[CLOSED] Writers/Storytellers to create for the Meta Campfire 4th Edition: sci-fi horror theme

Hi community!

We’re is opening 5 bounty spots for writers/storytellers to come and share their stories around a campfire on the metaverse!


  • Deadline (close bounty): September 19th, 6PM UTC

  • Winners will be announced: September 19th, 10PM UTC.

  • Date to deliver complete story: September 23rd, 8PM UTC (On this date the stories will be sent to the storyteller)

  • Event: September 25th at 5PM UTC

RULES (To be CLASSIFIED you will need to):

  • reply this post with a with a summary of your story
  • be present on the event (non attendance disqualifies the writer)
  • compromise to deliver the complete story by September 23rd
  • have a valid NEAR wallet
  • be an user with more than 2 months on the forum

Optional step, but we would appreciate it:

  • share the event on socials at least once. Remember that It’s for everyone’s benefit. Follow us, share our post about it and tag @themetaversedao on Twitter and/or Instagram.

In case a welcome listed person doesn’t apply or follow the rules, another writer will be selected in their place.

The final text will need to:

  • be in English. Please don’t use slang or local terms as it difficulties the comprehension
  • have your name/nickname on it
  • have a title
  • have at least 1800 characters with spaces (a page more or less)
  • follow the theme
  • be original. No plagiarizing please, the text is your responsibility.


  • 50 DAI prize (stable coin equivalent to USD)
  • an exclusive wearable NFT (if you provide a Metamask)
  • a Mintbase NFT certifying your participation as a selected writer of the Meta Campfire

Join us and help us create a better metaverse and great memories shared across our global community!
Let’s get creative!

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Im looking forwardd to participating again.


Thanks for tagging miss klarakopi. :raised_hands:


Thanks miss klarakopi and Becco for tagging me, I appreciate.
Below is my summary
Title is The Figurine

This narrates the story of two friends who finds a mystical sculpture in an abandoned shrine in the forest while serving at a [National Youth Service Corps] camp, and they both decides to take the artwork home. Unknown to them, the sculpture is from the goddess ‘Araromire’ which bestows seven years of good luck on anyone who encounters it, and after the seven years have expired, seven years of bad luck follow. The lives of the two friends begin to change for good, as they become successful and wealthy businessmen. However, after seven years, things start to change for the worse

I hope you enjoy it.


I’m in. I’ll always take a shot at it if i can :grin:


This is my entry for the bounty.

Title: Fires from the mirror

This is the story of split personalities and misplaced revenge. A haunted man out to get justice for the murder of his family but the killer seems to elude him at every turn only for him to be confronted by a shocking and ugly reality when he finally meets the mysterious killer. A story of twists, repressed demons, and a crushing destruction.


Apartment 8

Abstract: Apartment 8 is a 8m2 kitchenette with body dysmorphia and the desire to lose weight. Slimming down to disappear from this planet that hasn’t made sense to her for a long time. She even thinks that it wouldn’t be all bad if the Great Darkness came more quickly, that it would be good, anyway, not to see herself (and the world) that way.

Keywords: Real state speculation; dream of owning a home; agrarian reform; everyday slips that lead to cataclysms.

Entry for the 72nd edition of the GALACTIC ATLAS

Planet e-mobile: Planet located in the Macondo arm; centuries ago, e-mobile was completeley taken over by russian dolls of buildings, smart real state built to house smart real state who fear speculation by the fearsome living beings.

Excerpt from my short story that will be published in the first Space Opera of Coletivo KriptoKaipora of Brazilian Sci-Fi, The day the universe closed its eyes, to be published at the end of 2022. Spoiler here: Apartamento 8 (um resumo) on Mintbase


Author: yonakawaii.near

Characters: Maid-Quin, Yumi, The Neighbor, and Yumi’s Mother
Summary of the story

Yumi is only daughter of single mom. Her mom died because of cardiac arrest when yumi is staying in her biological father. Because her mom died yumi decided to live alone on her mother’s house. One day, there was a knock on their door. Yumi saw a girl like around 20-25 years old. Quin, the girl, said if she can apply as a maid even a low salary, she just wanted to have house to stay in because she is also alone. Yumi agreed since she was alone in her house and working. One day, after the work of yumi she decided to go to a convinience store not away from her house, she bump into their nieghbor. The neighbor ask if she is the daughter of the old woman, she replied “Yes”. The nieghbor tells yumi about the story of their house. She tells the story about the missing maid of her mother, and the rumors said the maid already died but haven’t found the body. Yumi get scared. Yumi nervously takes out her phone and showed the picture of her maid. The nieghbor in a cold sweat and tell her that, that maid is the missing maid of her mother. Yumi sped up to go home and looking for quin.
to be continued…


Title: bestfriends
Author: eyesore
Characters : sakura( she killed her bestfriend)
Erza ( bestfriend of sakura)
Unknown guy ( kiddnapper)

Summary: sakura P.O.V… I closed my eyes and put a large piece of broken glass on the neck of my female friend. I pressed it to make sure she was dead, some parts of her body were still twitching like a dying fish on the ground. I could hardly look at her while I was doing it. I was in a dark room. And the only light there is the window that has thick iron bars.


Title: The rainmaker
Author: styleherbalist.near
Characters: the old man(the rainmaker), the other man(the rainmaker challenger)

Now this was a city in Delta State Nigeria, I visited for a business meeting an old friend of mine helped me secure, it was an energetic evening for me I couldn’t wait to wow my potential employers with my craft and how it would enhance the growth of the new fashion brand in the city.
Moments later in my hotel room I could hear footsteps of people running towards a particular direction and I was anxious to find out if I was safe only to get into the greatest adventure of my life.


Hi everyone! Tomorrow is the last day to send your stories!
I can’t wait to read them!


The Advent
Characters: Saffy and Tiara
Settings: Mt. Khailendelle

Morning dews hit Saffy’s leather boots as he walked in an old alley. He was about to open the grocery list his grandmother entrusted him to buy when a rush wind blows it deeper into the alleyway. He witnessed some astonishing events between creatures he barely describe. It’s a fight. One fell down and ask him for a help but he’s stoned in his position to even utter a word. Later, Saffy decided to take the risk and accepted an old ring he needs to deliver to a witch.
Along his journey he met a wild girl craving for food. They became friends unexpectedly and both decided to join on a journey with individual benefits. The journey was full of fun, adventure, magic, regrets and betrayal. How could these two children be able to end the journey? When in the end, it’s the both of them they were looking for.



Hi everyone, thanks for tagging me. Here is my first part of my story. I would like to share the whole story if I’m selected
Near wallet: lovelysugar.near


It’s true that money can’t directly buy one’s own life span, but can it be bought from someone else? In this world, there are always unexpected things that happen.

In a small village, there lived an old woman who was over 90 years old, but her body was still healthy. Every day, she can still walk down the mountain to work. This old woman has suffered many illnesses throughout her life. But she was able to come back from the demon gate every time.

Coincidentally, every time the old woman was seriously ill, someone in the house also had an accident. After that, the old woman’s health gradually recovered. No one noticed anything strange about this until ….


My Little Angel

My story is about abortion. The girl in my story is a mother who aborted her baby because it is the result of rape. The mother was a victim of rape and was traumatized by it, and then a few months later, she discovered she was pregnant. She tells her family what happened and they all say that they need to abort the childb3cause it is a product of rape. But the mother of the child disagrees and says that no matter what happens, it is still her child. However no matter what she said to her family, they forced her to abort the baby. After that, her trauma became severe, and it was caused not only by the rape case, but also by her family’s pressure to abort her child.



Hi fam, thanks for tagging. anyway here is my first part of my story. I would like to share the whole story if I’ m selected thank you so much

Title: The Missing Meat

Summary: In a far a way there is a restaurant that offers a lot of snacks after having a lot of travellers come in, one day Mario and his friends go to a night trip travell the dessert of Landia a place most known for the famous restaurant that serves gigantoeus stakes, burgers, and fries, but there is something that they did not know about. The mystery……….




A detective uncovers a legend about a supernaturally-cursed, damp hat circulating throughout Devon. As soon as anyone uses the hat, they have exactly 8 days to live. Exintrovert Bloggs and Ube Spade embark on a quest to uncover the meaning of the visions.

NEAR ID : exintrovert2.near


The Magic Record Curse.
Characters: Violet Spades, Sunshine.
Settings;Puerto Princesa.
Whilst investigating the death of a local painter, a Brave private detective called Violet Spades uncovers a legend about a supernaturally-cursed, magic record circulating throughout Puerto Princesa.

When Violet notices his hands have kitten-like properties, he realises that the curse of the magic record is true and calls in his friend, a computer programmer called Sunshine , to help.