[Approved] She is Near

@MarketingDAO, and @MarketingDAOcouncil we are submitting this proposal with a great deal of pride. SHE IS NEAR is a coalition of global women who have come together to develop community, content, technology and leadership that will become the central meeting place for exciting projects and people on NEAR.

This request is to get us started during the transition period for HoM. Budget and charter for HoM are also being prepared. But we want to start creating presence and onboarding women before V1 starts. We are actively developing our partnership and education plans, incubation frameworks, research goals and technology aims all of which will roll out in 2024.

History of SHE IS NEAR:

Women offer unique, collaborative, and vital perspectives to businesses they lead. The Harvard Business Review highlights, “firms with more women in senior positions are more profitable, more socially responsible, and provide safer, higher-quality customer experiences” (Research: Adding Women to the C-Suite Changes How Companies Think). Inspired by this insight, SHE IS NEAR, our new DAO, recognizes the perfect timing with the NDC v1 launch to integrate women’s leadership strengths into this new phase of self-governance on NEAR. Our goal is to be a vibrant grassroots DAO in the NEAR Ecosystem.

We aim to:

a) encourage professional growth and networking among women on NEAR and partnerships with Women in web3 organizations at large;

b) ensure a supportive and secure environment for women to express themselves and build freely;

c) function as a dynamic Grassroots DAO to bolster women-led initiatives.

Launched to enhance women’s representation in the NDC, we are proud that three women are currently elected within this initial government. SHE IS NEAR is committed to empowering women to run for office and acquire governance skills, emphasizing the importance of their representation—after all we constitute half the planet. Our goal is inclusive co-leadership within the entire ecosystem, achieved through clarity and collaboration with our diverse international members on the protocol.

We advocate strongly for NEAR’s support for women who possess incredible insight and perspectives vital to the expansion of our mutual passion – Web 3 and the emerging NDC. Established as the NDC was initiated, our DAO strives to invigorate leadership on NEAR and amplify our voice in future elections. Our community boasts OG members who have proven their mettle, including developers, founders, NDC members, NEAR Foundation executives, and community members integral to NEAR’s most interesting projects. Our achievements encompass international projects, developers, creatives, legal professionals, and economists who are devoted to NEAR’s mission of extending phenomenal technology to an expanding blockchain ecosystem.

SHE IS NEAR aims to:

  • Elevate awareness of the NEAR ecosystem and community, along with the NDC, by collaborating with various Women in Web3 groups.
  • Cement a significant presence within NEAR, offering a nurturing, educational, and productive environment for women in the ecosystem.
  • Present tangible and objective KPIs to illustrate the effects of women’s participation and contributions.

Our DAO is dedicated to establishing a decentralized, transparent, and autonomous platform that empowers women to engage, partake in decision-making, and enhance representation at every level. Our primary objectives include:

  • Cultivating a community of women who align with our vision for a fairer and more sustainable WEB3.
  • Offering a stage for collaboration, idea exchange, and contribution to NEAR Ecosystem’s evolution and growth.
  • Ensuring operational transparency and accountability.
  • Developing an ecosystem that compensates women for their contributions, incentivizing actions that benefit the DAO.

Vision Statement:

We aspire to forge an environment where women enjoy equal opportunities and representation across the Near Ecosystem. We foresee our DAO as a pivotal force advocating for gender equality, social justice, and environmental sustainability. Our long-term objectives involve constructing a sturdy, resilient ecosystem, independent of external funding, and empowering women from diverse backgrounds to engage in ecosystem decision-making, fostering innovation and creativity by availing necessary resources.

Grant request: 7,000 USD (link on the budget spreadsheet)

KPIs for the 1st month are aligned with the whole NDC vision, provided by CoA, and with Key metric for social engagement:

  1. Create a strong social media presence on: Twitter, Telegram, Near.social, LinkedIn, Medium

  2. Utilize content, events, AMA, Manifesto, PR to make an immediate impact

  3. Create coalition awareness in the NEAR community

  4. Onboard more women to the working group outside from NEAR ecosystem

  5. Create brand identity

  6. On-chain accounts retention after 4 weeks — 15% of accounts who continue interacting on chain (on our near.social page) over a month

  7. Social Media Milestones:

  • Open accounts on the most relevant social media platforms (Twitter, Telegram, Near.social, LinkedIn, Medium, YouTube, Instagram), set them up with a solid media plan, including partnerships
  • X and NEAR SOCIAL Accounts grow to followers, number of posts and approx.outreach
    • Posts, likes, and followers / views in social media produced by the users (KPI HOM Metrics)
    • X we aim 50 followers
    • NEAR SOCIAL 15 followers (1 mo)
  • LinkedIn - 10-15 connections with women in NEAR ecosysten and outside, share every post and article from other socials
  • Medium - 12-18 articles posted and shared
  • Drive an active community on Near.social - 15-20 active followers, share every post and article from other socials
  1. Content Creation Milestones:
  • Weekly review: a weekly update on the happenings of the DAO
  • Content Calendar: this is a detailed schedule of content for the Socdial Media Team to drive and communicate, track and use long term
  • Manifesto: developed from our questionnaire, brand polls and images this Manifesto will be used for Online shares, merch, socials and our Near Social content to dive the brand, interest and onboarding
  • Press Release: press release announcing the DAO, goals, coming events
  • SHE IS NEAR Profiles of Women (articles)
    • A total of 8 profiles the first month (2 per week) – 250-350 word
    • Profiles shared on ALL socials and our site - estimated outreach (7500 impressions, likes)
    • Overtime we highlight all NEAR women as well as other profiles to become the HUB for insights on women leadership on-chain.
  • AMA/Twitter spaces - 1 per month – Cross-Platform Community Managers and Women led projects on NEAR (target views/guests 350)
    • First AMA: This is a NEAR women led project AMA with guest women community managers from many platforms to engage, respond and create networking and partnership ideation
  • “Good News Fridays” - 1 weekly
    • Social Shares of successes about women-led projects
    • Institute a Friday pattern for people to share their good news
    • Write context wrap-ups and other supportive content for socials
    • Target impressions 4K
  1. Coalition Awareness Milestones:
  • Create a list of relevant groups we want to partner with - spreadsheet with up to 30 Women in Web3 organizations with PoCs
  • Push our current questionairre for external interested new members SHE IS NEAR invite Preformatted text
  • Connect with them in general chat and one-on-ones with key leaders
  1. Onboarding Actions:
  • Onboard 20-35 women into our community through our invite form.
  • create at 2 contests: create and manage memes, Gif etc contests to onboard, retain members and achieve at least 150 interactions for each contest on socials like near social, twitter and telegram etc.
  • create at least 4 community activation quests to unlock activation token. By that, we are planning to increase attraction, engagement and onboard new members.We are expecting min. 100 interactions for each quest.
  • Grow our telegram DAO participants by 50%
  1. Brand Identity Milestones:

Decentralized Grand Creation:

  • Create an internal questionnaire to determine the values, objectives, personality trail and styles that the groups want to be see reflected on the brand identity – ONCHAIN target 25

  • Onchain voting will be held on NEAR SOCIAL

  • Create a brand discovery miro board to lay out the findings from the initial form and vote on the key most relevant key points.

  • Create a mood board and receive feedback from the group

  • Create 3 options for the brand that will reflect the work done before, putted to a vote – Target 50

  • Roll out the brand asset for social media based on the selected winner

  • Once the brand has been selected the votes will receive in their wallets an NFT based on the brand winner using ShardDog. A valuable digital asset that shows you were part of the creation of the brand.

Why our team is uniquely suited to succeed in this project:

We have an active TG She Is Near of 34 people. We have core members which include: Johanga, Chloe, Sharufa, Dabbie, Sarah, Lex, Blessed, Jane, Marilyn, Reespect, Tabea, Klara, and others.

Thank you in advance for your ideas and support. We are open to collaboration and look forward to working with MDAO as we develop this exciting venture!


Hey @lex thanks for this – can you update and tag @marketingdao-council on this so council members will see and review? Thanks!


Thank you for your proposal, sisters of the ecosystem. slightly_smiling_face:

I am a firm believer in inclusion in all aspects of development and growth, and I am delighted to see your initiative, which will eventually become a DAO.

Without a doubt, the group of teams ready to take on or participate in the initiative will deliver.

But my current concern is that you are launching a new initiative. Regardless of the team background, it is risky to invest in a start-up without any traction. This is a mistake many investors used to make, focusing on projected data and valuation. In our ecosystem, the case is no different. It is best to start your initiative in the probation stage and later apply for funding with the traction you have and the commitments report.

Am open to discussing more about this as an advisor, either in your tg group or dm to see how we can align.


Hey @lex thanks for updating - for many reasons I would like to find a way forward toward funding for She is NEAR. I think a DAO devoted to onboarding women-identifying folks into the ecosystem is needed, and I think there is much work to be done and many benefits from expanded opportunities for women builders and NEAR champions.

It’s clear the team is a reputable group of long-time ecosystem participants, and that you have put a lot of work into the proposal and to the thinking around why this group should exist.

Here’s what I’ve responded to a number of proposers and would like to hear from the team. Here is a link to the MarketingDAO Guidelines for October that were posted on the forum. They contain the NDC’s KPIs we are asked to focus on for allocating this month’s funds.

I’ll paste them here so it’s easier to review:

Please use the following metrics that will be used for tracking individual initiatives’ performance by Marketing (Eco) DAO. All the metrics must be attributable to the relevant project/initiative through on-chain activity and off-chain reporting, ensuring GDPR compliance and preserving privacy:

  1. Accounts retention after 1/2/4/8 weeks — the percentage of accounts who continue interacting on the chain over a given time period (higher is better)
  2. Account acquisition cost — budget divided by the number of accounts interacting through the funded initiative (lower is better)
  3. Median number of dApps used by P95 accounts retained for 1+ week (higher is better)
  4. Number of accounts retained for 1+ week using at least three dApps (higher is better)
  5. Social engagement score — some compound metric of the number of posts, likes, and followers/views in social media produced by the users.

Let’s take this example: Why should Marketing (Eco) DAO fund Project X?

  1. Project X should have a clear goal and target audience
  2. Project X should bring improvements to several metrics listed above

Based on the above, can you share:

  • Share answer to Question #2 above
  • Which of the above KPIs your initiative will use if funding is received
  • How you will track and share the results with MDAO so we can have visibility into the results?
  • What is the most important aspect of this proposal, the most crucial to fund – what will have the most impact for the community?

The reality is that MDAO has 40+ pending proposals for limited funds, so it is likely we will be asking for revisions and some reductions in scope in order to fund the highest impact activities and projects as we move into mid-Q4.


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Thank you for reviewing our proposal, we will keep working the proposal to adhere to the MDAO Guidelines.


Hi @lex just wanted to flag up that the MDAO is now reviewing proposals for November. I note that this proposal was postponed from October.

Please feel free to amend your proposal to align with our KPIs and we will review.


Hi @cryptocredit,

Thank you for your response. Here are the new points to adjust better to the KPIs.

KPI’s Metris

Accounts retention after 1/2/4/8 weeks — we hope 5 on week 1/ 10 week 2/ 15 week 4/ 40 week 8

  1. Account acquisition cost (base on grant request for branding of 1000 USD) — 22 (accounts that voted final brand) + 13 (voted on brand creating) + 22 (STB minting of the selected brand) + 16 (followers on near.social) = 73 (13.7 USD per account interaction on-chain)

  2. Median number of dApps used by P95 accounts retained for 1+ week (higher is better): 3, near.social and Shardog (we will use shard dog to send a minted STB to the people that participated on the brand creation), Account creation on Popula

  3. Number of accounts retained for 1+ week using at least three dApps (higher is better): near.social 16 followers, Popula 10 followers, sherdog 22 wallets engaged

  4. Social engagement score (base on budget allocated to Social Media of 1000 USD)

  5. X 250 USD: 100 followers ( 2.5 USD per follower), likes 10 per post, comments 5 per post

  6. Telegram 250 USD: 35 new members (7.1 USD per new member).

  7. near.social 250 USD: 20 Followers (12.5 USD per follower).

  8. LinkedIn 250: 30 Followers (8.3 USD per follower).

Why should Marketing (Eco) DAO fund Project She is Near?

Because with our goals the ecosystem will become more diverse, inclusive, welcoming and with a larger community of builders, marketers, founders, devs and creatives.

Which of the above KPIs your initiative will use if funding is received

Social engagement score.

How will you track and share the results with MDAO so we can have visibility into the results?

We will create a transparency report outlining the results of the metrics using a blend of on-chain activity and excel by creating a spreadsheet that we will keep on track. Screenshots will be added as proof of the social media numbers. We will track on-chain onboarding on Shardog by dropping new followers a welcome NFT on their wallets when they give us a follow on social near and join our Telegram community.

What is the most important aspect of this proposal, the most crucial to fund – what will have the most impact for the community?

The most crucial aspect to fund is the Marcom efforts since from there we can start getting traction, and create awareness to onboard more women so that we can continue all the other programs we want to build. It will also help us retain the women that are already working in the ecosystem by showcasing their efforts.


Hey, @lex Could you please attach all of your social links and team profiles before the November review begins? Thanks

Hi @Bakaka,

Sure, here are our links:

Our socials




Blessed https://www.linkedin.com/in/blessed-ohadoma-42272923a/

Dabbie https://www.linkedin.com/in/daberechi-emmanuela-619316236/

Johanga https://www.linkedin.com/in/johanga-om/

Sarah Sarah Kornfeld - Founding member and Strategist, United States - RISING Partners | LinkedIn

Lex https://www.linkedin.com/in/lex-431933121/


Thank you once again for your proposal and efforts to edit it so that it aligns with our core values.

She is Near is a great initiative, and am genuinely impressed with the initiative am always a fan of inclusion in all aspects, and the commitment of the experienced team involved, like @sarahkornfeld, @johanga @Dabbie3229 and others, are all ecosystem OGs and great contributors.

She is Near looks promising and acknowledges the importance of the outlined metrics for success.

However, I would like to offer some insights for consideration. The proposed metrics and cost attached to them, such as growing X account to 50 followers, LinkedIn connections to 10–15, and posting 12–18 articles, 2.5$ per followers, 7.1$ per new telegram member, please all these breakdowns need to be revisited. i recommend starting with a small budget and iteratively expanding, especially considering the experimental nature of the initiative, which is more of a probationary stage.

Furthermore, while looking into the budget sheet and cost breakdown, i noted that the allocation of 13.7 dollars for on-chain account interaction looks comparatively high. my suggestion is to revisit the budget to gain a comprehensive understanding of each line item’s cost breakdown after you reduce it.

i believe that these adjustments will contribute to the overall success and sustainability of your initiative if approved, instead of requesting a huge budget that comes with lots of expectations. Your experienced team is undoubtedly achievable.

Take your time to re-amend the whole proposal.

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Hi @lex We are reviewing this for November. Noting the presence and success at NEARCON – congrats!

In reviewing this proposal, my view is that I would like to find a way forward so we can allocate community funds to SHE is NEAR, but compared to the other community groups and content initiatives requesting funding (Korea, Ukraine, Nearity, Arabic), this request is about twice as much.

I am also wary of allocating significant funding to early stage building out of multiple social channels and more in favor of focusing on a few core channels at first to prove audience engagement and traction.

Do you see any areas of this that could be streamlined in order to start in a more limited way and then build on that going forward?

Also I think it might be good to connect with the NEARWeek, Nearity and other teams to get their support in sharing SHE is NEAR news and updates regularly. It would be great to see a regular spot for mentioned SHE is NEAR across other ecosystem platforms as well as building up your own, and I think they would support it (I hope!)

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Hi @so608 and @Bakaka

Thank you for your feedback. Although we feel the value of our work actually exceeds the initial proposed budget, we are willing to reduce it as we understand the guides and restrains of MDAO. We are also aware that this transition periods is hard and we are flexible with the process, therefor we will like to reducing the budget in haft to 4,500. The details can be seen in the adjusted sheet.

Here are the new metric base on the new ask:

  1. Account acquisition cost (base on grant request for branding of 750 USD) — 22 (accounts that voted final brand) + 13 (voted on brand creating) + 22 (STB minting of the selected brand) + 16 (followers on social near) = 73 (10.3 USD per account interaction on-chain)
  2. Median number of dApps used by P95 accounts retained for 1+ week (higher is better): 3, Social Near and Shardog (we will use shard dog to send a minted STB to the people that participated on the brand creation), Account creation on Popula
  3. Number of accounts retained for 1+ week using at least three dApps (higher is better): Social Near 16 followers, Popula 10 followers, sherdog 22 wallets engaged
  4. Social engagement score (base on budget allocated to Social Media of 750 USD)
  • X 187.5 USD: 100 followers ( 8.9 USD per follower), likes 10 per post, comments 5 per post
  • Telegram 187.5 USD: 35 new members (5.3 USD per new member).
  • Social Near 187.5 USD: 20 Followers (9.4 USD per follower).
  • LinkedIn 187.5 USD: 30 Followers (6.2 USD per follower).
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Thank you for your changes, but it is still unclear about the cost of account retention and follower attraction. Please contact me via tg so that we can align @bakakaa or re-budget again between 2–3k max please.

  • (10.3 USD per account interaction on-chain)
    ( 8.9 USD per follower )
    (5.3 USD per new member )
    (9.4 USD per follower ).
    (6.2 USD per follower ).

Even for an existing initiative with traction, these costs are very expensive.

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Thanks @lex for answering questions and revisions. I am happy to support!


Hi @lex thanks for your proposal. I note the replies to comments from fellow council and advisor. Also that you have amended the amount requested. I am happy to support.

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Dear Marketing DAO contributor, your application was approved by Marketing (Ecosystem) DAO. The approved proposal included in November’s request to NDC Trust.

Please advise that during this transition period (NDC v0-v1), the following applications’ approval procedure:

Marketing (Eco) DAO November’s funding procedure:

:green_circle: 1. November 9-15th time for proposals from the Community;
:green_circle: 2. By November 15th, reviewing by MDAO councils, approval on governance forum, and creation post-request to NDC (HOM, CoA, NDC trust);
:yellow_circle: 3. November 15th-20st reviewing by HOM members and voting on chain;
:red_circle: 4. November 20th, in case of successful approval by HOM, HOM will pass the request to CoA to vote on-chain;
:red_circle: 5. November 20nd-26th – reviewing and voting by CoA;
:red_circle: 6. Once the CoA gives its approval, the Trustees will carry out the transaction, provided that the expenses align with the Trust’s objectives;
:red_circle: 7. KYC can be required for new applicants.

Disclaimer: some timelines can be changed due to the transition V0-V1 period.

So, during this time, please

VOTE :rocket:! To unlock funding for Community.


Support new Grassroots DAOs


  1. Fill out the form to pass KYC KYC Request Form (if not yet)
  2. Wait for future instruction from Marketing (Ecosystem) DAO and an invitation to create a transfer on Astro DAO.
  3. Please join NDC Marketing HUB Telegram: Contact @ndc_marketing
  4. Please get in touch with me on telegram @kmotiv 24/7 if you have any questions.

Hi @lex could you share a link to your Report to update on progress. Thanks

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Hi @cryptocredit,

Thanks for checking in!

Here’s our report.

Big thanks again for all the support from MDAO. We have achieved significant milestones this month and are genuinely appreciative.


Great report; next time should be on forum for transparency and the guideline structure.


Hi @Bakaka,

Thank you for your kind words and for highlighting the correct structure. I have now posted the report on the forum; you can find it here.