[CLOSED] Writers/Storytellers to create for the Meta Campfire 2nd Edition: folklore theme

Hi community!

The 1st Edition of the Meta Campfire was a huge success! So we are dedicating more funds to reward the writers this time :smiley:
Thank you to everyone that participated and made it such a special moment!

Metaverse DAO is opening 3 bounty spots for writers/storytellers to come and share their stories around a campfire in our meta forest! In case a welcome listed person doesn’t apply or follow the rules, another writer will be selected in their place.

To participate you only need to reply to the post with a little piece of your story so we can vote on our favorites. When the bounty closes we will select the winners and give to them 2 days to write the full text that’ll be read LIVE on the metaverse event.

We’ll have a storyteller to read everyone’s stories, but we ask that all participants be present anyway to support their fellow writers and the sponsoring DAO. The non-attendance to the event disqualifies the writer and their prize will be distributed among the other writer participants, as it happened on the last edition.

Only active users with more than 2 months on the forum are allowed to participate, we want to prevent fraudulent activity.

The writers and the participants will also get an exclusive wearable on the date of the event, that will be sent to their Metamask wallets, a Mintbase NFT as certificate of participation and the 1st place will get an extra NFT for the welcome list on the next edition.

This time only the 1st place winner will receive the welcome list spot for the next edition, so next time we will open 5 spots for the event.


  • Deadline (close bounty): June 21th

  • Winners will be announced: June 22nd.

  • Date to deliver complete story: Until June 24th, 6pm UTC (On this date the stories will be sent to the storyteller)

  • Event: June 26th at 7PM UTC

To be classified you will need to:

  • reply this post with a with a little piece of your story
  • be present on the date of the event
  • compromise to deliver the complete story by June 24th
  • have a valid NEAR wallet
  • be an active user with more than 2 months on the forum
  • accept that your story will be published on our magazine, edition #07.

The final text will need to:

  • be in English. Please don’t use slang or local terms as it difficulties the comprehension
  • have your name/nickname on it
  • have a title
  • have at least 1800 characters with spaces (a page more or less)
  • stay on the theme: folklore inspired stories
  • be original. No plagiarizing please, the text is your responsibility.

What you get:

  • an exclusive Voxels wearable on the date of the event (if you have a Metamask)
  • a Mintbase NFT certifying your participation as a selected writer of the Meta Campfire: Folklore Stories
  • 50 DAI prize (stable coin equivalent to USD)
  • The 1st place winner will be welcome-listed (already classified) for the next edition and get an NFT for that
  • be featured on NEAR Metaverse Magazine #07

Join us and help us create a better metaverse and great memories shared across our global community!

Let’s have some fun!




This project is a continuation of:


Notifying everyone that interacted on the last bounty:

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Notifying everyone that interacted on the last bounty:

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So excited :smiley: :heart:

Season 2 Get Schwifty GIF by Rick and Morty


Woooow in glad :blush::blush::blush::sunrise_over_mountains: I will definitely participate in this
Will it be a horror story too?


Folklore inspired, you can choose the writing genre that you prefer :slight_smile:


Is this still horror/thriller themed?


Does folklore include urband/modern legends?


Culture and myth…
Mary Selessor and killing of twins…


Mary Slessor, was said to be a Scottish missionary that came to the eastern part of Nigeria, her birth date was recorded to be in 1848 in Aberdeen. Her father was a shoemaker, and an alcoholic but her mother was a deeply religious woman. it was said that her family moved to Dundee in 1858 and there, Slessor began working in the linen mills at the age of eleven. She joined the local Christian youth club of course it was a clear call to be a missionary for her.

In the year 1876 the Presbyterian Church where she worshiped decided to send her to Calabar as a mission teacher, since she has proven to be a renowned christian teacher.Her first mission work in Calabar Nigeria was in the Old Town and Creek Town but in 1888 went alone to work among the “Okoyong”

In Okoyong, killing of twins was a cultural practice, predominantly Akpap. Giving birth to twins was considered as a very bad omen and an abomination that could bring calamity upon society. In this area of Nigeria, killing of twins is believed to be a myth. Twin babies, are believed not to be humans.

I’ll continue once I’m chosen.


As I told @Dabbie3229, it’s folklore inspired, you can choose the writing genre that you prefer :wink:


We’re thinking of making “urban legends” the next theme, it can be inspired on folklore from anywhere in the world :slight_smile:


Perfect I’m going to write about a man who receives texts and audio recordings from a loved one, only to recall this person had been dead for weeks… I’ll call it “Notification”


Wow new story telling bounty again :star_struck: thank you @klarakopi for sharing new bounty and thanks @becopro for tagging me.:hugs: I will dffnitely create amazing stories :grin:


I will like to write about a real life story. It’s titled—
“Count the numbers 1-6, backwards”

This story is based on real events, and was passed to us when we were kids by my grandpa who was the most respected Chief in the entire Clan. It was a story that helped tamed notoriety.

Here’s a tip of the ice berg

Taiwo’s tyranny was getting beyond the point it could be tamed!
He bullied every neighbors kids, destroyed people’s properties, he had become well known for getting into numerous fights. more than fourteen fights every week.
He beat up kids that he was stronger than, while in some rare occasions, he will get bruised up. Maybe he went daunting a well older boy and then he gets to have a little slice of his own Cake.
This continued for a painstakingly long period, until…


Thank you @becopro for tag​:rose:


Story Title:

I am from Apuanu-Item, an Ancient Kingdom in Item Village. Pronounced as étēm.

Item Community, has Nine Villages (Apuanu, Amaeke, Okoko, Amaekpu, Okai, Akanu, Okagwo, Amaokwo and Umuakpa - you may not bother pronouncing the names to avoid biting your tongue :joy:)

My story is about how a particular clan from Apuanu-Item brought out their new born baby to be pounded with pestle and mortar in order to become the Heir apparent to the throne of Item Ancient Kingdom.


Thank you for tagging me @becopro

I enjoyed the last event.


I’m not up to two months on the forum but I’m an active member and will love to participate… You can check my profile and my stats @becopro


I saw that you’ve been active but if we break the rules now it would be unfair to the people that weren’t selected because of that. But on the next one you’ll be able to participate and we would be happy to have you as a writer participant :smiley:
Also if you come to the event you get a wearable and if want you can tell a story after the selected, on the open mic, so come and join us!


I want to try this. I hope I will success… (I am not a good writer )


Okay, it will be my pleasure :grin::grin:


An excerpt from my story for the month…


It began with a ping on my phone, informing me of a text I’d received. My usual disinterested nature urged me to pass it off, not bothering to regard the screen as I was immersed in my computer. Not long after I’d dismissed the vibrating handheld, it began to demand my attention once again, to my displeasure.

‘No one contacts me that much, I’m not popular or likeable’ I thought out loud.

Reaching for the device, the screen illuminated to reveal a text. Pressing my thumb against the icon, my Marvel comics wallpaper cut away to my messenger app. I was stunned to say the least…

“Hi hijo! How are you?” The first bubble read. Followed by “Have you been remembering to eat? I bet you haven’t had lunch yet :smirk:

My mother. Her typical concerned tone is as palpable in her typing as it would be by audible means. She even greeted me in the manner in which I was accustomed so many times before, the way she would almost weekly. That in itself laid the root of my apprehension, as that feeling slowly curdled up my spine and the hairs in my neck came alive as they do only in the most unsettling moments of life. Her texting me made no sense, it’s not possible: my mother had been dead for over a year…