[APPROVED] PROPOSAL October activities for NPK Guild


Guild Name: NPK Guild

Funding Scheme: Monthly
Guild Lead: @damboy22
Detailed summary:

The last three quarters of the year has been an interesting one, the NPK Guild started as a local community of University students enthusiastic about Blockchain Technology seeing a future in the Near Ecosystem trying to educate and encourage their fellow immediate community of students about the Near Blockchain and all that it has to offer.
This journey was a daunting and never ending one as the Lockdown and COVID brought a very big challenge for physical meet-ups around the globe. Exploiting the social media we made the word of Near reverberate through the Sudan Savannah to the middle of the Swamp forest. And with an ever supporting team that saw community as the backbone of every successful community in our support, we rose up the ranks from a local guild working towards education to a regional guild representing the over 200 million populace of Nigeria.

This last quarter of 2021 will mark our first anniversary of been part of this exciting community that is ever dynamic. To make this grand the community came together to make up some activities to consummate the efforts of the core team in Nigeria.

Our Proposal:

We hope to sponsor the following:

  • Sponsoring the “Fintech Week 2021” scheduled to take place in Lagos, Nigeria
  • An all expense paid trip to Lagos for all team members to be part of the conference
  • Completing all legal registrations under the Corporate Affairs Commission
  • Acquiring an office for all our physical activities in and around our primary locality

The month of October is going to be massive as we have already pushed for legalization and we will be registering with the Government as an organisation “Incorporated Trustee”. To be sure of a physical presence as well we will be having an office situated in our primary city of presence, it being Kano. Details of full address will be provided as we finalise all legal matters associated with the acquisition of the office.

Also we’ve been invited to make sponsorships of the “Fintech Week 2021”, full proposal of which will be provided hereinafter with estimated costs of the whole event which is scheduled for the last week of October. This event which is annual, is one that includes all relevant stake holders in the financial and Financial technology industries around Africa. It is scheduled to take place in Lagos the largest economic city in Africa from 25th – 29th October 2021.

To maximise the opportunity of sponsoring the “Fintech Week” and ensuring NEAR is fully and well represented we also wish to propose the full sponsorship of all guild members air tickets as well as hotel fees for the 5 days the event will take place in Lagos. Read full details of the event as well as contacts of the organisers and official partners here https://nigeriafintechweek.org/

Our Goals:

  • Establish physical presence as well as legal certification to continue to operate in our jurisdiction
  • Introduce Near and the services it offers to the Nigerian Financial Tech industry
  • Maximise opportunities to make NEAR the major blockchain known by traditional financialists in Nigeria and Africa at large

We also seek to ensure community growth within Africa this will come up with a number of AMA sessions with African social media communities and more hacknodes in other cities of the country. Our long term targets also include launching our first native project and other marketing activities that will be unveiled.

Our Goals for Q4 are changed as we are more of a regional guild, as a result the guild will be funding the legalization procedure as well as the office place we hope to acquire.

Total Requested amount: $9500

DAO ID: npk-guild-nigeria.sputnikdao.near

October Funding Breakdown:

1. Sponsorship $4000
2. Guest House $1200
3. Guild Transportation $2800
4. CAC registration $500
5. Physical Office $1000
Grand Total $9500
  1. The sponsorship will give us the opportunity to speak and represent the Near Protocol in this audience of stake holders and key players in the Finance and Financial tech industry in Nigeria and Africa at large

  2. The guest house fee will be an apartment or two to cover accomodation fee for the 5 days period of the event.

  3. The transportation is estimate as a 2 way flight tickets for all 14 members of the guild with an average of $200 per head.

  4. CAC Registration; the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is the body saddled with the responsibility of registering corporate bodies. The fee enclosed here will include a one-time fee for registration of Near Protocol Nigeria (NPK Guild) as a recognised body by the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as well as all processing fees.

  5. The office we intend to accrue is a one year period, this office will be used for all NPK acttivities in the meantime. If there is a need to open up more or expand we will forward proposals.

About Fintech and its impact in Nigeria

Nigeria is now home to over 200 fintech standalone companies, plus a number of fintech solutions offered by banks and mobile network operators as part of their product portfolio. The fintech ecosystem in Nigeria is largely comprised of businesses focused on mobile payments, mobile lending and personal finance, including Wealthtech.

Mobile payments, payment processing, mobile lending and personal finance are the most prevalent types of fintech businesses in Nigeria.

Mobile payments: The payments and remittance subsector is the most prevalent subsector of the fintech sector in Nigeria and has become a source of investment in Nigeria. Following the release of the Payments Systems Vision 2020 of the Central Bank of Nigeria in 2007, Nigeria has witnessed an increase in the number of mobile and electronic payments solutions. Fintech companies are able to offer the option of making payment by scanning the QR Code. In addition, many licensed banks have also updated their mobile applications to enable customers to utilise QR Codes as a payment method.

Nigerian Fintechs Play Key Role in COVID-19 Pandemic

2020 was an unprecedented year across the world and countries such as Nigeria are still grappling with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Fintechs, however, rose to the occasion, with the likes of Softcom and PalmPay providing support to relief organisations and collaborating with state governments to set up support funds for vulnerable Nigerians affected by COVID-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic also meant that there was considerable reliance on digital infrastructure to service the needs of customers. For example, Flutterwave, a Nigerian payments system service provider, launched Flutterwave Store, a portal that allows African merchants and SMEs to create online stores to sell their products.

Notwithstanding the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic in the past 12 months, Nigeria has continued to bolster its reputation as one of the leading African markets leveraging technology to democratise financial services.

> For more details please reach out to the guild lead as tagged above or any of the guild members.


@David_NEAR can you pls view through our proposal


Absolutely, tagging @marketingdao-council for visibility, too :white_check_mark:


Hey guys, thank you for hopping on the call with me to clarify. Please don’t forget to clarify some of the items in your breakdown, but for visibility of other council members @marketingdao-council :

  • Sponsoring the Fin Tech event will give NEAR marketing coverage through: 1 speaking slot, cobranding in event venues, materials, event booth, and 50 passes to NPK members to attend the event.

  • Guest house and transportation will be for 14 members travelling from North to South of Nigeria (please correct me with the accurate details @damboy22 )

  • CAC Registration will allow NPK to operate as a recognized organization/entity in Nigeria

  • Office fund will be enough for them to rent a space big enough for all members for meetings and day to day office work for 1 year

I think we’re good to fund this through Sputnik once other council members share their feedback :slight_smile:

NPK will be attaching the above documents as proof and sharing files with the council members for transparency by end of the month.


As clearly stated, The 50 passes will involve the 14 team members and a selected number of community members who are presently around the venue where the conference will hold.

Like earlier said the team members are currently based in the northern part of Nigeria while the venue is at Lagos state which is the southern part of Nigeria. The fintech week is a 5-days event and we wish to show the elite of Nigeria financial sector what the potential of NEAR is and its uses in terms of making the financial sector more efficient and productive


This is really awesome and opening up great things in Nigeria.


@jcatnear all these have been rectified on the proposal all @marketingdao-council members can view it under the breakdown section of the proposal. Thanks once again for paying attention and understand what we have put forward for NEAR protocol.


Good to see members of the community creating a presence for NEAR at mainstream Fintech events. Good luck @damboy22 and your team. Looking forward to seeing a report and any media coverage.


Thanks when will it be possible to submit this proposal to the DAO for funding

This is fine on my side

cc @marketingdao-council


Thanks alot @David_NEAR Thanks to the whole team for supporting Nearprotocol Nigeria(NPKGUILD) vision right from day one. We have less than 1 week to the event and preparations are on the way


Good day when will the proposal be changed to approved as deadline is in two days @marketingdao-council

@damboy22 , please file for your payout :slight_smile:


Done thanks to @marketingdao-council for this opportunity submitted to the DAO

We have less than 24hrs to either show interest or not can this be approved on the DAO as soon as possible