[Approved] near nigeria activities for september


Guild Name: NPK Guild(NEAR NIGERIA)

Funding Scheme: SEPTEMBER

Guild Lead: damboy22

Payment: near-nigeria.near

               **EXECUTIVE SUMMARY** 

NEAR NIGERIA the largest Regional guild in Africa as decided to use the next 3 month to transform itself either to a Regional Hub or as a gateway to marketing and community building for various projects in NEAR ECOSYSTEM into Nigeria and Africa and to fulfil this the guild as to strengthen its arms in relation to partnerships, marketing, community building, Event hosting and finally the developer aspects of the guild.
This long term vision as been in progress since the month of june and we were amazed by the result accomplished



Despite not collecting funds for the month of july-August activities.

              **THIS MONTH GOALS
  1. Increasing activities within the NEAR Nigeria telegram group in terms of number and interactions.

  2. Increasing activities in NEAR Nigeria social media accounts in popular platforms, so that individuals and corporate bodies can use it to get relevant information and stay updated.

3)Creation of at least 3 quality written contents per month which will explain simple basics of blockchain, NEAR ecosystem and its vast use cases per month.

5)Creation of at least 6 graphics/Infographics/memes per week used to create short term education content which will be used to interact with our communities on various social media platforms and also creation of graphics for NEAR related activities and events.

6)Translation of already prepared articles into the three major ethnic languages in Nigeria, meaning we expect to have a minimum of 6 translations by the end of the month.

7)Continuation of NPK TALK series which is NEAR NIGERIA NEWSLETTER highlighting various topics in NEAR ecosystem, Nigerian involvement in blockchain, developers aspects of NEAR Nigeria and common issues generally talked about in Nigeria cryptosphere.

8)Hosting weekly to biweekly AMA sections and Twitter spaces one in NEAR Nigeria social media groups and second in any of Nigeria creator or developer group or exchange groups as we noticed, many exchanges where $NEAR is trading that have a Nigerian community know little about NEAR and really don’t know how to explore the ecosystem or Dapps built on it.

9)Partnership and collaboration as we aim to establish at least one partnership a month targeting popular crypto media blogs, developer hubs, university hubs and blockchain influencers here in Nigeria and Africa.

10)Hosting of various small meetups once per month in high schools, polytechnics, school of technologies and various departments in various universities and various communities in Nigeria

  1. Onboarding 100 individuals per month via activation of wallets and creation of bounties this newbies can use to interact with the NEAR ECOSYSTEM

  2. Collaboration and marketing of various projects in Nigeria and Africa

  3. Creation of Technical content to onboard and train devs


  1. COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT : Currently lead by @Ejabani , @qeeyah.near @Mrabiu

  2. SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT: Currently lead by @kbounce1 and Favour

  3. GRAPHICS TEAM : currently lead by @adeiza paul and @Eve

  4. Content creation Team: Currently lead by @Khady damboy, victory, @chinedu for technical content and Favour NPK TALK SERIES

  5. TRANSLATION TEAM: Currently lead by @abdukarim Qeenyah and Favour

  6. PARTNERSHIP AND COLLABORATION TEAM: Lead by damboy22, kbounce and Ejabani


  1. Community growth with atleast 10% increasing interactions by community members, weekly events featuring Trivia Nights and AMAs
  2. Social Media growth by 10% with 2 to 3 post per day, weekly twitter space
  3. 6 weekly graphics + 1 weekly video
    4)3 written Articles, biweekly newsletter release, biweekly Technical content ZERO TO HERO SERIES
  4. 3 biweekly translations
  5. 50 to 100 new wallet opened per month
  6. increased partnerships within and outside NEAR ECOSYSTEM

Twitter :https://twitter.com/nearprotocolng?s=21

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @NPKGUILD

website: https://nearnigeria.org/

IG :https://instagram.com/npk_guild?utm_medium=copy_link

FB: Redirecting...

MEDIUM PAGE: Near Protocol Nigeria (NPK Guild) on Medium Near Protocol Nigeria (NPK Guild) – Medium


  1. Community management: $400
  2. Social Media Management: $350
  3. Graphics Team: $400
  4. Content Team : $450
  5. Translation Team : $300
  6. Partnership Team : $300
  7. Developers Team : $ 200
  8. Giveaway during weekly AMA/Twitter spaces to onboard individuals: $100.

Totalling: 2500$

Thanks to the @marketingdao-council for june support and their response to july proposal. Hoping for better response this month.


Nice work. Together we can achieve better results.

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Great plans as usual, looking forward to accomplishing our goals as a team.


Hoping for a favourable response as we geared up towards making September a goal.


Happy to support.

Please pay more attention on discovering new Ecosystem apps.


Thanks that will be looked into


For sure. Already on our tabs


Nice proposal with clear deliverables. Thanks for that.

You’ve got my support. Keep up the good work.


Thanks alot waiting for the rest of @marketingdao-council suggestions

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Thank you for the proposal and all the work you are doing,

I support this proposal; clear metrics, progress and reasonable price point.

Changing status to Approved, you can proceed w AstroDAO Poll

  1. Proceed to Poll on AstroDAO.
  2. Once the poll is approved, you need to submit THIS form Ironclad.

How to create a poll? Here is instruction.

Have a great day :blush:

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Here is the link to the poll thanks again to the marketing team


Sorry the approved link didn’t appear correctly on astro dao, i have answered your question on Astro-dao message
https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals/marketing.sputnik-dao.near-503 4