[Proposal] NEAR Meet - Q1

Project Name: NEAR Meet

Project Status: [in progress]

Project members: Pranshu (@pransh) and Pratik (@thechosenone)

Target Address: dev-guild.sputnik-dao.near (already in astrodao).

Project Accounting: current account balance 17 NEAR

Funding Period: January - March 2022

Requested amount: USD 45000 / Cleared monthly - USD 15000

Here’s what we would like to accomplish this quarter

With NEAR Meets on the horizon, we already have 22 organizers onboarded on the Discord. We hope to accomplish the following through them, at the end of Q1:

  • 50 NEAR Meets Cities
  • At least 50 Meetups Organized
  • Over 5000 participants Engaged
  • At least 300 new wallets activated
  • At least 20 educational workshops/talks organized
  • 100000+ Social Media Impressions
  • 80% + Happiness rating

How do we do this?

We leverage the power of the community to build leaders to keep the process inclusive and ensure a structure to the meetups. Right now, one adds a proposal to gov.near.org, but we imagine a strategy that will streamline the event process, RSVP, and objective metrics in terms of how they are going.

We found a few wasteful event repetitions during our research that do not create a funnel to enter the community. Instead, it keeps new users outside, hoping for adoption and no real value. We are planning meetups that have a few key touchpoints:

  1. Education

There is a general lack of education in the Web 3.0 space, which we can cover with the local communities that are in touch with personas who are willing to learn more and interact with the ecosystem. We need to ensure that NEAR is an early community funnel for them to be a part of and continue to educate others. We see great value with different communities worldwide who are constantly engaged, and NEAR Meets can offer that as a value proposition. Adding to that, education around key concepts like DAOs, NFTs, Metaverse, Tokenization, Defi, and protocols is crucial going into 2022. Streamlining such ideas and delivering these with a shared purpose is what we hope to do at scale.

  1. Awareness

Building interest towards crypto, blockchain, and Web 3.0 through NEAR as the first touchpoint. Creating awareness around the NEAR brand and the community tools is one of the program’s key focuses. We aim to engage with participants of different personas and tackle questions for the Web 3.0 space from different angles and create awareness for more core protocols like NEAR. Another way to look at it is also building mass adoption for NEAR as a stable currency, which can only happen if we have a community that is aware and can set the narrative straight for NEAR.

  1. Activation

There are different ways to approach it, for normal people - creating wallets to transact

This is mainly used for developers, but here we are willing to focus on creating wallets for the platform not just as a metric but as an active way of using NEAR as a currency. Activation also stands true for onboarding more developers into the ecosystem. The possibilities are endless with what they can build on NEAR and enabling developers to create DApps, DeFi, Degens, Games, and whatever they would like to. Another persona that enters is artists, enabling more artists to showcase what they are building.



  • Weekly Office Hours
  • Enable African Meetup Organizers
  • Arab Country Meetup Organizers
  • Mobilize Organizers
  • Admin Work
    • Set up process
      • Create a form
      • 1:1 Calls
      • Create starter kit
        • NEAR Meet Swag
        • Stickers
        • NFTs
        • Dev Guild shit
      • Share Resources
      • Plan an Event
      • Make it public!


  • Mobilize Organizers
  • Admin Work
  • Model United Nations Event
  • Global Monthly Meetup
  • Organize 30 Meetups in total.
  • Organize and mobilize the following local meetups in India:
    • NEAR BLR
    • NEAR Vadodara
    • NEAR Surat
    • NEAR Chennai
    • NEAR Goa
    • NEAR Delhi
    • NEAR Perinthalmanna
  • Host first meetup in:
    • NEAR Dubai


  • Booth Crawl with the community at ETH Dubai
  • Mobilize Organizers
  • Admin Work
  • 50 Meetups all over the world in March
  • Start working on Campus Meets


In order to carry out the actions we planned for this DAO and achieve the goals proposed from January to March 2022, we request funding for the following costs and activities:

  • Administration, communication, external relations with community leaders.
    • Communication with Team - 3hr/week
    • External Communication - 2hr/week
    • Admin Work - 3hr/week
  • Monthly Report - 4hr/mo
  • Manage Community - 3hr/week
  • Manage communication in the forum - 2hr/week
  • Host Monthly Meetups - 4hr/week
  • Calls with Organizers - 4hr/week
  • Metric Collection - 1hr/week
  • Designing Informative Graphics - Based on campaign
  • Create Starter Kit for NEAR Meet Organizers - 5hrs (One time)
  • Create Processes for the following: - 20hrs (One time)
    • Onboarding
    • Education
    • Mentoring
    • Reporting
    • Budgeting
    • Marketing
    • Hosting

hello @pransh is this your first proposal? if there are others can you please share their Report links?

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Hi @KriptoRaptor, here you go: [Event Report] NEAR Meet: Global Webinar :smile:


Ambitious - LOVE IT! :tada:

@jlwaugh is leading our NEAR Meets initiative, tagging James so he can check this out :muscle:


Thanks, @David_NEAR ! We connect with @jlwaugh and @olga regularly to keep them updated about the progress.


Hello, given the changes in direction internally regarding the NEAR Meet program and based on off-Forum conversations, the amount of USD $20,000 total has been agreed upon to settle this back-pay from the Dev Guild (cc: @community-team) since the Ecosystem Development DAO has been retired.

This is currently being processed thanks to the detailed report received by email (which would be great to post here as well @pransh @theChosenOne and team) and invoices received. We’ll be touching base to discuss the future plans for the program soon!


Thank you @mecsbecs for the update. Here is the NEAR Meet Q1 report for the community to review:
NEAR_Meet_-_Q1_Report.pdf (69.7 KB)

We at DevGuild are excited to help grow the NEAR Ecosystem and looking forward to connecting with you regarding the future of the NEAR Meet program.

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Thank you @pransh and @theChosenOne for helping to organize Istanbul&Ankara meetings.
I used their sheet to my proposal and report.

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Always happy to help @REK!

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