[Rejected] April 2022 - Onboarding DAO


Onboarding is our principal purpose. We aim to raise awareness about NEAR and welcome NEARcomers into our beloved community.

We are running onboarding initiatives using funding received from the Creatives DAO to run projects, review and follow up activities.

We are certain, from the experience and skill sets our team possesses, we will help deliver quality focused marketing to the NEAR ecosystem, on the range of platforms where NEAR community can be onboarded from. Onboarding DAO can make the step into the NEAR community smooth and will land people in the DAOs, communities and guilds where they will thrive.

Council Members

Advisors from the Creatives Mods:

@chloe @FritzWorm

Onboarding DAO Squad / Roles

@Symbolik → Room Meetings, Twitter Spaces, Symbolik on the Blockchain, Metaverse Rooms

@NatalieCrue → Room Meetings, Twitter Spaces, Metaverse Rooms

@zubairansari07 → Tweet account, Exposure, Marketing, Designs

Zubair will tweet exciting content about the NEAR Ecosystem to gain attraction from non NEARians and look into the social media marketing. Will be sharing about Education, rewards program and about different guilds on NEAR.

@mr_free (Serhii) → Moderation, Review for Projects, Designs, Activities for Russian/Ukrainian spoken community

@kc_sollano → Moderation, Review for Projects, Designs

Target & Funding:

DAO: onboarding-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Total Requested Funding Amount: $5000

  1. Include which type of marketing this falls under the umbrella of, e.g - Social Media, Advertising, Blogs, Events, etc

  2. Sculpting a Proposal

In April we will relaunch the Onboarding DAOs Twitter Spaces, and potentially Clubhouse, events. We will maintain our trajectory in supporting and raising awareness of the range of communities, DAOs and Guilds in the NEAR ecosystem. We will give attention and support to various locations around the globe where NEAR is taking off. Onboarding DAO will also give additional focus in the area of marketing and community engagement. Towards that we will be intentional and strategic in doing online events that bring different NEAR communities together and raise awareness. Our community events will inform, help people to bond and connect both new, and more seasoned, NEAR family with projects and communities that will support them, give a place to have a meaningful impact, and where they may thrive.

Onboarding DAO will create supportive safe and inspiring spaces for NEAR community to connect, grow and share. We will do so on Onboarding DAO’s Twitter Space every two weeks on Wednesdays. The online event will host representatives from two communities, DAOs or projects that are obviously, or not so obviously, complimentary. The goal is to foster insightful conversations, inspire collaboration, connect people and land them in the communities where they will thrive.

“Symbolik on the Blockchain” is a weekly TikTok and Instagram segment that offers the crypto curious, as well as those who are new to NEAR, an opportunity to be informed and learn from Symbolik’s experiences and insights. The goal is to welcome those who are new to crypto as well as the crypto curious and let them know that NEAR is an option. Symbolik speaks about particular experiences as well as about broader and more abstract overlapping elements of engaging with Web3. In every episode we point to how the NEAR ecosystem and communities present opportunities, and have had an impact.

Thank you so much!

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Thanks for your proposal.

Please provide more details on how this will be used.


Greetings all,

Regarding the Onboarding DAO marketing and outreach, it’s taken a bit longer than expected to plan and get going. @zubairansari07 and myself have met up and worked together towards this end. We are going to submit a May report with Onboarding DAO activities around marketing, outreach and engagement in the following areas, Twitter posts, Twitter Spaces as well as rebooting Symbolik on the Blockchain (SOTB). SOBT has already been rebooted. The plan is for all these elements to fee into one another, so when we hold an Onboarding DAO AMA it will lend to SOTB and drive people to our Twitter where they will get a stream of NEAR and blockchain information and support. Please look out for our proposal in early May.

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Good morning, could you please provide a list of all approved proposals by Onboarding DAO since January 2022?

Thank you

Ok, let’s take a look on the report. In my opinion, onboarded projects (by the way, I see some of them haven’t provided a reports for Marketing DAO) can request funding directly from Marketing DAO. If we’re talking about increasing awareness about Onboarding DAO, you have councils from the Concierge team who do it’s every day.

Finally, total Onboarding budget on new projects is $4000

whereas you requested $5000 for Marketing…

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Hello Dacha, I started to help the Onboarding DAO this year, there were already funds on the DAO when I get in.

I also want to clarify that all the activities I do on the Onboarding DAO are for free, I am just an advisor, I mean that I had not request reward for myself, I feel I am really helping and I am on other initiatives around the Near Community where I am rewarded. :white_check_mark:

I will try to solve your concerns:

Here the report from what the Onboarding DAO did this year → [REPORT] Onboarding DAO [January-February]

Yes → $4000 USD are meant for little projects just as you can see on the report. From the report we had a bad experience with both activities on Lagos, but we learned from it and we contribute to gather information regarding JhonX. And there was a very successful onboarding from a University from where I am, Venezuela. But another city, other new group, they also get into the Near Venezuela DAO 3 of them, they really did a great job taking people into Near University and this participants get certifications and now are really building with us the web3.

So, the idea of that funding is to distribute it into little initiatives, is like you have a big DAO like Creatives DAO or Marketing DAO, and you take a lot of proposals asking for funds that are usually above $1000, well the Onboarding DAO takes care of little initiatives needing around $500.

We have now in our view one from Spain for example. So, we are going to try to look for other regions… and in that look to connect with people who wants to help onboarding Nearcomers we are certain we need more expousure, promotion and marketing.

In conclusion, we want people to know about Near, about the easy onboarding and all the help we can provide. And this activities took some time for the Onboarding DAO team to plan.

Thanks to the @marke for taking this proposal into account,

Big hug and cheers :beers:


Hello @Dacha
Currently, we have (probably not all projects we discussed and considered) Onboarding DAO - Google Sheets

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Good day, sounds Great :blush:


Great stuff, would you like ondboad this awesome team from Belarus?

Cc: @johanga


We are ready to consider proposals about onboarding precess.

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Not enough details given the amount being asked for in this proposal. It’s a no from me.

Can the Onboarding DAO team clarify for me whether you are planning to share an additional report here as we consider this proposal?

I think what would help me understand this proposal more is for someone on the team to explain what is happening with the relaunch/why relaunch? How long was the Onboarding DAO not launched or on a break?

Is the funding requested primarily to do marketing that raises awareness around NEAR and onboards new users in the process OR to raise awareness around the DAO’s funding opportunities for projects <$500? Or both?

Either way, I would like to understand what metrics you are looking at over the next month to gauge progress/onboarding activity. For example, AMA attendees, questions asked, project funded, wallets opened, social media following, etc?


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Sorry for the delayed response @so608. Yes, we are planning to add details regarding Onboarding DAOs marketing related plans which include regular AMAs with individuals from a range of communities, Guilds and DAOs. We have the interest of a number of organizations including NEARhub, Tamago, NxM DAO, BeatDAO, Astro DAO, NiftyComedians and more… We plan to exand our reach fututher.

Regarding the relaunch, we had a change in some of our counsel representatives. While we continued to review and support onboarding initiatives, for projects under $500, we were not as active in our official Onboarding DAO marketing efforts. We haven’t done our AMAs for a couple of months but I do engage with the above mentioned organizations and other NEAR community and initiatives. I also attendand support general Web3 community events five days a week with Umba Daima network. I often raise awareness at these about NEAR as a strong altChain option and am know for this. I give this information to give some context.

To answer your question, yes all of our efferts are specifically to raise awareness about NEAR initiatives, communities and DAOs. The funding we distribute to support projects that are $500 and less are vetted with the criteria that they must translate to people activating NEAR wallets. On the marketing side we aim to let people know about initiatives, projects and communities that will help them thrive in the NEAR ecosystem.

I have already relaunched Symbolik on the Blockchain, a TikTok and IG show where I speak about diffferent aspects of Web3. Between IG and TikTok Symbolik on the Blockchain has gain thousands of views. Moving forward I plan to spotlight the very communities that we engage with via our AMA sessions as well as content from the Onboarding DAO Twitter. FYI, @zubairansari07 is in charge of the Onboarding DAO Twitter outside of the AMA sessions. He took it over recently.

Symbolik on the Blockchain



We are planning to do an AMA every week on Saturday afternoon in the EST timezone. We will pair two intcommunites or DAOs in a topical conversation that will be of benefit to the community. We will start with basics and then invite the guests to return for a moire in depth conversation about their activities. We anticipate that this approach will increase the turn out. I do have a following from my general Web3 community and NEAR ecosystem participation. This will also help. The consistent AMA events will suringly build traction and momentum. We aim to have a minimum of 20 people attend the initial AMA sessions and to grow it over time.

Thank you for taking the time to review our plans. Again I appologies for the delayed response. Please be assured Onboarding DAO is serious about the mass adoption of NEAR blockchain, about raising the awareness about the opprtunities and about landing people who are onboarde in spaces where they will thrive. I hope I’ve answered your questions.

The marketing DAO is happy to consider funding proposals of all sizes - even under $500.

Good luck with your relaunch but I don’t feel I can support this proposal in it’s current form.

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