NEAR Hub [Proposal]: Your gateway to the NEARverse x Human Guild

We would like to thank everyone in the NEAR community for welcoming us so graciously and showing their interest and support in the vision for a NEAR enabled, decentralized future for the NEARverse.

NEAR Hub is many things. It’s an opportunity for those seeking to pioneer a new digital landscape. A more presence rich way of connecting with others at a distance. A new avenue for promotion and to spend time with your communities. A place of brainstorming and invention. A place of critically important DAO governance decisions, and of course, a great place to build friendships.

Here is a recent full Video Demo and interview with myself and Jeff Gold about the project.

We’re looking forward to working with all projects that call NEAR their home.
Everything from DAO’s, DApps, guilds, events and gatherings.
Imagination is the only real limit.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the project let us know, we are happy to give you a tour and see what we can do to help you join the NEARverse.

Here are the details of our proposal.

We appreciate your time, have an amazing day!
See you in NEAR Hub!

@orztirrstudio @jefedeoro