[PROPOSAL] Meta Campfire, a storytelling event on the metaverse - 1st Edition: thriller/horror stories theme

Meta Campfire, a storytelling event on the metaverse - 1st Edition: thriller/horror stories theme

Proponent: Metaverse DAO

NEAR account for payment: metaverse-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Project Timeline: May 9th – 21st


The main objective of this project is to create an event on the metaverse that foments creative writers, enhances our interaction with the community and creates a memorable experience to everyone involved, bringing people from all parts of the world to share stories in a space with no boundaries.

Justification (benefits):

The relevance of this project is to encourage creativity and writers production; engage NEAR’s community, creating a space to hear and share their creative production with a crowd of writers and the public; create an opportunity to distribute funds with people outside of the DAO; encourage more uses of metaverse spaces besides parties with music or art exhibitions (most common uses).

The project:

In the following weeks we will create bounties to invite writers to write their stories and tell them LIVE on the metaverse in English language.

If the person doesn’t speak English, they can ask someone to read for them, but we ask them to be present anyway to support their fellow writers. The non-attendance to the event disqualifies the writer and their prize will be distributed amongst the other writer participants.

Only active users with more than 2 months on the forum are allowed to participate, we want to prevent fraudulent activity.

The writers and the participants will also get an exclusive wearable on the date of the event, that will be sent to their wallets.

With the success of the event we intend to devote more funds to it in the future, to pay the writers better.


Step one:

Set the bounty in the NEAR forum

Select 8 writers/storytellers

Step two:

Organize dates and necessary things to the event (parcel decoration, etc)

Divulgation of the event on our socials

Step three:

Realization of the event

Send wearables to attendees during the event


25 USD for 8 selected writers from the bounty.


Final Products:

Event at Metaverse DAO Parcel on Cryptovoxels; NFTs minted at Mintbase from the art created to publicize the event and to be send to the participant writers; encourage participation, interaction and socialization on the metaverse; a video of the event on Metaverse TV (our YouTube channel), transformed into an NFT on Mintbase and minted at our NEAR Metaverse History store.


This will start tomorrow right?


As soon Metaverse DAO proposal get approval and funding

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@BigM007 check our bounty :smiley:


Here is my submission


The room was dead silent, the silence was deadly and it felt so unreal, yet the fear was real and the danger was present.

It was abnormal, at least Kate was a scientist and science had taught her not to fear or at worst face her fears and she had lived with that since she graduated as geneticist.

What could she fear even? She had mastered her practice, crossed her Ts and dotted her Is, yet, she still felt like something was wrong. What it was she couldnt remember.

She went on her daily laboratory routine and as she slowly remembers the previous night, she remembered getting drunk while celebrating her recent achievement in genetics.

‘Oh my God’ she screamed when she rememebred she had not thrashed used test tubes and she left her dog Kitty unwatched overnight.

She knew all was fine or disaster loomed.

And then there Kitty sat, licking the liquid content in the test tubes and although Kitty was thirsty for water before, now she wanted blood.

With one leap, Kitty aimed for Kate’s throat and …

The full story will be finished when selected.


Hi @BigM007 ! Great intro bro! Can you please post it on the bounty link?
Thanks bro!