-Community/MarCom Team onboarding, tool access, and internal processes related to our CRM software and communication with other NF teams, namely Ecosystem Success & BD
    • Team OKR tracking and project management
  • Community Team owning onboarding to NEAR - more on this soon
    • will feature a NF Onboarding Working Group - more on this soon
    • co-leading the Open Web Sandbox, the main onboarding touchpoint to the community - which will have its new roadmap posted in November
  • Supporting David & James with their incredible efforts and plans
  • Creatives DAO vertical, NEAR | CON Community & Creative Activations support

Desired Outcomes for the Info Team by December 2021:

  • NEAR Wiki is fully ready and optimized for ecosystem member use based on the 6 personas - all 6 persona types have content to reference that is valuable and helpful
  • Astro DAO stats app (formerly SputnikDAO Indexer) is live
  • 8 DAO verticals fully activated and with funding
  • NEAR login integration with Discourse is complete (Forum Reorg Phase 4)
  • New stats.gallery build is live
  • 2022 Q1 next data projects are lined up

Follow our projects and updates here in the “Info Team” subcategory of the Forum and on GitHub. On behalf of the team, @jlwaugh will be posting his great weekly summaries here on the Forum which will also highlight the progress of this team and our various initiatives.

Each of us will post a Loom video next week outlining in a bit more detail what initiatives and projects we’ll be undertaking as part of this new Info Team and feel free to comment and provide feedback - as always - on what you’re seeing. We look forward to working with our colleagues and the wider community in this slightly new capacity! :blush:


stats.gallery is an Education team project :slight_smile:


Clarified! I understood you two were collaborating through the NEAR Data Center Guild’s activities but the more connections throughout the wider community, the better.


Good stuff! Just to jump if it’s helpful, my goals for the wiki are essentially:

  1. It’s driven by personas and journeys such that we know who we’re building for and what path we expect them to take through it so content and architecture is optimized for this
  2. Each page has a clearly identified owner who can be contacted for more information and is responsible for keeping it up to date
  3. It forms the basis for all async work among NF teams including onboarding new team members, closing deals, supporting projects, and self-serve info needs from devs, prospective hire FAQ, etc
  4. It is inclusive of all similar efforts across the ecosystem. For example, onboarding to the NEAR project should be both generic (used by anyone, which can apply to spinoffs, guilds, prospective hires learning about the project, etc) and specific (stuff to do when onboarding to just the NF entity). All flows should assume this double relationship of the project-wide and entity-specific.

LMK if anything falls outside that or the scope of people doing work doesn’t match sos we can get together to figure out the gap since it’d be good to make sure everyone’s on the same page.

The analytics work should coordinate with ES/Analytics since much is in flight now too via that team (eg working to build out the stats dashboard with Datacult)


Great to hear - your goals 1 and 2 definitely align with what we were already envisioning but the efforts outlined in goals 3 and 4 we thought were already being tackled by the People team (cc: @Kem) and so didn’t want to step on toes or duplicate efforts to have it be part of the broader community-facing wiki currently in the works.

Definitely looking forward to working with ES and Analytics in an even more established way than we have been! I believe there’s also been a data analytics firm hired on to augment analytics efforts also? It’s on our list to get connected with them as well if possible in order to better coordinate NF-wide data efforts.


The Community team will always be a strong supporter of cross-functional team projects, we are particularly proud of the leadership of the Education Team in taking on the stats.gallery. Thank you @jacob and Education Team. We would be happy to complement the efforts and help expand the scope of the project.


Thanks @grace, we appreciate the encouragement and supportive tone

As you well know, stats.gallery was conceived, designed and developed entirely by the EDU team over the past two months and seems to have been well received by the community

We’re very encouraged by this reception and have doubled down on our intention and investments towards building amazing tools for learning that invite engagement with the NEAR platform.

Only two individuals in our ecosystem can currently claim credit for anything related to stats.gallery, namely @jacob and @danpodkovko, who together designed and developed it from concept to its current and fabulous form.

To avoid any confusion about the origins, ownership and current support structure of this project, I’ve updated the original post to remove the misleading inclusion of stats.gallery as something @jlwaugh is involved with. He is not nor has been involved in the project at any point.

Exciting times ahead!

Now let’s go out there and win the hearts and minds of developers everywhere in this fast paced vast space of ours.

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these are awesome. and I believe these steps and goals will make the communication better and let us be more efficient in terms of community support.

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Hello wonderful people :wave:

Huge thanks to @mecsbecs for putting together the intro forum post :tada:

I’ve recorded a Loom video showcasing where I fit into the InfoTeam over the next 3 months :point_down: Any feedback would be much appreciated! :raised_hands: