[Closed] For Near Protocol Nigeria ( NPK Guild ) November/December activities

Guild Name: NPK Guild

Funding Scheme: Monthly
Guild Lead: @damboy22
Detailed summary:

This month of November we plan on building on what has been set up in the month of October in terms of Nigeria Fintech week and drawing creators into the NEAR ecosystem. With this in mind we would be focus on;

  1. Educating various Nigeria communities on what the Future holds for creative Art and Nigeria Culture

  2. Telling Nigerians how Nigeria Financial sector can produce better results when blockchain is infused into their respective solutions

  3. Showing Nigerians that entities in blockchain aren’t bot or people trying to hide their faces but are real humans like themselves

  4. Collaborations with respective sectors in terms of promoting Near in Nigeria

  5. Increase activities in all NEAR Protocol Nigerian communities

  6. Start up operations in our office based

  7. Meetings and Collaboration with relevant authorities in Nigeria starting from Kano state.

  8. Bringing in local creators from Nigeria starting from Kano state into NEAR ECOSYSTEM.

  9. Launching of Near Nigeria website.


  1. Increase activities within the near Nigeria telegram group in terms of number and interactions targeting an average of 50 messages per day

  2. Opening up more social media accounts in popular platforms individuals and corporate bodies use to get relevant information

  3. Creation of at least 2 quality written content and 1 video addressing issues written above which would be published on medium and uploaded on our YouTube and made visible through our website

  4. Creation of at least 8 graphics/Infographics/meme per week which will be used to interact with our communities on various social media platforms

  5. Translation of already prepared articles into the 3 major languages in Nigeria, meaning we expect to have a minimum of 6 Translations by the end of the month.

  6. Increase activities on our various social media handle, Increase awareness of Nigerians to what is happening in NEAR ECOSYSTEM

  7. Hosting at least two AMA sections one in NEAR Protocol Nigeria telegram group and second in any of Nigeria creator or developer group

  8. Launching of our website which will have direct feeds from NEAR Protocol pages, activities going on in NEAR Protocol Nigeria, Increase credibility for partnerships and awareness, training of developers etc.

  9. Office launch and running of daily operations.

  10. Collaboration with C1 GUILD to actualize getting creative Artists and the rest especially from Northern part of Nigeria into NFTs via AMAs, tweet chat sections and the rest

Looking at the above we have broken down the cost of operations as follows

  1. Social Media Management
  • Telegram Community Management
  • Twitter Community Management

Rewards: $4200 to all council members as they take shifts in coordinating activities daily on the Telegram as well as twitter communities

$500 each for the Twitter management and telegram Community Management

  1. Graphics, Infographics and audiovisuals
  • In form of bounties and based on improved activities for both council and non-council members

Rewards: $1000 as rewards splits for the best content created

  1. Articles and Translations

Rewards: $100 for each article, $100 for each translation and $50 for each graphics done making a total of $1200

  1. Office Management
  • Managing day to day affairs of the NPK Guild office situated at Suite 16 Haneefa Plaza, Court Road Kano

  • Expenses as they may arise regarding paperwork, maintenance as well as logistics

Funding: $1000 for the month

GRAND Total estimated requested funding is at $7400


Hey @Kareemc2 hope you are doing great

Why you deleted the post from 3 days ago with the same information and post it again here?

I give you guidance and advise to start with your activities and you ignored:

@Dacha take a look here, this is how I approach new members, guiding them so they can start working collaborating rigth away

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Ohh sorry he isn’t a new member, he is a part of Nearprotocol Nigeria Guild, he was tasked to put on the NPKGUILD ACTIVITIES for November

For details of the full event that occurred in the month of October can be viewed here

@David_NEAR can this be looked through

Hey NPK Guild! Thanks for sending this update. Can you please adjust the breakdown in USD instead of NEAR for us to better understand the payout requested?


That will be done ASAP

Done you can review it