[REPORT] YouTube Social Media Promotion CRYPTO GAMERS

Hello team!
I am glad to announce that another period of our fruitful cooperation has successfully passed!

This time allowed for a strong connection with the audience and NEAR projects through video reviews, audience engagement and content.
I will go into more detail about everything in the paragraphs below.

Tasks: NEAR - YouTube Social Media Promotion
Report on the previous grant [Approved] NEAR YouTube Social Media Promotion Budget Sookast - #22 by SOOKAST

Links to social networks:
YouTube (27,500 subscribers) Crypto Gamers - YouTube 1
Twitter (964 followers) https://twitter.com/Cryptogamers2
Telegram (Group\chat 7301 subscribers) @cryptogamers2 \ @crypto_gamers_chat
Discord (2035 subscribers)

In 2022, I released a large number of project videos on NEAR.
Total for all video views on NEAR projects on the channel - more than 61,000 unique views, 20 videos and 4 streams, more than 1500 comments and more than 2000 people who have taken and are now taking part in games on the NEAR blockchain.
The amount of views and engagement is growing every day.

Metamon - 2050 views - Metamon | Королевская Битва с Покемонами на Блокчейне NEAR | Розыгрыш - YouTube
Gamespack - 1908 views - Gamespack | Лаунчер GameFi на NEAR Protocol | Мобильные NFT Игры - YouTube
Hash Rush - 2078 views - Hash Rush | Стратегия на Блокчейне NEAR | Закрытая Бета | - YouTube
Learn NEAR Club - 3879 views - Learn NEAR Club | Учись и Зарабатывай Вместе с NEAR | Как заработать NEAR | Розыгрыш NFT - YouTube
Near Space - 3057 views - Near Space | Космическая MMORPG на Блокчейне NEAR | Розыгрыш NFT - YouTube
ZomLand - 1634 views - ZomLand | Крупное Обновление | Кланы\Вещи\Модификаторы | Иксы Рядом?! - YouTube
World of the Abyss - 3229 views - World of the Abyss | Хардкорная MMORPG в Сети Near | Розыгрыш 50 Near \ Dark Prince NFT Chest - YouTube
Crystals of Naramunz - 2853 views - Crystals of Naramunz | Free to Play RPG на Блокчейне Near - YouTube
Bearverse - 4589 views - Bearverse | Free to Play | Многопользовательская Стратегия на Блокчейне в Сети Near - YouTube
Exverse - 3301 views - Exverse | Убийца Fortnite | Королевкая Битва на Блокчейне в Сети Near - YouTube
BATTLEMON - 2796 views - BATTLEMON | Шутер на Блокчейне в Сети Near | Антирадарный Гем - YouTube
Multiverse Fighters - 2448 views - Multiverse Fighters | Обзор | Пошаговая MMORPG На Блокчейне NEAR - YouTube
ZomLand - 4787 views - ZomLand | NFT Карточная Игра | NEAR | Продажа Земель - YouTube

Launch of NearEco Servers - 1160 views - Запуск Серверов NearEco | Near\Aurora | Стрим | Зарабатывай токены NEAR - YouTube
World of the Abyss - 1354 views - World of the Abyss | Стрим | Розыгрыш NFT и Токенов NEAR - YouTube
Learning Games on NEAR - 1334 views - Изучаем Игры на NEAR | Обновление в Multiverse Fighters | Крафт Зомби в ZomLand | Стрим | Розыгрыш - YouTube

Previous grant report:
BATTLEMON - 1800 views - BATTLEMON | Шутер на Блокчейне NEAR | Заработок в Интернете - YouTube
Amber - 3720 views - Amber | NFT Шутер | Запуск Игры Через Steam | Free 2 Play | Заработок в Интернете - YouTube
Histopia - 2020 views - Histopia | NFT MMORPG на Мультичейн-Сети | Обзор Новой Метавселенной | Заработок в Интернете - YouTube
MotoDEX - 1706 views - MotoDEX | Соревновательные NFT Гонки на Мультичейн-Сети | Заработок в Интернете - YouTube
Metamon - 2000 views - Metamon | Королевская Битва с Покемонами на Блокчейне NEAR | Free Mint | Заработок в Интернете - YouTube
Exverse - 5813 views - Exverse | Лучшая ААА Игра 2023 на Блокчейне ? | NFT Игра Без Вложений | Заработок в Интернете - YouTube
Castle Overlord - 1926 views - Castle Overlord | NFT Стратегия на Блокчейне NEAR | Заработок в Интернете - YouTube

New Year’s Stream - 1097 views - Стрим | Новогодний Розыгрыш от NEAR Protocol - YouTube

Total number of views this period - 19025!

Duplicating content and attracting an audience in Telegram, Discord, Twitter.
Total funds requested from August to September: $2,750.

My assessment of the work done and the result of cooperation:
I rate the work done as very successful, as I see significant changes in the community’s reaction to videos about projects on the NEAR blockchain.
Unlike previous months, when it was quite difficult to collect views on NEAR videos, now the audience reacts very loyally to titles with the NEAR blockchain and the number of views per day has almost doubled compared to the video six months ago.
The most obvious increase in engagement in Exverse videos - 5813 views - Exverse | Лучшая ААА Игра 2023 на Блокчейне ? | NFT Игра Без Вложений | Заработок в Интернете - YouTube
I see that there is more and more trust in the NEAR blockchain, if the audience is so actively in a hurry to watch new videos, this is definitely a good sign and a well-warmed up audience!

My vision for the future of our partnership and improving the quality of interaction with the audience:
At the moment, the audience of YouTube and Telegram is very successfully covered. I see further development in exactly the same format REVIEW + STREAMS, with the addition of contests, whitelists and other bonuses for viewers.

What to expect in the future:
Regular content and review of projects on the NEAR blockchain, many new video formats, giveaways, wl and partnership.

The main task now is not to rest on our laurels and not to lose trust and an already warm audience that welcomes new videos! Grow and increase the new audience involved in NEAR projects.

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