[INTRODUCTION] About my self and being in NEAR ECOSYSTEM

Hellow Nearians,

I am Gellie Quisemundo aka @ImJami2017, and i will shared my profile introductions about my self ,history of work and what are the things i obtain to my self and achieve being here in NEAR Ecosystem.


  • Educational Attainment
  • Works Experience
  • Entering World of Crypto Currency Ecosystem
          - Crypto Enthusiasts
          - Trading Experience
          - Learning Blockchain
          - Crypto Investment
 • Entering NEAR Ecosystem
          - My Experience
          - Being Part of the Team
          - Accomplishment
          - Benefits i receive


   -  Receive grants of Scholarship from mayor in Taguig.
   -  Receive Achievement Certificates
   -  Win in Art Competition and receive rewards
   -  Leader in Drama club
   -  Leader in different activities such as Debates and Thesis projects.
   -  I also used my talents drawing for extra earnings, i receive projects and homework creation like Interior Designing.

     - Best in Trouble Shooting in major subjects of Electronics.
     - Leader in Drama Club
     - Leader in different activities involving projects presentation for documenting "Teaching poor kids in Squatter area".
     - Receive grants as the top scorer students with the highest grades of plot 1 students.
     - Unfortunately i needed to stop my studying for some financial reason.


  - I work in Dubai in my ages of 20 yrs old ,. I work as a service cleaner.
  - 5 months i learn to understand and study their languages "Arabic", learn basic languages even numbers, their foods and cultural beliefs.
  - 2 yrs my contract ended and went back to Philippines.

  -  After working in Dubai, i decided to go to Abu Dhabi also to work as cleaner, but i end up having a skin disease so i need to go back in Philippines after 1 year working in Abu Dhabi.

-  After my skin disease been healed in 5 months i decided to work back in Malaysia in 2014. I work as a Service cleaner and a Caregiver. While working in Malaysia, that's how i learn and meet the Singaporean blogger who teach about crypto currency trading.


     - While working in Malaysia, i begun to study about crypto currency , BTC was too cheap at that time price per 1 BTC is $438 dollars.

    - As i'm learning crypto currency , i followed Singaporean blogger who teach about "How to trade". The benefits i learn from him is absolutely fascinating. I experience to trade to my self from my starter accounts in MT4 accounts in FX Primus Trading system. 
    - Due to my work is in Malaysia as a service cleaner and a caregiver, i can't focus in my trading so after a years past of my contracts i go home to my country but bring the knowledge I've learn from crypto trading. 

   - After learning crypto currency in Malaysia., i also learn about blockchain., different blockchain cross ecosystem. Smarts Contracts and Trading Investment too.

   - As i evolving from learning crypto currency and blockchains, while settling here in Philippines., I also been involve in different crypto investments with hype projects. All parts and different crypto projects i join i guess., mining , farming, smarts contract investments, shits token, Gamefi, Defi, Airdrop, Decentralized and Centralized. Some also i experienced being scammed in different projects.


   - While I'm staying and working here in the Philippines in an OVERSEAS WORKERS Agency. I believe being in investment is a lot of losses and winning experience. Then 1 day i meet NEAR Ecosystem.

  From my 1st day in NEAR Ecosystem December 2021 ,1st i didn't see the common goal they trying to explain but then i started to learn what's the focus on this projects. I join eventually in different groups and participated different events. As i stayed long ,i begun to learn that im bringing back to life my specials skills that i been holding up after being work abroad.

   - As i being most often active in the community. I become knowledgeable in NEAR Ecosystem and what's benefits you can gain on this. I become part of the team like @NEARmemedaily groups who help me being entitled and have my own community as well, thanks to sir @naveen_in for giving me this opportunity. I become admin in my own community handling @NEARmemedaily Pilipino groups. I teach my community what is NEAR ecosystem and what's the benefits they can gain and also learning blockchain and how they will trade their own token. As our groups create meme's and we paid them by creating meme's . I also create reports for the team and managing team works. After being in NMD group i also been receive a work job in NEAR NFT Club @nearnft as a moderator in discord group, it was big blessings for me to receive this job. I handled games events and Pilipino community as well. I even create weekly games report for the record that by running games events. I also Assisting some collaborations inquiries. I am always excited for my work being done in every week. And also i receive job orders working in Sender Wallet as moderator. It was really great to be in the team as well. Handling inquiries and handling Philippines group too. 

   - Now i'm holding @Nearmemedaily Philippines Group we receive good feedbacks in our team. The things that made me happy is that i receive accomplishment to my self that i learn to my self i can help others by simple having this community they can earn while creating meme only. Its really a big help to my community this great projects of meme-daily.
   - And for @nearnft, i was so happy that we receive different collaborations and teams trying to achieve partnerships around NEAR Ecosystem and i saw how dedication they are trying to made just to become a lived the community. We even used our own funding from our pockets just to have run an game events so the people will enjoy being parts with us and we receive good engagements in our community.
   - And in Sender Wallet community, people keep coming and joining with us. I even introduces the function of sender wallet extension of how this will work and handling error inquiries and reports problem.

   - After a months staying here in NEAR Ecosystem i meet new people and same nationality . I struggled creating arts for joining different bounty in gov.near.org forum but its really awesome and challenging for me to used my talents too. I learn from my team and different groups as well. I meet different people around the world,  I earn enough and manage to avail and buy laptop to my work and its really thankful for being here in this NEAR Ecosystem.

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Nice write up about yourself.
Keep it up

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Thank you sir @BigM007 :hugs:

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Thanks for helping us in MEME DAILY and NFT Club to build the Philippines community from the scratch and now running them smoothly. I appreciate your efforts Jami.


Thank you so much sir for giving me opportunity having in NEAR Ecosystem…:raised_hands: Long Live NMD…:raised_hands: