[Report] Weekly Telegram Report (17-24 January)

Previous week telegram report can be seen here

Previous month telegram report can be seen here

Bi-Monthly Discord Report for first two weeks of January can be seen here

Statistics from Near Protocol Telegram Official:

Here is our top members of last week:

Overview of Statistic from 16-25 Jan:

Total members 51K>>>>>>50.5K

Total posts 287.9K>>>>>297.4K

Viewing members 8.8K>>>>>>>8.1K

Posting members 691>>>>>>> 689

Well there’s a bit of decline in viewing members mainly due to bearish trend in Crypto Markets and decline in members should be mainly due to bots leaving the group that joined weeks ago during Crafting Finance Airdrop Event.!

Few Important Events for the week:

We’ve a bunch of events coming up so make sure to check our telegram group once in a while and stay tuned with all important announcements around the ecosystem through our telegram!


thank you for getting these things up together. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: it helps a lot for the monthly report