[Closed] INA Supports your Super Powers 2


Hi Ina DAO! I wās just writing a message to your telegram group but wās booted out, I think there was a math thing I didn’t answer as I was typing hehe. Ahwell.
I’d love to know if this open call is open to musicians too!


It is! All forms of art that can be minted on Mintbase are very welcome :smiley:

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Looking forward to see your project :smiley:

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About me

My name is Emma and I am a journalist and also an artist. I was born and grew up in Spain but also have British nationality from my mother. I moved to Lisbon almost three years ago and have been working here ever since. Although the outbreak of Covid and the need to self isolate brought sad times, it also gave me the opportunity while being housebound to experiment with new hobbies and learn a lot about art, which had always been a passion of mine. Over the past few years I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and getting acquainted with a lot of female artist friends.

Experience and portfolio

Previous documentaries: Donde esta mi casa (2016) DONDE ESTA MI CASA V1 - YouTube

WordPress: emmigrando.wordpress.com

Instagram: soyvariopinta / emmigrando

About the project

Last November a group of us mounted an exhibition in a cultural center, here in Lisbon. I would like to thank every soul in this city that has given me the inspiration and confidence to believe that I can create art. For that reason I would like to make a documentary about female artists and their relationship with the city, and to try to explain the sensation of how being outside of your home country, a foreigner, actually gives you more freedom and an incentive to be imaginative, create and design.

Budget and deadline

I calculate I will need a budget of 500 dollars approximately. I plan to film over three days, in different parts of Lisbon. I already have in mind a female that has already agreed to be interviewed.

I estimate that it will cost me around 350 dollars for the material and to rent the camera and sound system and then I also want to be able pay something to some of my friends that are going to help me shoot.

I think I can have everything finished by beginning of September.

Thanks for the opportunity!

Kind regards.

Emma :heartpulse:


@neenTAE you should check this out


hellow girls, here is my project.

Hope you like it and we can make this, and others, projects together.



Hi, I have written some comments on your proposal.


Hi, thank you for your submission. Could you give a bit more details about the following; timeline (ie: shooting, editing, finished project). Also a budget on how much money you need, where and how this money will be spent. Looking forward to your response.


Hi, I have left a comment on your proposal.


Thanks for your quick response. I calculate I will need a budget of 500 dollars approximately. I plan to film over three days, in different parts of Lisbon. I already have in mind a female that has already agreed to be interviewed.

I estimate that it will cost me around 350 dollars for the material and to rent the camera and sound system and then I also want to be able pay something to some of my friends that are going to help me shoot.

I think I can have everything finished by beginning of September.

Kind regards,


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Good day sisters,

Here’s my projects proposal for INA Supports your Super Power 2.
Hope we can have a good projects success.


Hello Ina Dao! I am interested In this bounty as a performance artist. I am also new to this network and hope to find some ideas and help on how mint a performance peace.
Thank you all


Hi, that sounds interesting. Please provide more detail about the project, timeline of the project, budget and a link to previous work. Looking forward to seeing your proposal. In order to mint a performance piece, you would have to record it and then mint the recording.


Maree Lawn is a female solo vocal electronic music artist and performer, and she wishes to apply for a residency programme funding for the final week in August 2022, to be held at artistic residency Escola Normal in Funchal, Madeira, to focus on creating two new audio tracks, each with their own visual aspect, to be minted in Nearhub and Crypto voxels gallery of Ina Dao, and performed at the end of the residency programme at Escola Normal on the 30th of August 2022. Shannon is open to recording the set so Ina Dao can use it at a later time,if that would be useful and make a stronger case for the funding of this residency.

The money will go towards costs for the one week, such as flights to and from Lisbon(€110 including transporting the musical gear) to Maderia, food and living expenses (€50) a donation to the space for hosting (€40), the creation of the visual aspects of each piece (€150 x2, €300 total) and the creation of each musical piece (150x2, €300 total) requesting a total of €800.

The two pieces will be written around the following themes relevant for women in music and art in general:
One of the songs will be composed around the theme of standing on ones own feet, being the hero of ones own life, powerful women who make their own shit happen. Hope and optimism for a brighter today and a brighter future.
The second song will be about the support we receive from people who love us and who we love, how we cannot possibly be seperated from the souls we surround ourselves with and all who have come before us, and all who will come after us. A graceful acceptance of all that is and has been, our interconnectedness with all of life around us.

Maree Lawn is a New Zealand woman in the male-dominated fields of music performance and production, her work revolves around the sacred feminine, fearless evolution and overcoming ones own internal and external struggles to both make our own unique individual delicious dreams come true, and simultaneously make the world a more beautiful place.
She celebrates, supports and collaborates with female artists to incorporate more female power into the field of sound exploration.
She works to break down the walls preventing humans from expressing themselves musically, internally and externally.
With a lifetime deep in music; (including an honors degree from New Zealand’s premier University of Jazz) a sense of adventure carried this young kiwi across the world.
She was eventually brought to Portugal, where she has spent the last 5 years fulfilling her wildest creative dreams, such as performing at music festivals, creating music for Netflix and international collaborations and tours with :papercutz (in Japan) and The Periwigs (Switzerland). See Press kit linked here, created by the awesome Muti Dao, for recent events and works.


Hi, I don’t have access to the press kit. Also, could you please provide a budget. Thank you.


thank you for providing the info

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Hey Ina peeps!
As suggested, I’m going to post @eusouatoa , carmen and mine proposition here as a manner to not get lost <3



portfólio: https://mailzabernardmb.wixsite.com/portfolio
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mailzabernard/

Hello I’m MailzaBernard, 31 years old, multimedia artist. I was born in São Paulo and raised in Minas Gerais. since 2019 I reside in the city of Tiradentes, MG. I studied Fashion Design and Arts Applied to Ceramics. In my creations I question from decolonial feminist perspectives, in a cut about identity, maternity and ecofeminism. I mix several languages as a way to experiment transdisciplinarity and disobedience to artistic traditionalism. I revisit traditional knowledge such as ceramics and embroidery and associate them with contemporary, hybrid, digital and performative art in an attempt to reclaim the place of the artisans as artists.

A year ago I started the work Unsustainable Structures that developed in Puerperium on the Island of Bones which is a practical/theoretical research that welcomes the poetic and plastic unfoldings of performative and transmedia sculptures, elaborated from symbols that represent motherhood. Based on representations of bones, wombs, and umbilical cords I ponder critical reflections on feminism, the basis of my questionings being my experience as a postpartum woman. I use historical perspectives and decolonial references to analyze artistic manifestations about motherhood that somehow share my anguish as a woman-mother. The main goals of this research are to investigate the performativity and co-dependent relations with the performative body of ceramic objects, from sculptures and their poetic unfoldings, exploring transmedia aspects. The disruption of patterns in ceramic production and discuss micropolitics of maternal resistance, such as breastfeeding and economy of care.

The fatigue and high-demand of caring for a newborn will naturally fall on the mother, due to biological factors such as breastfeeding and a greater need for the baby’s affection coming from the intra-uterine bond. However, some social factors contribute to make motherhood even more exhausting, which according to this research revolves around three axes: lack of public policies, organization in nuclear families, and devaluation of pro-creative work.

Women are socialized from childhood to have motherhood with the full realization of femininity, these symbols reinforced by jokes, tales, myths and the hegemonic media that show an idealized motherhood are confronted when the reality of becoming a mother reflects in “loss of financial independence, loss of individual space and time, loss of status and extreme restrictions of freedom in addition to changes in the body; often irreparable scars and physical trauma.” (Eti Wade, 2013). These idealized mother roles cause distortions of reality and generate guilt, compulsory motherhood, and devaluation of maternal labor.

In view of these discussions I would like to address in this paper problematic issues about motherhood, such as frustrations, social abandonment, and exhaustion. Despite the widespread myth of the village taking care of the child, what prevails in the experiences with other mothers is the overload of all the responsibility that weighs on the mother’s or grandmother’s back. The mother’s work is heavy and made invisible in the name of love. In fact, it is part of an oppressive project of the patriarchal system to tie women to the reproductive and care sphere while “the verdict of oppression and multiple workdays, which justified in the female capacity to concentrate on multiple things at the same time, taught and attributed to her as a natural condition, denies the condition of overexploitation” (Mother’s child! Feminist Contradictions of Motherhood Laiany Rose Souza Santos Carla Apenburg Trindade).

In this work we also intend to include a decolonial perspective from the idea that motherhood in other societies and cultures can be seen as a central expression of women’s identity, in a collective way, without associating it to gender relations or marriage, as seen in Oyèrónké Oyěwùmí’s book about the Yoruba society of southwestern Nigeria, The Invention of Women: Making an African Sense of Western Gender Discourses (1997).

How to think of motherhood from a Latin American decolonial feminism incorporating symbols from the original communities and Afro-Brazilian culture, ignoring the rational logic that impregnates the aesthetics, following an intuitive and autobiographical model, that in the methodology of experience narrates the learnings of the process and frees itself from certain academic ties to broaden the poetic discourse.

Here are some photos of the work in development and an excerpt from the performance video I am developing, I should mention that I could not finish editing the video in 4K, and interrupted the studies of video performance, because my computer could not edit such a heavy file. Besides repairs in my ceramics studio I would use the grant to improve my equipment and thus be able to work on editing the video.

Ceramic kiln repair - $200
Notebook repair - $100
External hard drive - $60
Purchase of Clay - $100
Surviving Artist Payment - $350


Wow!!! :scream: Amayzing work.

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