[closed] DJ/Musician for INA's gallery show in October

Hello DJ and Musician Community!

INA DAO is having monthly gallery shows, where DJs and musicians are welcome to share their music!

On October 4th, we’re having an exhibit for our artists in residency program called INA Supports Your Superpowers 2.

To make this moment even more special, we’re looking forward to including a music set that can help us keep the spirits high during the event. If it sounds like you, please reply in comments with your social media profiles and links to your work. We’ll prioritize artists that identify themselves as female and/or include the feminine in their work, in accordance with INA’s values and identity .

If you’re selected, we’ll ask you for a pre-recorded set with good-quality sound, so that we can stream it in the show. It should include audio and video, with a duration of about 40 minutes to 60 minutes to be shown either on YouTube or Twitch.

As per the reward, it will be 150 USD in DAI (stable coin).

Please note, the deadline for submissions will be September 22nd and we will let you know by September 27th so you will have time to prepare.

Please feel free to drop a message in our Telegram in case you have any queries. You can also find us on our Instagram and on Twitter.

Looking forward to your submissions :purple_heart: :notes: :headphones:


Thank you for tagging #dj-dao in this post!
We will be sure to share this post with the female DJs of our community and direct them towards your socials.

All the best!


I’m DJ Stella (Bossbae)
An active member of the dj DAO muti DAO and others. I have participated in some visible activities around the ecosystem.
Here’s the link to my socials

Twitter: https://twitter.com/i_am_djstella/status/1564739979363991555?s=21&t=VeO4EHgj9wU_9EunpOpzvw

Facebook: Redirecting...

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tv/Cd8I9eMtV_P/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

Here’s the link to my live performance:
SEED GALLERY OPENING AND PARTY - YouTube, Djstella's mini video.mp4 - Google Drive

I’ll be glad to get a positive responses


Hey, my name is 1ntu1t1on, and I am a female (she/her) DJ artist based in Brazil. My influences include sounds such as drum n’ bass, hard techno, hard house, video game and anime soundtracks, carioca funk (Brazilian funk), different kinds of trance, as well as experimental music. I try to make a cohesive set out of several genres :slight_smile:

This is my Souncloud profile

This is a set I recorded for F[r]esta, a festival dedicated to the experimental music scene from Rio de Janeiro

My Near wallet is 1ntu1t1on.near

Thank you for the opportunity INA DAO :butterfly:


I’m May HD, sound/visual artist (nft art) and DJ.
My career began in 2003 and I’m currently participating in events in the metaverse.
It will be a great pleasure to animate your party!
Check out my portfolio: djmayhd | Instagram, YouTube, Spotify | Linktree
Latest performance: FEMINU AUGUST SHOW | DJ MAY HD feat JUNIX 11 - YouTube
Thanks and good luck!


Happy to know it’s you and that you are here! =)


@GeminiRising do keep #dj-dao in the loop regarding your upcoming gallery shows!

We would be happy to allocate some of our future monthly budgets towards covering the USD150 payment for the DJs who are involved in future shows beyond October. As DJ DAO we are keen to do our part in supporting DJs who identify themselves as female (and/or include the feminine in their work). On that note, we would still like to leave the selection of performers to you as we respect INA DAO’s values and identity.

Excited for the upcoming event!


thank you! we will discuss this at our meeting next week


Hello applying DJs. This bounty is now closed and we will be making our decision within the next couple of days. Thank you all for applying.


Hi everybody,
We have decided to go with DJ May HD this time around. We liked all of your work and we are hoping that you will all apply again for our next event in November. DJ May, please message me here for timing. And we would greatly appreciate you all joining our Telegram group Telegram: Contact @inadao


what good news! I’m really happy and excited to create this playlist and perform for the INA exhibition :star_struck:


hey! I wanna say thanks and ask about our schedule, please.


sent you a message on Telegram


Hello @netunoblu
Thanks for this offer! We would like to know more about it.
Our next show will be on November 7th. We were planning on doing an open call for DJs for this event.
As I understand, DJ DAO can make the open call and then leave the selection to us? If thats the case we are happy to do it that way.