[Closed] Joint IRL Meetup Budget (Crydo Guild & Degen Syndicate Guild). December

On December 5, the communities of the NEAR Protocol ecosystem will hold the first “Nearboost” meetup.

Meetup participants will learn about Near and get acquainted with ecosystem projects, discover new opportunities in the field of "DApp and DeFi products development, NFT art and marketplaces, DAO, Games, Staking, Communities.

They will personally get acquainted with the Near Degen Syndicate and Crydo community, find out what these communities do and what their goals are, will be able to join the ecosystem and discover a whole new world that they did not even know about, find new friends and opportunities.

There is no need to point out separately the importance of such events for the ecosystem. Near constantly holds meetings, and we take an example from this. Meetups are part of the mission and strategy of the Crydo community.

And yet, the importance of this meetup is much greater than it may seem at first glance. After all, it carries with it another significant goal - to establish and develop new connections, to identify and discover new talented people, to become the first point, the start and the beginning of the formation of IRL (in real life) and online community. This will also be part of our research. The experience, knowledge and data that we will receive are valuable for the entire Near ecosystem, and we plan to openly share them, apply them in the future and improve.

Thus, we are all active developers and everyone makes a noticeable, practical, effective and valuable contribution.

The participants of the meetup not only get into the whitelist of the Crydo NFT project, where, with the development of the proct, they will receive privileges in accordance with the mission and plan of Crydo, but also immerse themselves in the Near ecosystem. Therefore, we count on the support of other communities and the ecosystem.

A meetup for a cultural and development circle of people of different levels of knowledge. This is the first meetup, so the topic is general and broad. The planned number of participants is 50. The duration of the meetup is 2 hours +/- 15 minutes. A pilot project of the meetup (demo version) in order to test the processes and effects in this strategic region. New people and our friends will be attracted to participate in the meetup.

What exactly will be done at the meetup:

  • Near and the ecosystem;
  • DApp and DeFi products and development on Near;
  • NFT and marketplaces on Near;
  • DAO on Near;
  • Games on Near;
  • Staking on Near;
  • Communities Near;
  • Participants created Near wallets;
  • Participants received an invitation to the Crydo NFT whitelist;
  • Participants joined ecosystem communities;
  • Participants received feedback questionnaires;
  • New connections have been established.

Expense plan (Details in the table below):

  • Rent a Loft on Dzerzhinsky 2 hours https://tusavisa.ru/dzerzhinskogo;
  • Kraft bags of 50 pcs with a flat handle (Printing House Gamma https://gamma-k.ru);
  • Notepads A5 50pcs (Printing House Gamma https://gamma-k.ru);
  • Press Wall 3x2m - Logos (Printing House Gamma https://gamma-k.ru);
  • A pen with a logo of 50 pcs (Printing House Gamma https://gamma-k.ru);
  • Personal handwritten letter from the Community 50 pcs A4;
  • Kraft envelope for a letter Envelope C5 (162x229mm) 50 pcs (Printing House Gamma https://gamma-k.ru);
  • A thin business card for a friend (double-sided color) 100 pcs (Printing House Gamma https://gamma-k.ru);
  • Stickers 5x5 cm 300 pcs;
  • Cupcakes, calculated for 50 people (150-200g/person);
  • One-time forks 100 pcs;
  • One-time paper plate white 100 pcs;
  • Hand Sanitizer;
  • Costs to guild members Near Degen Syndicate Guild;
  • Costs to guild members related to attracting participants, targeted advertising in social networks and channels (smm, targeting and replenishment of advertising cabinets);
  • Costs to guild members related to preparation, organization and supervision, personal meetings and invitations.

Total: ($1 115 16/11/2021 16:15 (MSC)). Unclaimed funds will be refunded.

The report will be in the form of "Plan/Fact” + analytical report "Data” + the scheme of the whole process "Local Community Meetup 50” and timing (idea - point A, final report - point B). The ecosystem will see our experience, the difficulties we faced, the mistakes we made and how we solved them. It will also be placed in our open knowledge base and archive, graphic materials, images and videos will be used in social networks.

What needs to be prepared before the start of the meetup in addition to the basic expenses listed above:

  • presentations (from Syndicate and from Crydo);
  • social networks - facebook, vk, twitter (instagram is questionable at the current stage);
  • graphics for the initial filling of social networks;
  • graphics for ads;
  • target audience - list;
  • different advertising options;
  • answer calls, monitor the recording of participants, respond to social media activity and provide support;
  • google form whitelist meetup;
  • google feedback form from participants about the meetup;
  • google form feedback from teammates;
  • google form to sign up for a meetup;
  • list of participants with assigned seat number;
  • arrange furniture and presswall;
  • provide numbering of seats;
  • spread out merch and snack;
  • check the laptop, projector, flash drives;
  • steadycam;
  • microphone.

During the meetup:

  • 1 person at a laptop all the time;
  • 1 person takes photos and videos (before/at the beginning/in the middle/at the end/after);
  • 1 person meets and indicates the seat of the participant according to the seating list;
  • everyone helps to register in Near and create their own wallets if the participant does not cope himself;
  • each teammate notes for himself the most active participant, writes down his name and the questions(s) that he voiced;
  • deploy a coffee break during a break or a sweet coffee end at the end of the meetup;
  • expand the garbage collection site (paper and plastic separately).

After the meetup:

  • IRL and online support continues to be provided;
  • Create a table of Active Community Members;
  • Recruiting marked participants;
  • Plan/Fact Report, Expenses + Receipts;
  • Analytical Data Report;
  • Report Scheme of the “Meetup” process;
  • Feedback Report;
  • Photo/Video Meetup Report;
  • Create an entry in the archive and put all the materials in it;
  • Create entries for social networks “As it was”.

*all text information is created in Russian and English.

Stanislav (@crptbrthrs) - gov.near.org (forum)
NEAR wallet: crydo.near

The Marketing DAO Vertical

Google Estimate table “Joint Meetup on December 5, 2021, Near Crydo & Near Degen Syndicate” Estimate "Joint Meetup on December 5, 2021, Near Crydo & Near Degen Syndicate". - Google Sheets

Graphic copies in Russian and English:


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Good morning. As I know there is a Covid ban on public meetings in Russia. What the city? Kazan , Tatarstan?

As you know, crypto currency still partially illegal in Russia. Please, make sure, before the meeting, you get approval from local government or you will have personal response for all crypto operations on the meeting.


Link is not working

Could you please provide detailed information per every point ?

Why do you need 100 forks for 50 people ? Or 100 paper plates for 50 people ? How many hand sanitizers? How many and who from Syndicate guild will be attended? What the payments for them?

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Hi! Great questions!

Thank you for your help, we will be happy to see the official source of information to which you refer. We, in turn, act within the framework of local legislation and proceed from our own research.

We do not touch on the topic of Cryptocurrencies and trading, our topic is a research platform for the development of decentralized applications and a review of projects in an ecosystem.

In order to join the ecosystem, you need to go through a certain procedure in the form of registration (as everywhere else) and obtaining a Near ID (wallet). Moreover, we do not force anyone.

In addition, we build our meetup in a certain way, which allows us to easily change the modules that it consists of.

click on it

Google Estimate table “Joint Meetup on December 5, 2021, Near Crydo & Near Degen Syndicate” Estimate “Joint Meetup on December 5, 2021, Near Crydo & Near Degen Syndicate”. - Google Sheets
With a margin in case they go bad. The Guild Syndicate will arrive in full force. Payments are indicated in the appendix.

Degens Syndicate has microphone and other professional equipment

What the invitation link on this meet up?

How can I get the invitation?

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And yes? Excellent. Because we also have some of our own equipment and we didn’t include it in the estimate.

It will be created for advertisements when we get to this stage.

be useful and valuable to the community

Ok, just make sure you’re response for all crypto operations on the meeting.


Just make sure that the meeting members aware about this law (some crypto operations still illegal in Russia and share information about them.

I think before the meeting you need to send request to our excellent Legal Guild and get approval from them.
Attn: @David_NEAR

Sorry, nothing there .

Why do you need full force ?
Why do you need 2 assistance or two actors for instance, or backstage support ?

I agree with one operator, and one actor for the meeting. Sorry, it’s very expensive spend money for assistance and other not important personal for the meeting.

Have a great day!

And the last questions:

How did you find Syndicate Guild and chose them for the meeting?

Their YouTube channel is abounded , no any activities in social media as well.

We have many great crypto local people in Kazan.
Probably, you can save NF money if invite them instead of Syndicate Guild. Thanks.

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Sorry, could you please show specific information.

Every community member is useful here.

I just wanna share information about it in our social media. Thanks

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Because each guild member is responsible for their own topic.

there is no question about any actors and operators in our proposal. I do not know what it is and where did you get it from.

thank you, and you

Some questions do not relate to this topic, create a separate topic for them and for us in the appropriate section and we will definitely answer.

Yes, later. when will we move to another stage of development

Still many questions are not answered.

Thank You

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Every question is related, actually. As I said you can save NF money if have find people in Kazan.

Also, waiting you in Transparency guild group Telegram: Contact @near_prices

For everyone:

If you know something say something

Drop Box for complaints: https://forms.gle/2HDw9Ua6UtkVRkhq7
Or @kmotiv in TG (100% anonymously)

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As I said above, some questions are not suitable for this topic, you can ask them in others.

If you still haven’t figured it out, that’s exactly what we’re trying to do.

In addition, we would like to invite you to hold a public call and discuss all issues in an open field. This is our second offer for you. You can help the community and organize such an event between our guilds.

Unfortunately,your profile is private. I also invited to to Transparency guild group to continue our conversation.

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Is my profile preventing you from creating a topic on the forum and ask all the questions that concern you off-topic? We will be waiting for you to make a public video call with us.

No reasons for that. You just can answer on questions here.

Who are “we”? Guys fist-of-all you should show to Near Community some results. You created your guild recently and already requested money for conference.


Who is personally response for this meeting?

And that the roles have assistances?

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There are all reasons for this. Let me know when you’re ready to call. Public calls are help a lot

Ok, Waiting you on public text AMA here Telegram: Contact @near_prices

There are well Vladislav from Ru guild .

Waiting together.

Is it you ?

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That’s better. Read my answers carefully again. Ask questions that do not relate to this topic in the appropriate topics.

I do not promise that I will be able to participate in a text AMA, unlike a public call which is a more effective model, including from the point of view of promotion. But you prepare your proposal as is customary in Near we will consider it and decide something

Moreover Vlad didn’t write anything to me and there are a lot of obscenities and insults in this chat, so I don’t think this is a good place for AMA. And in general for associations with Near

And don’t involve others, answer for yourself. If one of the third parties becomes interested, they will enter into a dialogue with us themselves.

Let me know when you’re ready to call

Public call model is not working for me due my personal reasons.

Public text AMA is the best way for me and Near Community. Still waiting for you .

I as Community Pilar in Marketing DAO I can’t support your proposal before I have answers on my questions.

Also, I have found local (in Kazan) crypto influencer for you:

Famous blogger and crypto enthusiast with 6000 subscribers on his TG group vs 100 in Degens Syndicate.


@crptbrthrs Thanks for your patience and professionalism! I’d love to connect and explore ways to collaborate. As the organizer of 3 monthly events in NYC thus far, I’m working on a strategy for local guild event coordination, and it would be great to have your insights and perspectives.