[CLOSED] Writers/Storytellers to create for the Meta Campfire 1st Edition: thriller/horror stories theme

Hi NEAR fam!

Metaverse DAO is opening 8 bounties for writers/storytellers to come and share their stories around a campfire in a spooky forest on the metaverse!

To do this you only need to reply the post with a little piece of your story so we can vote on our favorites. When the bounty close we will pic the winners and give to them 2 days to wrote the full text that’ll be read LIVE on the metaverse event.

If the person doesn’t speak English, they can ask someone to read for them, but we ask them to be present anyway to support their fellow writers. The non-attendance to the metaverse event disqualifies the writer and their prize will be distributed among the other writer participants.

With the success of the event we intend to devote more funds to it in the future, to pay the writers better on the next edition.

  • Deadline (close bounty): May 20th

  • Event: May 22nd

To participate you will need to:

  • reply this post with a with a little piece of your story
  • Stay in the theme of: thriller/horror stories
  • compromise to read the full text LIVE on the event that’ll happen on May 22nd
  • have a valid NEAR wallet
  • be an active user with more than 2 months on the forum, we want to prevent fraudulent

The final text will need to:

  • be in English
  • have your name/nick on it
  • have a title
  • have at least 1800 characters with spaces (a page more or less)

What you get:

  • an exclusive Voxels wearable on the date of the event (if you have a Metamask)
  • 25 DAI prize (stable coin equivalent to USD)
  • 3 most voted are welcome-listed (already classified) for the next edition

Join us and help us create a better metaverse and great memories shared across our global community!


Hello Fam, what’s the deadline to this Bounty?


Hey @Roxy , sorry forgot to add. The event is May 22nd, the deadline is on May 20th :slight_smile:


This is great! :fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:


This is a super cool initiative. I’m interested in this. I Will submit my entry.


Here is my submission


The room was dead silent, the silence was deadly and it felt so unreal, yet the fear was real and the danger was present.

It was abnormal, at least Kate was a scientist and science had taught her not to fear or at worst face her fears and she had lived with that since she graduated as geneticist.

What could she fear even? She had mastered her practice, crossed her Ts and dotted her Is, yet, she still felt like something was wrong. What it was she couldnt remember.

She went on her daily laboratory routine and as she slowly remembers the previous night, she remembered getting drunk while celebrating her recent achievement in genetics.

‘Oh my God’ she screamed when she rememebred she had not thrashed used test tubes and she left her dog Kitty unwatched overnight.

She knew all was fine or disaster loomed.

And then there Kitty sat, licking the liquid content in the test tubes and although Kitty was thirsty for water before, now she wanted blood.

With one leap, Kitty aimed for Kate’s throat and …

The full story will be finished when selected.


Ok Fam. Let’s get to work then :blush:


Thanks bro! Great intro :smiley:


It is 9 o’clock pm, Becky came in drenched by the heavy rain, back from her routine hectic day at work, so tired and exhausted, alas she needed recuperation.

She quickly undressed all her wet wears, soaked them in a bucket of water and without bathing she jumped into bed. Wow I’m so tired Becky said staring at the ceiling, but I need to have my bath so I can fix something and eat, she was still contemplating until she fell asleep.

It’s 7 am in the morning, the alarm rang repeatedly, when Becky quickly jumped out of bed, oh I’m late for work she lamented as she ran into the shower room to have a cold shower without minding the cold weather.
Knock! knock!! Knock!!!
Who’s there she asked it me Eric replied from the door… Oh my gosh I’m coming give me 5 minutes please she pleaded.

Eric is a handsome, tall, and well mannered guy in the neighborhood, who have always had interest in Becky but always bashful to declare his interest. It’s morning he’s elegance is always jaw dropping. Many ladies in the neighborhood, always wish he could be theirs but…

To e continued if chosen


i already bought my marshmallows <3



Case Description: This report refers to a 13-year-old male subject (subject B) included in the VELVET study (Phase I, Open-Label Study, On Side Effects of XXX0 Sedative in Adult Bonobos [Homo sylvestris]).

I have known patient B since conducting another recent clinical study in which he and some other participating bonobos displayed exemplary, collaborative behavior that allowed the successful completion of the research. I and other Principal Investigators from other Sites agreed, along with the Research Ethics Committee, that it would be better for the progress of a risky study such as VELVET that the subjects included were already experienced in the sometimes strenuous procedures of clinical studies. Subject B was the only patient allocated to our Site, which, apparently, contributed to the creation of a certain atmosphere of complicity among the personnel: Bobo, as we started to call the little monkey, in a matter of a few days was earning some healthy perks; a dessert here, more flexible hours there.




Story tittle. Elixir

Writer. Purpledot

Classification. Wild Life Adventure, Thriller/Horror

…They were lost in admiration. Then they stepped on a part of the earth which seamed like a pitfall! The six young people sank into the ground! They later landed in an old warehouse somewhere in the south area of the forest which has been long deserted from it’s looks. They were all frightened. Aghast, two masked men came out from the left corner of the “what looked like a ware house”…. The youths stated to panic and running around looking for a safe space to hide. But there was none! The men had already mastered every area of the place so they caught them back up and tied them together on a drum close to a fire place, where they roasted their meats. They only fed on human meat and sometimes, they’d eat them raw. And this has been going on for a long period of time with no people able to put a stop to their atrocious acts. The people who lived miles close were definitely too scared to act. They were too few and had fears of losing all their men to a battle they weren’t so sure of winning. They had not an idea of the definite number of cannibals that lived in the deep. So they took cover as far away as they can and hoped that one day, those men wouldn’t come into their village and wreck their entire community.
One of the two men took one out of the six tied to the drum and he….

To be continued!


Wow this bounty is awesome :star_struck: i love thrilling. :hugs: i do love scary movies. :heart_eyes: not even blink if i watch them though., i thnk it will be cool if more scarrier :smiling_imp::ghost: stories.

Im thinking to give it a try. :hugs: I’ve been here in Near Ecosystem since more than a months but wiritng story is more exciting in my mind bfore i create Arts too. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::star_struck: ,but problem is im not good at english. :relaxed::sweat_smile:


Here is my Submission “Thriller/Horror Stories”

Tittle : “THE PEEP”
Original Story Writes by : Jami2017
Near ID : jami2017.near

It was night before the rains come, Gel prepairing bed for sleep. Their room was small and crowded, she called her young sisters and brother to sleep next to her. “Father must be drunk coming home so better sleep early before he caught us by not sleeping this afternoon” Gel said to her young brother and sisters.
The house is a bit dark and no light because of blockout. The sky started thundering and soon tiny rain drops fall. His father arrived from work and slightly drunk. “Your drunk again! What time now?! Its pretty late!, You supposed to come home early!..” Her mother shout’s while Gel hearing it inside the room.

Her parents keeps fighting until she knocked out to bed and fall asleep. In her deep sleep, she was surprised when she heard loud noise coming from thunder. The rain getting stronger and become noisy but her parents already asleep. A candle lights from living room were his parents sleeping was reflecting to her room that gives her a little brightness to see the entire surface.
Suddenly, she feel chills and took a blanket and cover her body. At the moment shes trying to sleep back ,she glance at the side part of the ceiling were an open box shape is not covered. She can barely see the rain lightning outside keeps flashing repeatedly. When her eyes is about to close, she heard loud noise dropping from neighbors roof. And her heartbeat run fast as she thinks it was something drop heavy things in neighbors roof. “Thump” “Thump” as her heartbeats speak. “It must be a cat running around again?!” Gel’s thought, After minutes she ignored the noise and decided to sleep but barely couldnt sleep back because of heavy rain.

Her body covers in a thin blanket were barely can see the reflection inside the room. Her eyes wondering in the side open part of the ceiling were she can see the lightning outside then suddenly she saw a movement. Her eyes widened and could’nt move. The heartbeats run fast and her body is terrified. She was starring at this movement like her body couldnt move. Wondering in her mind whats on the slightly open roof moving. As the lightning struck from the outside, she notice the form of this creatures like its human but the ears was quite long than to a normal human ears and heads are wricked. Her heartbeats run fast as she could’nt move or could’nt speak. Under in her blanket she was shaking terrified.

To be continued …
If my story be choosen i have my complete copy of it.


9th January…

Such a dark smoke covered the atmosphere, there was a pool of blood, the glasses are shattered on the floor. The beautiful structure was turned upside down.

The Trailer Driver stated he was really watching the incident like an Action Movie, the 4 handsome looking boys would be dead by now.

He was shouting “I will not die”, his leg is swollen, and blood was really pumping out!

These were same guys who were dancing just 40 mins ago.

Are the dead?
Could they survive?
What could really be the cause of this blood testing scenerio?

Let’s see from the full epistle…


Now this is an actually true story that happened to me and my fiance.

So being partially Native American, I have always believed in things that others don’t. One of theose things that we aren’t supposed to speak about are Skinwalkers. Skinwalkers are evil spirited medicine men who have the ability to take over your soul and make you do awful things and kill yourself, etc.

This was near the beginning of October and one of our favorite weekend outlets was to ride our bikes to Cookout and treat ourselves to a milkshake. It was a misty night and it was kind of eerie anyway, but the first thing that was odd to us was this: a little boy eating an ice cream cone started licking it and staring at us. We asked him if he was alright and he laughed and said they’ll find you tonight.

So we ate our milkshakes and were riding home and came up on a terrifying road called Old Leadmine…

AND the story will continue before the really scare stuff happens


[This story is based on real events]

It was the 90’s in the south of Brazil and the girls were spending holidays with their family at the country house. They loved these moments because they felt free to do whatever they wanted without adults saying yes or no to everything. That night it was so hot that the girls decided to sleep outside the house, under the light of the moon and stars. Everything ready: mattresses, pillows, bedspreads, delicious snacks for the night, two bottles, one of tea and other with water, some candles and a flashlight. Who needs more? They certainly don’t. They discarded the idea of ​​making a fire because the heat of the night was enough. So there they were comfortable in the little camp. Talk goes, talk comes… “How beautiful the sky, do you know this constellation?” They laughed and enjoyed. “Shhhh… Listen! The silence, and the wind and all the nocturnal animals”. So… The conversation quickly went from a mix of forces of nature and love for NewKidsOnTheBlock to horror stories from people in situations like theirs. “Do you really think this is a good idea? In the movies, that’s when everything starts to go wrong.” There’s that famous story about the guy who killed people and then served the meat to the camp guests. And that of the demon-possessed bear. And the indigenous entities killed by colonizers avenging their tribes. The Werewolf, Curupira, Boitatá and Saci… Said and done, tension quickly took hold in the camp. The darkness began to look deep, the starry sky blurred. “Did you hear that? It sounds like footsteps.” They hugged each other and built a kind of barricade around them with what they had. “Shhhhh… Are you guys hearing whispers too?” An owl flies from the treetops. “AAAAAAAH!!!” There goes the water bottle. The scare they took! Now any noise seemed like a threat, they were very afraid. of what? It didn’t matter anymore. They wondered what the hell they were still doing there then decided to go home but it would have to be running towards the sound of footsteps and whispers. “Courage girls, either go or crack and I don’t want to die in the bush” A gust of wind, they felt cold. “You know when it gets cold it’s a ghost that has passed.” Then they ran like mad for the safety of the house and their parents but they were being followed, they could hear and feel the presences. “AAAAAAAH!!!” run like there’s no tomorrow, and there wouldn’t be if they stayed. There they go, stumbling, frightened, heart racing, adrenaline… “I can see lights, let’s go” and suddenly, when they were almost there BOOOOOOOO!!! “AAAAAAAH!!!” There goes the tea bottle. “I hit something! Omg! Dad?” They found out it was their parents playing a prank. Everyone laughed and the girls swore revenge. But this is a story for another time…



So many great stories!! I’m looking forward to hear them being told :scream::ghost::fire::tent:
I’m so excited with this event!
Here’s the ambiance I’ve created for us:

Visit it here: Voxels

Here’s the marshmallow stick everyone that participates will get :smiley:



This is quite interesting :ghost: