[Closed] The condition of a woman's body

We’ve been told throughout history, that women’s bodies should be contained, encapsulated, soft, easy to look at, and easy to handle, much like a statue or even a consumer object. To enforce these demands, the female body has become much more encoded with conceptions of beauty and disgust than the male body. These guidelines ensure that the body does not cross its boundaries, does not reveal its interior and natural conditions, and thus remains passive and contained, both literally (in its form) and metaphorically (in behaving and presenting itself in what is regarded as appropriate for a woman).

Our bodies represent our past, our stories, our happiness and sadness, our health and sickness. It’s the carrier of our emotions. Our body is also central to how we understand the faces of our identity.
There is so much that women’s bodies can tell.
With this art project, we intend to re signified the women’s body representation.


Purpose: promote the inclusion of women in the art world and the crypto ecosystem.
Mission: support female artists and projects through mentoring, funding, and networking.
Vision: We envision a gender-equal artistic scene, where the feminine is celebrated and promoted.

The project

We encourage the participants to reflect on what women’s bodies can tell. Our body is in a constant state of evolution rather than a fixed collection of characteristics. We accept any kind of artistic expressions, i.e. poems, videos, photos, paintings, illustrations, collages, sounds, etc., as long as they can be uploaded to our Mintbase Store .

The rewards

We will be offering 3 prizes to the most voted pieces - this will be decided by the INA community. To vote you have to request to be a community member on https://app.astrodao.com/dao/inav2.sputnik-dao.near/proposals

  • 1st $200usd in DAI

  • 2nd $150usd in DAI

  • 3rd $100usd in DAI

The deadline

We encourage the community members to submit their pieces by the 18th of June These will all be featured both in our Cryptovoxels and Nearhub galleries for more visibility of the artists. We plan on hosting a collective exhibition on the 30th of June at 18 GMT

How to submit pieces

To protect authorial rights, we suggest that the participants mint their pieces directly in our store . The revenue split will be 25% for the DAO, and 75% for the artist. Please contact us on Telegram with your near name, so that we can add you as a minter.

We are looking forward to your submissions!


LOVE INA DAO projects :blue_heart:


Awesome! Awesome!! A woman’s body represents a lot for real. This project is superb! The fact that you can express your art in every form and genre.

I love Ina DAO and what y’all are doing.
I’m happy to present my art of what a woman’s body can represent in various form through Poetry.



This is great LFG let’s go INA DAO!!!:sparkles:

I already mint my entry in the store, check them out :heart_eyes:



INA DAO has a way of making me smile… Love you guys always


I love the vision of INA DAO


This is a great project. Would like to join. Let’s go, INA DAO.


Hey! Can we submit more than one piece?


Sure!! you can submit as many as you want!

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Good day everyone, INA fam i would like to submit my entry on this requesting to be add on the mintbase store here is my near wallet.


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I would love to try this one… Let’s goo…

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amazing call here!! feeling inspired to participate!

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How do I mint mine please


I have a 9 minute performance video. Should I mint it in your store?


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Yes you can, we had videos submitted before. Mintbase has some size limitation, but some people resize it so the size adjusts if needed :slight_smile:

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Here’s the explanation :purple_heart: let us know if you still have doubts

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a 9 minute video may be impossible… thanks

everything depends on the size of video that has to be not more than 30 mb :blush:
so it’s possible, with loosing the quality of video :pray:


I tried to access the telgram group but I couldn’t. I would like help getting my near name included in the store so that I can submit the work for the open call. Can you help me? My near name is palomaklisys.near :slight_smile:

Did you try this link? You can also send me your user so I can add you, I don’t have access to the store, someone can help you in the group :slight_smile:

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