SUMMARY of October Activities for NPK Guild


  1. Social Media
    • The month of October has been a breakthrough for the NPK Guild with activities ranging from improved social media engagement as well as a presence made in the Nigerian blockchain industry.
    • Increase social media engagements especially on twitter
    • Quality content creation and publishing
    • Increase communtiy activity on Telegram, attend to their questions and help them go through the Near Protocol ecosystem seamlessly
    • Methodology: Twitter analytics and Telegram Combot stats
    • We have seen a good growth relatively across our major social media accounts on Twitter and Telegram. The quantitative metrics can be found below.



  1. Attend the Nigeria FIntech Week 2021 (NFW 2021), Lagos, Nigeria
    • We arrived the city of Lagos on Wednesday 27th October, 2021 and left the Evening of Sunday 31st October, 2021
    • Wednesday 27th; Arrival and confirming our registrations as well as the Near Protocol stand for the event
    • Thursday 28th; Ateended the event in Near Colours and shirts, we used the desk to pitch Near to some investors and Key players in the Blockchain industry
    • Friday 29th; Was mainly discussions on Blockchain technology and it’s space in the African economy. NPK Guild team lead @damboy22 presented his speech which was aired on our twitter account (find pictures and links attached hereinafter)
    • Saturday 30th; We met with the CEO of Coin News Extra Tv (CNE TV), which is a blockchain based media channel that has coverage in Africa and beyond at their office located in Lekki Estate of Lagos state to discuss a potential partnership with the NPK Guild which was very fruitful. Major areas discussed were that of Education, Media and Public Relations as well as Charity so as to improve awareness of blockchain technology and Near Protocol in Nigeria especially the Northern parts of the country
    • Sunday 31st; just before we left the C1 guild represented by @Dedeukwu came to our residence to discuss and push the partnership we have had on going for almost a month. The main focus is to push art and NFTs to especially the Northern part of Nigeria as well as push the C1 Foundation initiatives to the populace for exploitation of the near Ecosystem like mintbase and Paras
    • Target was to meet with potential partners willing to solve problems as they relate to blockchain in Nigeria and Africa.
    • Methdology: number of individuals that came up to us looking for partnerships oppurtunities. We hope to unravel some of these partnerships soon. Find some pictures below and a link to some part of the presentation made by the team lead @damboy22

Meeting with the CNETv CEO at his Office in Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria

Meeting with C1 Guild represented by @Dedeukwu at our lodge in Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria

Myself @Crypto_doctor and @kbounce1 at the runway after safe landing at Aminu Kano International Airport in Kano, Nigeria

  1. Legalisaion of Near Protocol Nigeria
    • The registration of Near Protocol Nigeria (NPK Guild) as a legal entity in Nigeria with accordance to the Nigerian Constitution under the Corporate Affairs Commission is underway, and all payments have been made and documents are with our Solicitor.

  2. Acquisition of an office in the main city of activities
    • Also we have been able to acquire a fully equipped office for the team with office materials and a lease term for one year; the agreements and contract details are contained in the document attached hereafter. These funds were paid into Cryptodoctor.near who made all payments on behalf of the Guild.
    • The official launch of the office happens this month, and we plan for it to be a grand event. You can join us during the event full details will follow


For the documents of the agreement @David_NEAR @Grace or any of the Near Core team can request access. It is a legal document and we felt shouldn’t be left public.


The month of October was fruitful as the Nigeria fintech sector saw opportunities that can come out of NEAR ECOSYSTEM, we were able to interact with startups, blockchain hubs and individuals who saw blockchain as a solution. Currently we are in talks with various startups who want to see how they can integrate NEAR into the solutions they provide, more update will be provided soon


The previous month’s work was good and full of experience,traveling for about 1200 KM to lagos to present NEAR to Nigeria and Africa atlarge,met with somany key players,developers,programmers,top cryptocurrency based media and stake holders of blockchain in Nigeria and Africa. It was an amazing experience and we hope to do more in the future. It was nice to finally meet with C1 Guild @Dedeukwu physically and we hope to meet all the NEAR ecosystems some days