[CLOSED] Writers/Storytellers to create for the Meta Campfire 3rd Edition: Urban Legends theme

Hi community!

Metaverse DAO is opening 5 bounty spots for writers/storytellers to come and share their stories around a campfire on our metaverse space! In case a welcome listed person doesn’t apply or follow the rules, another writer will be selected in their place.

The writers and the participants will get an exclusive wearable on the date of the event (that will be sent to their Metamask wallets), a Mintbase NFT as certificate of participation and the 1st place will get an extra NFT for the welcome list on the next edition. The selected stories will aso be featured on NEAR Metaverse Magazine n.08.


  • Deadline (close bounty): August 10th, 6PM UTC

  • Winners will be announced: August 10th, 10PM UTC.

  • Date to deliver complete story: August 12nd, 10PM UTC (On this date the stories will be sent to the storyteller)

  • Event: August 14th at 7PMPM UTC

RULES (To be CLASSIFIED you will need to):

  • reply this post with a with a summary of your story
  • be present on the event (non attendance disqualifies the writer)
  • compromise to deliver the complete story by August 12nd
  • have a valid NEAR wallet
  • be an user with more than 2 months on the forum
  • accept that your story will be published on NEAR Metaverse Magazine, edition #08.
  • share the event on socials at least once. Remember that It’s for everyone’s benefit. Follow us, share our post about it and tag @themetaversedao on Twitter and/or Instagram.

The final text will need to:

  • be in English. Please don’t use slang or local terms as it difficulties the comprehension
  • have your name/nickname on it
  • have a title
  • have at least 1800 characters with spaces (a page more or less)
  • stay on the theme: urban legend inspired stories
  • be original. No plagiarizing please, the text is your responsibility.


  • 50 DAI prize (stable coin equivalent to USD)
  • an exclusive wearable NFT (if you provide a Metamask)
  • a Mintbase NFT certifying your participation as a selected writer of the Meta Campfire
  • The 1st place winner will be welcome-listed (already classified) for the next edition + 1 NFT
  • be featured on NEAR Metaverse Magazine #08

Join us and help us create a better metaverse and great memories shared across our global community!
Let’s get creative!

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Thank you for tagging me miss @klarakopi happy to participate in this bounty. :hugs:


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Oh I’m so glad to be here again @klarakopi I’ll send mine asap


Look at what me and @becopro are creating for our event!!

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Hi everyone,
I will do honour of submitting my summary first since I was opportuned to be among the winners of the folklore meta fire second edition.
Here is my summary and I can’t wait to share the main story if I’m selected.

My story is about what is believed till date among the Alaro villagers in the western part of Nigeria and how they were engaged in tie and dye businesses known as Palaro in our local dialect.
Their ancestors do their tie and dye activities along the river banks. It was believed that it was the river goddess that blessed them with the river they use in making various fabrics and most of the villagers became so rich through that business till the extent that they lend money to their neighbouring villages through the sales of their fabric and their expertise.
Their ordeal started as a result of civilization. Having been blessed by the goddess, the villagers dug wells in their houses and this made them abandoned the river and their tradition. Since commercial activities is not carried out at the river again, the River goddess became so furious and angry with the the villagers of Alaro.
The goddes decided to deal with them in her own way, by trapping them in their village and not allow them get to sell their products to other villages as the only means of transportation is via water. She strikes anyone that comes close to the river dead and it made the Alaro people poor, because they could neither buy or sell to the other villages.
All thanks to an engineer that gave his life for the Alaro people and restored commerce back to them through his construction and sacrifice.

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I appreciate your good works @klarakopi and @becopro .
I can’t wait to sit among those wonderful campfire again. To all participants let’s keep the community going.


Dope., i.cant wait for campfire. :hugs: i hope next time they have also story travelling where people can read story while in the bus travelling in spoky night…:hugs::grin:


Here’s my entry @becopro @klarakopi

Kanah sat all by herself outside her house weeping all day, she has neither ate nor drank anything.
Ah! Why are you seated here crying? I hope your husband is alright. Kanah, I’m talking to you. Lisa My friend (sobbing) why won’t I cry? Why won’t I be sober? why won’t I be sad and angry? It’s been 25 years, 25 years of marriage Lisa yet not even a sign of pregnancy nor a cry of a child. Look at all my mates she continued sobbing, they all have their own offsprings, some have seven, some have six, some have 4, 5, 3 even 12. Imagine Esther of yesterday she is having her third baby soon. Lisa my friend am I a ship on the ocean? Am I a tree? even if I’m a tree, am I not supposed to bear fruit? My world is crumbling as she continued to cry, for how long will I continue hoping? For how long will I continue trusting God? For how long will this affliction be over?
Lisa cut in and replied, soon my friend, very very soon. I will have your kids welcome me to your house, you will watch your kids surround your table like branches of a tree. Worry no more my friend, I will take you to the priestess of Zamah. I have heard of so many miracles she has done, many fruitless women of our community has become fruitful, there are testifiers everywhere. Prepare yourself and prepare your gifts that is why I have traveled this far to come and see you, worry no more my beloved friend. Your days of agony are over, wipe your tears, Lisa said, as she used the edge of her wrapper to wipe her friends face. Kanah became excited and a bit hopeful again, she wiped her tears and stood up and she said,
“May the God’s bless you my friend, May the gods prosper and answer you when you call, you have always been my friend, and my sister, and you have always come through for me. I will remember all you have done for ever.”
The two ladies hug each other as they went into the house.

Who is home? Kefi called out from outside, Lisa my husband is back replied kanah as she rushed to open the door for Kefi. You look so happy and merry filled my beautiful wife, what is the secret of this pleasing smile radiating on your gorgeous face? Kefi asked smiling at kanah, who do we have here? Lisa! Oh! I know there is something or better still someone behind my wife’s mood. You are welcome Lisa, how is your husband and your kids? Kefi asked cheering at Lisa, they are very well chief replied Lisa, oh that is beautiful, they All laughed as the three adults went into the house.

My husband, I have made you your favourite Jellof. Please quickly take your shower we are waiting for you at the dining table we are famished, said Kanah with so much affection expressed through her eyes. You see why I call you and Angel, replied Kefi, you are the most romantic woman in the whole world, you have your way into my heart every second, May the gods bless the day I found you. Kanah, I don’t know what life would have been like without you as my wife, I will quickly have my bath and join you my priceless jewel. Kefi is done bathing and joins the women at the dining. You can have your seat my Prince charming, always smells nice and fresh Kanah said with a gentle smile on her beautiful face. Oh I’m flattered my queen. Lisa couldn’t hold back smiling at the two love birds as she quickly interrupted and said, you both are making me miss my husband at home, they all laughed as they started eating. What brings you to my home Lisa Kefi asked, Our Fathers said in their proverbs that “the toad does not run in the day light in vain, it’s either it is pursuing something or something is pursuing it”. My husband, Kanah cut in, my friend have come to help us seek a permanent solution to our childlessness. She has promised to take me to the priestess of Zamah at sunrise. Kefi fidgeted at the mention of Zamah, spitting out the piece of food in his mouth he exclaimed Zamah!! You said? Oh my wife, I have heard so many terrible stories about Zamah. Zamah is a city filled with unclean spirits, filled with spirits of jealousy pains anger and wrath. As my father told me Zamah is not a place to seek help…

I’ll continue if I’m chosen


Hi everyone Good day fam,
I will do honour of submitting my summary first since I was opportuned to be among the winners of the folklore meta fire second edition.
Here is my summary and I can’t wait to share the main story if I’m one of the selected.

Author: @louietism

Malawi is a vast and magical land. It consists of two major lands located in the Philippines, the daya and abagatan, but there is one land that these major realms are fighting for, the land of the arayat.

Malawi was at peace at first, with only one gemstone, the Mother Gem, endowed by their deity, Emblem, or the gem of the kingdom. It preserved Malawi’s natural balance. Greedy people, such as a fairy named Elena, wanted to seize the gem’s power. Furthermore, distrust between the two territories created a volatile political climate in their domain. Because their queen and founder, Queen Lydia, is the keeper of the Mother Gem, the other territories that unprotected the “arayat,” the queendom of fairies, wield too much power.

They believe that too much power will corrupt the fairies. To balance the powers of each kingdom and make it more difficult to seize all of the powers at once, the keeper of the Mother Gem, Queen Lydia, made the fateful decision to cleave the gem. It caused a violent explosion and shattered a single gem into two pieces. Each gemstone was given to the two major territories of the land, but there is a land gap that causes these two territories to fight for the land or arayat.

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I appreciate your good works @klarakopi and @becopro .
I can’t wait to sit among this phenomenal stories in meta campfire To all participants let’s keep the community going.:fist::heart:


i will be there <3
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I’ve always been afraid of the “bag man” who catch rude little kids and took them everywhere in a bag forever, in my city there was a man who carried a bag where I don’t know what he put it inside. I don’t know and never wanted to know. I was always sure it was him. And then there was the day when the children were playing in the street and suddenly he came towards us, did someone do something Wong? the fear…



This is entry
Headless warning
This story was that of a girl who got on the jeepney by herself. All of a sudden, the driver veered away from the regular route into unknown territory , driving through dark and unpopulated areas, he kept glancing cautiously at the girl over his shoulder. The girl started to fear for her life and womanly dignity ( she thought the driver planned to rape her) and requested that she be dropped off at her dorm. In time the jeepney resumed its regular route and she was dropped off in front of her building . But before taking off , the driver said ‘’ miss as soon as you get inside , take off your clothes and burn them. Because I saw your reflection in rear view mirror, you were headless" he also said that was the reason he took several unusual turns, because he feared the girl’s untimely demise lay in the jeepney’s regular course

(here’s is the whole story)
Jeepney ride
It’s funny when certain events in our lives occur and we blame it all to bad luck. What’s funnier is the things that we do to counter the flow of bad energy that causes these so called bad luck or bad events. At least at that time I thought it was funny , until my friend shared her unlikely experience. This story is about my friend and her scary jeepney ride going home. For those of you who don’t know what jeepneys are, they are a popular means of public transportation in the philippines.
My friend went home late after finishing their school project , now since she lives within the vicinity of the school it was perfectly safe for her to take the jeepney instead of taking a taxi in going home during late hours. It was about midnight when she took the ride home. And she could not help but notice the driver kept glancing at her through his rear view mirror and then he would turn to her. What’s off about this driver besides the eerie glance that the driver gave from time to time , he was also taking turns in corners that he was not supposed to. Afraid of what the drivers plans are. She was even more afraid of her surroundings because it seemed as if she was in the middle of nowhere already. So instead of going down , she just stayed on the jeep . On the last turn that the driver made, she noticed that they were back on the route that they were supposed to be in the first place. Before reaching the end of the terminal, the driver turned to her and said, " I’m sorry if I scared you or startled you! It was not my intention". “Could you do me a favor and burn all your clothes when you get home”… wondering why, she asked why he was acting very strange , the driver explained , " the reason why I kept glancing was because your head was not attached to your body when I looked through my rear mirror"." That is why I change my route while ago , hoping we get away from the bad energy present in that area, and that’s why I want you to burn your clothes when you get home because I think it’s still with you"

Upon arriving home, still shaking from fear, she took all her clothes off and burned them as quickly as she could. A few days later she found out on the news the jeepney driver died a day after the incident . Oy turned out the warning was not for her for the driver

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I appreciate your good works
@klarakopi and @becopro .
I can’t wait to sit among those wonderful campfire again. To all participants let’s keep the community going


This is my entry… Will tell the full story when selected…

how my people make rain when the land is dry

The tale that surrounds the traditional process of how the people of my hometown “Item” in Bende local government area, Abia state Nigeria make rain when the first rain of the year has delayed in falling and when there is a sudden scarcity of rain in the land during the rainy season
This process involves the chief priest, the paramount chief and other traditionally respected men of the clan.

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Kudos to your good works
@klarakopi and @becopro .