[PROPOSAL] INA supports your super powers 2 - Beetlejuice

Hellow there <3

I’m Beetlejuice and you can know a little about me in my linktree and in my presentation in the forum.

My proposal to INA supports your super powers 2 is:

Inner Totem

A set of 13 cards/posters about spiritual animals.

The project

Creation of 13 original arts with a designated poem (you can read some of my poems here in Portuguese) to be minted as cards at Mintbase and to be printed and sand to people that buy a spacial NFT.

The stile of the cards/posters will follow the aesthetic bellow:

All the mins will have 2 versions: a digital one and a printed one. If you buy the digital, you got a nft card of the poster, if you buy the printed one you will receive (at the address you provided) a printed version off the poster with my signature. Te poem will be part of the art.


We, woman, know that we are a legion, cause we are many. Inside each one of us there is an universe. And in this universe (individual and collective that we share) there is a lot of things, one of them is this 13 spiritual animals totem.
This project is based in the Ojibwe shamanism and in the Jungian research of Clarissa Pinkola Estés that is in the book Women Who Run with the Wolves.
I want to share part of me and my universe with my sisters, because my universe is part of ours universe, then, this power animal can bring some whisperer to them.


  • Creating the arts; poetry and composition of the 13 cards/posters (13 x 37USD) = 481USD
  • Print them (13 arts x 13 units each = 169 prints // 1USD/poster) = 169USD
  • Ship the poster (will be embed in the printed NFT price) = 0USD

Total: 650USD


  • research: 2 days
  • creation of composition: 2 days
  • create 1 poster: 5 days
    - create art
    - create poetry
    - close the archive for print and mint it
    - close and mint the digital file

They will be made 1 by one, so, after 4 days of research and creation of the composition we will have a card/poster every 5 days.

Hope you all enjoy my little madness here and want to bring it to life. But, just to put this project in words it was already worth it.

Be in the journey


Thank you for your submission. You have included everything we asked for, and your description is very concise. We will let everyone know the winner(s) shortly after August 1st!

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i’m here with fingers crossed <3


Hi Everyone!
It was a hard choice because we had so many great proposals. But we are happy to announce the winners of this residency program are @beetlejuice , @Mareelawn , and @Mailza. We will contact each one of you shortly.



i WIN <3 :scream: :scream: :scream:

thank you so much <3
:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


OMG!!! I’m very happy with this news! Very grateful!

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I have sent you a message. Also could you please join the INA DAO Telegram group - Telegram: Contact @inadao

i love the Kraken art!

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Digital one: 13 copies of each poster, 13 NEAR each one

Print version:
the 13 arts were minted with a different cover image indicating that its a print version.
to receive the print version, the buyer need to fill a form.
After this i will use a print on demand service (RedBubble). I tried find a web3 service that print nft, but no one in NEAR Protocol appears.
here the links:

i also share the gallery open to my friend from web2 <3

I already told, but i want to repeat.
I loved to make this project. I thanks INA DAO and it council. And thank the other 2 artist with a incredible work <3

Hope our journeys cross again


Only that piece is showed in a correct way

Other links show that error:

I don’t see the option to get physical copy, even in description

i’m still minting, thats why my report its a draft. soon they will be on mintbase.

due to mintbase errors, i dont know what to do :frowning:

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for me they all appear as minted

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i enter again in each one from my profile than got a new url, se if you can see the mints now, pls

I can open all of them now :relieved:
Nice work @beetlejuice !

What about the physical copy?
Did i understood correctly, that price already have reserved part to ship them?
And how you will contact the buyers or where they will be able to provide shipping address?

the print version will be other nft. i’m doing some tests to make sure the idea will work.
and yes, the price will be add in the nft price. i was thinking to make a form for the buyer fill, what do you think, do you have any sugestion?

I like the idea of form, you can also take a look on telegram Near Mail Bot. Maybe this bot will provide a better communication with buyers :innocent:

Wish you luck with testing, and hope to hear about yhe results.

I also saw an nft primtig service which also provides shipping, but forgot the name and even not sure does it also provides service for NEAR ecosystem

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report edited and finished <3